Ted woke me up with a growl. "Get up and pack were going to Romania. We got a letter there going to unveil the last panther. Lets hope it dies."

When he left my eyes filled with tears he wasn't going to like this

All the packs were assembled on a feild. Ted looked at me "I wonder who the panthers is."

My eyes filled with tears "your about to find out" I whispered.

"will Spark Stele come up to the stage!" Leo bellowed.

I stood on the make shift stage staring into the horrified face of my brother. I took a deep breath "Many of you dont know why panthers were created. It was to kill corrupt alphas. People don't under stand. We were created to bring justice and help. It's a deep set instinct that we follow to death. It's also why we're all dead" I finished.

the cloud was quiet then there was a bunch of angry howls " You killed our alpha! What did he ever do!"

For the second time this week I snapped "there are still hundreds of corrupt alphas out there! And I can name every offence they committed! Rape, abuse! I can name all the victims here!" I roared.

The crowd fell silent again then there was a movement. All the females from the abussive packs stood and stepped up to me. The women from the last alpha I killed in the front "It's true we were there we still hold the scars! The panther is our saviour!" Suddenly they all started chanting "PANTHER!, PANTHER!"

Soon the hole crowd was cheering including my brother a proud smile on his face. My smile abruptly faded as I caught a secret on the wind "she's a dead panther"

I breathed in this wasn't over.