They were going to take me away. That's what my parents had told me. They took people who were different, the ones with powers. Like me. Just because I was different I was going to be taken away. Probably to one of those mental hospitals. Ever since my parents found out about my powers they immediately started researching about people like me. About where they took people like me.

Sweeping my long dark hair out of my face I looked out the window. A van stopped in front of my house. A plain white van. They were here. I looked around my room for the last time, knowing I would never see this place again. I heard our front door slam open and footsteps stomping towards my room. My heart starting racing. I would fight. I wouldn't let them take me. I heard them whispering to someone, probably to my parents.

My bedroom door swung open, banging against the wall. There was 3 tall men who were very muscular standing there. They were maybe about 6 feet tall. I stepped back, feeling fire running through my veins.

"Come on now. We're not gonna hurt you." one of them said in a husky voice. I glared at them and clenched my fists as they walked towards me. The one in the front grabbed my arm painfully tight, almost cutting off my circulation

"Let me go!" I hissed. I tried taking deep breaths, knowing that if I got to angry, first my body temperature would rise and my blue cat-like eyes would turn fiery orange with a flicker of red. Then fire would start to come out of my hands. And if I got too mad the whole room would erupt into flames.

"If you come with us no one will have to get hurt." the guy growled, grabbing onto my other arm. I could feel my body temperature slowly start to rise and I knew my eyes were going to change. The third guy looked at my eyes intently and gasped. The guy who was holding me gasped in pain and quickly tore his hands away from my arms. There were now burn marks on his hands.

"You're a feisty one. This should be fun." he smirked and grabbed me again wincing.

"Let me go!" I screamed and fire erupted from my hands. He yelped in pain falling to the ground. I ran past both of the two guys who chased after me. Then I was out the front door running down the street. Come on Spero you can do it, I thought. My breath was running out and I could feel the fire leaving me. No no no! Damn it! It was gone now and I was left with just normal me. Then I was tackled from behind, my head smashing against the concrete.

"Got here!" the guy with the husky voice yelled. Then it all went black.

I woke up in the back of a van. The same van I had seen outside my house. Damn it they had caught me. And now I was going to be locked up and would never be seen again. Not by my parents and certainly not by my friends. Well my friend. I only have one. I tried looking outside the windows of the van but they had duct taped them so you couldn't see out. I sighed and leaned my head against the cool metal of the van. So was this how I was going to live my life as a teenager? Stuck in a mental hospital for people with powers? Sure sounded amazing.

The van came to a sudden stop and I jerked forward, hitting my head on the seat in front of me. I groaned and rubbed at the new lump on my head. That was going to give me a headache for sure. One of the guys opened the doors in the back and yanked me out. I squinted my eyes, the bright light burning briefly until I was finally able to see. I realised we were in the middle of nowhere. Literally. All I could see was trees that went on and on and on. They must really like their privacy.

"Quit standing there and get moving." one of them snapped and shoved me forward towards the building. It looked old and broken down. The roof was falling apart and one of the windows was completely shattered. I can tell you though the inside looked way better than the outside. There were three doors. One on the left, one on the right, and one in the front. The room we were standing in had a woman sitting at a desk answering phone calls and working on her Mac. The walls were painted a beige color and the floor was made of polished wood. Nothing here was falling apart or old. All of it looked brand new.

Then I was walking down the door to the left. The walls were the same beige color. Why such a boring color? Anyway, all I could see down this hall were doors with numbers on them. They were all just random numbers to, not even going in order.I walked down the next hall and was stopped at a door with the number 312 on it.

"This will be your room while your staying here. I'll have someone come by later to show you around and tell you the rules." announced the man that I had burned. Together they opened the door and pushed me in, slamming the door behind them and locking it before I could even turn around. Why did the doors have to lock on the outside? Probably because they didn't want me escaping. I sighed and took a look around the room. It was still the same boring beige color. There was a mirror in the corner in the room with a spiderweb crack in the corner. On the right side of the room was what was supposed to be a bed. It looked more like an old and worn out crib. There was one ratty looking pillow and at the end of the bed was a small dresser which contained brown and black clothes that they provided. Next to the bed was a black nightstand with a lamp on it. The last thing in the room was a desk right next to the door. All it had was a pencil and a sheet of paper. There wasn't even a fan or a window!

I sat down on the bed and it made a sound that was not appealing to my ears. I laid back, forcefully blinking away tears. I didn't cry. I never cried. Crying was a sign of weakness, but right now it didn't seem like it. My own parents had abandoned me just because of my abilities. Whose parents did that to them?! Well I guess this was my life now I better get used to it. For now at least.