Passing On

When it all finally ended I opened the old wooden doors and breathed in the lovely air.

It was fresh, it was free and I was too.

The world gave me its wings and I lifted up and I flew.

I flew away through the trees and clouds.

I saw the stars and our sun so bright, it all showed me I was finally in the light.

The beautiful light, a child of the sun, I hid in the dark for far too long.

I had finally made it out and off, everything laced with gold.

Not the type that could be sold but the type that last forever within your soul.

Golden with a beautiful radiance.

Everything was so new to me now, everything was within reach the doors could no longer contain me.

This was eternal freedom.

The type won by perseverance and stride, the type that lasted forever.

I had fallen many times, tricked upon thousands, but I found it.

The thing I was looking for,

now all that is left is to

conquer the world.