In Death We're All the Same

S. V. Rae

Town at Dusk: Fade in
We come across a very foggy area. There is a continuous panting, as if the guy has been running. In the distance you can make out three large, distort shapes, the closest one revel itself to be a tree, willow, but further back appears to be larger and more blockish. Pan right; more buildings and rundown shops appear. A young girl giggles. Pan fast left then right in search of the sound. Human-like shadows appear out of nowhere and seem to just be wondering around aimlessly. Stop at the corner of a red brick barber shop. A young black girl in a white dress, Beloved, is sitting on a bench.

Who are you?

Rufus Weylin slowly and cautiously walks up to her.

R-Rufus Weylin.

Rufus glances around the area, uncertain as to what has happened.

Rufus (cont.)
Where are we? What sort of place is this?

Beloved tilts her head to the left. She's curious as to how this man, too, has a real shape and isn't just a mindless shadow. The two stare at each other for a moment, then Beloved smiles and pats on the seat next to her. Taking the hint, Rufus quickly sits down. He looks back at the shadowy figures and become wary of them.

This is the dark. And those people….

Beloved gestures, with an open palm, to all the shadows.

Beloved (cont)
….. are dead like you and me. Searching for a face to call their own.

Rufus starts to fidget.

Dead…? I'm dead?

Wow, you're a bright one aren't you, Mister Weylin. I take it you also don't know you were murdered too?

Are you mocking me, nigger? Do you now know who I am? I could have you whipped for speaking to a white man like that.

Beloved giggles at Rufus, who just stares at her dumb fold, unsure of what of what's going on.

Ways of the living don't apply to us now. Who you were inside can't hide anymore behind who you were born. Power over one
another doesn't exist here; in death we are all equal. And no one will listen to you if you try to be anything more, less you wish to
become a mindless ghoul.

Rufus glances back at the shadows that have gotten close. For a mindless creature they seem to be getting close to him and stay further away from the little kid sitting next to him.

So you say we're both murdered, but you don't look to be less than eight years old. And by the looks of you and the way you act
you weren't no slave, in fact you act a lot like Dana.

Rufus unconsciously shutters at the thought of his guardian and killer. Out of all the times he should have died only to be saved by that woman, he'd never thought she would be the one to end his life as well.

Was Dana the one that killed you?

Rufus looks back at the girl but indicated nothing. But by the looks of it she already knows.

Who killed you, nig… little girl?

Beloved's goes blank, her face revealing nothing but at the same time an unpleasant event.

My mother killed me, twice.

Wait, twice? You can only die once, how could she have killed you two times?

I found a way to return. But in doing so, the body would slowly fall apart if I didn't do what I set out to do in the first place.

Rufus waits for her to continue, but when she doesn't he knows she's waiting for him to ask.

What… were you trying to do?

Beloved smirks, looking threw her bangs

I wanted my mother's face, and her body deep in the dirt.

Rufus looks at her in horror.

You tried to kill your own mother!?

And the person who killed me.

Damn, do you niggers have no respect for anyone but yourselves?

Now, it's Beloved's turn to scowl at her disrespectful guest.

Says a man who used the backs and hands of these niggers to do the dirty work he's too lazy to do. Then whip them for being out
of turn or just for the hell of it.

Rufus's face goes red in anger. He turns to the little girl prepared to hit her for talking back.

Beloved (cont.)
Probably why one of us killed you.

Rufus thinks about it.

None of your…. Wait, how the hell did you know Dana was black?

Beloved smirks contently.

I didn't.

Taken aback a little by a black girl out smarting him, a white male who is intently older than her by several years, Rufus glances at her offended while looking at the ground defeated.
Beloved observes him. She takes notice of the scares and a large gash in his shirt reveals.

Beloved (cont.)
Yet it looks as if you've had your share of beatings.

Rufus tilts his head back to question her with his gaze. She casually points to the broken fabric.

Behind the bench: Zooming out (Sad Romance by Chinese man plays softly)
Rufus continues talking, audience believing he's explaining what happened even though there's no sound. They continue to talk before it all fades to black.