Samantha sprinted down the road. She shifted into a wolf and ran faster, her pursuer on her trail. She ran off of the road and into the forest, hoping to lose him on her home territory. She continued to run, her sides heaving as the trees seemed to fly by. She bolted into the wolf camp. Letting out a mighty howl, she alerted her pack. One by one, they appeared in their wolf forms, fur raised, teeth bared, and prepared for any danger.

The lone pursuer was close to the camp entrance. "We must stop him before he finds out our camp location." Growled a small male wolf.

"I know." Snarled Samantha.

Samantha turned into a half wolf, she resembled a wolf on its hind legs with a few human features. She pulled a sword from the sheath on her belt. The long sword hissed as it was retrieved from its spot at her hip. All around her, Samantha's pack mates turned half wolf as well, drawing their weapons. They rushed the pursuer before he reached the entrance. The pursuer was now half encircled by the werewolves, he started to reach for his pistol. "Do you really think that you have a chance against us? You are outnumbered and outgunned. Go home." Growled Samantha, sword poised to strike at any given moment.

The man stopped reaching for his gun. "Either way, we will eventually rid the world of your kind."

Samantha stepped forwards, and held the sword to the man's throat, the surrounding werewolves tensed. "What makes you think that you are in the position to make that remark? Look around you." She said as she gestured to the furious werewolves.

The man slowly backed away before turning around and fleeing. After they watched his figure disappear, the wolves sheathed their weapons and walked back to camp.

The camp was a grassy clearing that was strewn with cabins of all different sizes. A river ran through the center of the camp and the territory was surrounded by a dense forest. Past the forest was a road that led to a great city.

"Alpha, that was a close call." Said a tawny furred male werewolf.

Samantha stared into the night sky before replying. "I am aware, Cody."

Samantha shifted into her human form. In her human form, Samantha was a brunette girl of age 24. She was a tomboy like girl that commonly wore a casual t-shirt and ripped blue jeans. Her werewolf form was a muscular white colored wolf with her same clothes but an added belt that held an array of weapons. Her full wolf form was an average sized white wolf.

"Well, we are having a scheduled meeting tonight and you are expected. It starts in five minutes." Commented Cody before he turned on his heel and left, also in his human form.

His human form was a tall blonde haired boy of age 26 who also dressed casually. Cody was the beta, or deputy wolf of Samantha's pack. Cody was now walking towards a small cabin on the edge of the camp. Samantha began to follow him. As they neared the small cabin, the door opened for them. The opened door revealed a long table with many chairs, most of the chairs were occupied by Samantha's loyal warriors. The man at the door bowed his head in respect as Samantha entered the room, passed him, and took a seat at the head of the table. "Let the meeting begin." announced Samantha.

A red haired girl at the opposite end of the table cleared her throat before beginning to speak. "After many failed attempts, the Werewolf Banishing Comity, known as W.B.C, has continued to pursue this pack. Because of the countless attacks, we need to take action. I suggest that we create missions for ourselves to slowly, but surely, get rid of W.B.C for good."

Many people at the table began to murmur and whisper amongst themselves. "Quiet." Commanded Samantha.

The people sitting at the table immediately quieted and eagerly waited for Samantha to respond to the suggestion. After a few quiet seconds, Samantha responded. "I think that you may be on to something. We are going to take action. But I will have to figure out a system of some sort to send out groups on these, 'missions.' Any suggestions on that?"

A young man from the middle of the table piped up with, "Well we can have regular small meetings to discuss what needs to be done. Then once we find out what we need to do, we can send out small teams of wolves to finish the tasks."

Once again, this suggestion was met with an outbreak of discussions in the meeting hall. "That will work. We can try that. The first small meeting will be tomorrow morning, and whatever the task, I will lead this first mission." Stated Samantha before she walked out of the chattering meeting hall, Cody at her heels.

"Wait, Samantha!" called Cody after her.

Without even turning around Samantha replied with, "Don't worry Cody, I will bring you will me on the mission."

Samantha, not in the mood to talk, retreated to her cabin and shut the door on Cody. She quickly changed into her night clothes before collapsing on her pelt covered bed and falling asleep.