Verse 1

So sorry to hear that she said no.

You said that to me, and not too long ago.

Hurts, doesn't it? I know the feeling.

You deserve it for the smile you keep killing.

Chorus 1

No wonder she turned you down.

You know what they say about what goes around.

You've heard the song, so I won't repeat.

But I had fun watching you at her feet.

Verse 2

So sorry to hear you fought again.

I'm sure she has just that one lover, not ten.

Take her shopping, that's what she loves most.

Bye bye black money, gone like a little ghost.

Chorus 2

No wonder she's doing fine.

You know what they say about an idle mind.

Trophy wife, neglecting your mother.

What else could you ever expect from her?


What else could you expect from your life?

That's the price you pay for being so pathetic.

You make me sick.

Now I'm walking away.

And you know what they say.