Horror High

Hi, my name is Claws Paws (although when I'm pissed people call me Claws and Talons) and I am a student at Horror High. Horror High is a boarding school for zombies, witches, vampires, gouls, mummies and werewolves. I'm a werewolf more importantly the alpha of the girl wolves and before you ask I'm not covered in fur, although I do howl and growl.

I stood in front of the school and sighed. I was going to miss the sleep ins but yet again school had started. Entering the school I stalked up to the bitches (they were female dogs) in my pack and smiled as I was in enveloped in warm howls of greetings. I shrugged. I was their alpha.

My pack consisted of 7 girls including me, we were the only female werewolves in Horror High.

First was Fang, Fang was 15 had bouncy blonde curls with wide innocent hazel green eyes. She was short and very pretty but most boys were daunted by her long fangs which she loved to tease them with.

Second was my beta and best friend Growls, Growls was 16 and had pin straight black hair and teasing emerald green eyes. She was average height and was very attractive, she also love to tease people with her quick wit.

Third was Sniff, Sniff was 16 had wavy red hair and enormous amber eyes. She was tall , cute and could sniff any thing out.

Fourth was Sprint, Sprint was 13 had black wild hair and wide blue eyes. She was short, cute and tended to run away from the male wolves.

Fifth was Barks, Barks was 15 had cincky blonde hair and narrow brown eyes. She was average height, pretty but tended to bark instead of talk to people.

Sixth was Snow, Snow was 13 had straight white hair and black eyes. The was tall, cute and loved to roll in the snow.

And me? I had tall long legs, dark brown hair that cascaded down my back and a lean build. My ice blue eyes has revolts of gold in them and complemented my pale skin tone, high cheek bones and full lips. I was 16 and my senses were twice as strong as my pack mates. If I was ever angry (which hadn't happened for five years now) I was a force to be reckoned with and could easily put you into a coma.

I was brought back to the present by the hefty aroma of male wolves. Down the hall was the male wolf pack there alpha Killer at the front.

Killer had black hair and deep emerald eyes. He was 16 years old.

The male pack had 4 wolves not including Killer.

First was Slash, Slash was 15 had sandy coloured hair and hazel eyes.

Second was Bash, Bash was 13 had brown hair and brown eyes.

Last was Rough and Tough, they were both twins and shared the same red hair and hazel eyes.

Both the packs wrinkled there noses as a herd of decaying zombies stumbled past. Killer lent up next to me and I immediately stiffened. Killer had been trying to convince me to be his mate for two years know, and every single time I said no. I held up a hand stoping him blabbering about his muscles and gestured for the girls and I to get to class.

I left Killer stunned, rejected and fuming.

My pack and I took up the hole back row save one set next to me. Growls was in the middle of explaining to me about some new shampoo when the teacher introduced a new student. "Class" the witch squawked "this is your new student, introduce your self."

After a moment the boy started, his voice was a low husky purr, "My name is Terror and I'm a werewolf." He finished. Half the girls were staring at him self lust fully "so were you" my inner wolf stated... Ill never admit it.

Terror had black hair and eyes, he was sexy and handsome, he was also a alpha.

"Well go sit next to Claws" the teacher squawked. I winced. Damn I was gonna have to talk to him.

Terror sat down next to me and unleashed a dazzling smile "Terror, former Hell High alpha" he supplied. I raised an eyebrow and returned "Claws and Paws, alpha of Horror High females."

Growls, hearing our conversation added "We call her Claws or when she's happy Paws...But when she's angry we call her Talons."

I looked at her and rolled my eyes "This is Growls my beta and best friend."

Terror nodded and focused back on the white board.

This may be a problem I thought when Killer gets wind of this...

The pack and I were talking in my room when we heard a loud crash and growls from down the howl.

Killer had Terror pushed up against the wall and was growling at him "stay away from what's mine" there was no confusion to what he was talking about. It was obviously me.

"I'm not after your gir-" I cut Terror of by snarling at Killer "How many times do I have to tell you?! I'm not yours!" I shouted then stormed back to my room once again leaving Killer stunned rejected and fuming.

I found myself edgy with Terrors presence at school and knew that one more push and I would loose my temper.

I proved this fact when I was taking to the pack at our lockers.

I was in the middle of explaining what we were going do do at the full moon, when barks interrupted me "Do you always have to boss everyone around?" She sneered. In my head I heard my wolf growl and snarl, my eyes turned gold and I felt something snap. Looks like Claws and Paws was taking a vacation and Claws and Alons was coming out to play.