Chapter Ten: Hacking Skills Better than an Ex Girlfriend

Daniella Beals was the first teacher Seraphina connected with upon entering the school in seventh grade. Before Selene Gardner or even Erika Davis there was Daniella Beals. She was also Rona's favorite person to antagonize. Rona had developed a slight obsession with her after finding out what Seraphina thought.

Daniella was a petite woman with a high tolerance level. She had to have one if she could put up with Rona.

"Hey Dani?" Selene called out.

"In here!" Daniella called back. Very few people actually called her Dani. Well really only Selene. It was the same with Seraphina. Sera was what Kaia and Selene called her and that was only once in a while. Seraphina preferred her full given name but she let them. All those close enough to her referred to her as Sera in their heads but didn't dare call her that.

"Did Kaia come by here today?" Selene knew that if anyone got a letter it was Daniella Beals.

"Haven't seen her. Why?"

Selene was confused. Kaia only had two more envelopes to deliver and Selene knew, or at least she assumed, that one of them held the big secret. The other one should have been here already. Unless of course Daniella was lying, she didn't get that sense though. Right on cue though, Kaia entered.

"Oh Kaia we were just talking about you." Kaia got the deer-in-headlights look. "Don't worry I was just wondering if Ms. Beals had seen you."

"Well, I'm here now." Kaia said, and as an afterthought she rolled her eyes. "Obviously, you knew that. Sorry, Seraphina's just been creeping into my vocabulary all day." Kaia and Selene were both trained observers, Kaia had some help from Seraphina, so they didn't miss the almost imperceptible flinch Daniella gave at the mention of Seraphina's name.

"Well I just came to deliver my second to last letter. Have fun, this one is the bulkiest yet."

"Who's it from?" Daniella asked.

"Can't talk now I want to finish this, Mrs. Gardner can I speak with you?" Kaia and Selene immediately booked it out of there.

"You think she told her?" Selene asked.

"Well there's only one way to find out. Come on, Rona's borrowing your computer. Hope you don't mind." Kaia increased her speed.

"Oh no." They got to Selene's room and found Rona staring at the computer screen with great interest. Selene glanced at the screen. "Rona that is a horrible invasion of a person's privacy!"

"Come on, you know you want to know." Rona tempted.

"Move over then." Selene knew it was wrong but the curiosity got the best of her.

Rona was terrible with technology but she could do better internet stalking and hacking than a jealous ex-girlfriend. She had hacked into the school security cameras that were closest to Daniella and they had a perfect view. Unfortunately they had no sound, but fortunately they thought ahead and placed a baby monitor somewhere in the room where it wouldn't be muffled.

"This has got to be illegal." Selene sighed.

"You can't take both video and audio from the same machine thing without them knowing. Their coming from two different things." Rona said.

"Well that automatically justifies everything." Selene said sarcastically.

"Shh, everyone quiet." Kaia hissed.

They watched with great interest as Daniella opened her letter. They had no idea what was in the letter and the position of the cameras made it impossible to make out the words. Even if it had, they couldn't read anything anyway, Seraphina had nearly illegible handwriting.

Daniella was nearly emotionless throughout the duration of the letter. She acted as though she was scanning a school textbook.

"She didn't tell her." Rona groaned. "No one in their right mind would act that blank."

Kaia and Selene were a bit more perceptive. They could see the subtle tell-tail signs. It's not that Rona wasn't observant, she was when it came to what people were wearing and if they were in a clandestine romance or not. She just didn't pick up on hints very well. At all really.

"You are so daft; some people just aren't expressive with their emotions. Not everyone is you." Kaia said.

"Thank the gods for that." Selene teased.

"What did I do this time?" Rona asked.

"What didn't you do is more like it." Selene answered. "You hacked into the security cameras, infringed on someone's privacy; stalk us on social media..."

"Okay we get the idea." Kaia reined her in. "Watch, I think she's almost done reading." The three watched with morbid fascination as Daniella closed up the letter. Daniella raked her hand through her blonde hair and sighed.

"She didn't do it!" Rona moaned.

"Rona don't talk aloud. You kill brain cells across the whole street." Kaia said offhandedly. Rona didn't get it but Selene and Kaia were both Sherlockians.

Daniella sank down to the ground and buried her head into her knees.

"Didn't Seraphina ever teach you anything? Never assume anything." Selene sighed. "That's enough. Turn it off now."

Rona didn't even bother arguing. She had gotten her answer. "Poor Seraphina."

"She's dead so it doesn't matter to her. It's poor Daniella." Kaia corrected.

"Since when have you been referring to her as her given name?" Selene seemed surprised.

"It's only an every now and then thing. It started some time in eighth grade after what Seraphina told us." Kaia explained as she and Rona led Selene out the door.

"Where are we going now?" Selene asked.

"We are going home. You are going to comfort her." Rona gave her a slight push in the right direction.

"Ever since Seraphina died, you both seem to be channeling her spirit and thus making you surlier." Selene shook her head but nonetheless went to offer some much needed comfort.

"Dani..." Selene felt her heart break slightly for her. Daniella hadn't moved from her former position but it was obvious that she was crying. "Oh sweetie." Selene had a very maternal instinct so she sat herself down next to Daniella and gently hugged her.

"How could I not know?" Daniella whispered.

"Let me see, please." Selene asked politely. Daniella was hesitant to give her letter up. "Don't worry; I think I already know what she said." Selene had two possible guesses but only one could cause Daniella to act like this. Daniella dejectedly held up her letter in offering.

Selene quickly read it, all the while thanking whatever deities were up there that she was a fast reader.

'Oh Sera' She thought. 'How could you do this? You know this can only end in tragedy for everyone involved.'