There was blood every were. I could still hear my parents dying screams 'it was all my fault, it was all my fau-'

I woke up abruptly in a cold sweat, surprised to have dreamt about my parents death.

Swiping my damp hair out of my face I thought about the summers past events. My brother, uncle and I had moved to west Virginia 2 weeks after summer had started.

When we went to met our neighbour Shelly I quickly became best friends with her son Daemon over the past month.

Daemon was a friendly boy with a great sense of humor. He had black hair, stunning emerald eyes and a muscular build complementing his tan. But that wasn't all Daemon was a shifter, just like me.

Shifters were humans who could change into one animal and were ruled by dominance and alphas. Daemon was a wolf shifter as well as a dominant alpha.

And me? Well I'm the last panther shifter and a dominant alpha. I also have the uncanny gift for knowing every body's secrets.

Daemon was the only one who knew all this and as far as my brother and uncle David were concerned I was a fox shifter like them.

Anyway, back to the present. Today was my first day of school in West Virginia, and I'll tell you now I was dreading it.

I stood in front of the class and wrinkled my nose in disgust as half the boys trailed their eyes down my body lustfully. I knew what they saw. I had tall, long legs an ample chest and curves intensified by my long dark hair cascading down my back, as well as my lean build. My ice blue eyes complemented my pale skin tone, high check bones and luscious red lips.

My attention was brought back by both the teachers Nagy voice and one particular jealous and slutty girl glaring daggers at me.

Focussing back on the class I introduced myself. "My name is Spark Stele. I live with my uncle David and twin brother (we look nothing alike.) Ted." I finished

"Good, good" squawked the year 11 home room teacher. "Is there any one you know here?"

I nodded and explained how Daemon and I were neighbours all the while sensing the girls jealousy rising. Taking a set next to Daemon he had enough time to shoot me a grin and a thumbs up before having to fend of the girls groping hands.

After some probing Dameon finally told me that the girl was called Victoria Lux and that she was the most popular girl in school and has been trying to get into his pants for months.

Victoria had thick fire-engine red hair as well as a freckled face and hazel eyes.

5 minutes later I spotted my twin at the popular table. His golden hair and skin tone complemented his baby blue eyes and lean build making him the perfect target for girls.

Waving him over, I was surprised when he actually complied.

"Thank you" he gasped "you saved my life. I don't think I've been groped so many times in my life!"

Daemon chuckled, his voice low and husky. "Welcome to my life."

We all laughed and continued eating. Life in vest Virginia was going to be more interesting than I thought.