Wet hair, dry heart;
I'm searching for
A place to start.

But there are liquid pheromones
And brick-heavy hormones
Entangled in a web
Of emotions and lies.

And my nails are breaking
Trying to get these knots undone,
And my fingers are bleeding
From all the times that I've gone wrong.

Well you're the splinter in my spine –
The one my flesh grew over,
So you're not just a weight on
But a weight in my back.

I'm watching a rainbow
Fade to black.

And it's ironic I suppose,
(you know, my feelings aside),
That not even a channel of distance
Between the two of you,
Not even a gulf of miles that wide,
Will pull this splinter out.

I don't just feel it in my spine –
I feel it in my heart.
And maybe I'll just let it
Tear my world apart.

After all, who will there be to notice
Once you're both miles away?