The first thing you should know is that my name is Sorrow. Yeah I know depressing but my mother thought it was elegant.

The second thing you should know is that humans are not the only thing in this world. There are creatures that you expect to see in a horror film but they are very real, and I'm one of them.

The third thing you should know is that my Father and I were the last of our kind, panther shifters. Well we were the last nut know I'm the only one left. When I was 5 my Mother Luna and Father Micelle were murdered and know my older brother (only by one year) London and I leved with our uncle David.

I still remember that day...

I giggled "Mommy, Daddy! Look at me!" I cried running in circles. My brother rolled his jade green eyes and swiped his semi long golden hair out of his tanned face. My mother tutted sharing the same features as my brother but my father just laughed his pale skin, high cheek bones, kind blue eyes and ark brown hair identical to me. Suddenly there was a bang and my fathers smile fell. "Sorrow,London." My father said quickly "go hide, and remember we will all ways love you." I knew then that this was goodbye. My brother picked me up obliviouse to my crying. We hide in a tree were we couldn't see the gore...but I still saw it all panthers knew all secrets and my parents death was a secret.

I blinked the memories away. I had to kill 3 people that day in my panther form and my brother 2 in his coyote form. From then on out I bonded with my panther a rare thing when the human and animal become one. I had to rely on the panther and soon I learnt to love her like a sister and listen to her thoughts and soon my sorrow wasn't Houston my name.

"Hurry up, Sorrow!" My brother called snapping out of my thoughts "time for school!"

I sighed. I hated school.