Kyuin Gakuen Series: Futatabime no Chansu

Summary: Kodoku Hana is your average 18 years old loner kid. She doesn't stand out in anything she does and doesn't have friends because of her introvert personality. Basically, her high school life is not something she enjoys. But one day, on her graduation day, she was involved in a car accident and died. With a regret of not being able to enjoy her high school days, someone who introduced herself as her guardian angel gave her another chance to live again under the name Kiseki Hana and start her high school life from the beginning. Though only limited, she took this chance and hoped for changes in the once boring high school life she had and replace it with something even more memorable. Together with her new gained friends, will this wish become true? Or will the lone flower stay alone till the end?

A story about wishes and a girl wanting a beautiful and memorable high school life.


Everything happened so fast.

'Poor kid'

'Someone call the ambulance! Hurry up!'

'I heard that it's the graduation day of the Kyuin Gakuen Students, today'

One moment I was there on my way to school for my graduation. I then saw this kid running after the ball he's playing with which ended up in the busy road of running cars and shouting drivers. The sign flashed red and before I knew it, I run towards the boy.

'Can someone check on her!?'

'Did someone already call an ambulance!? Damn it! We might lose her!'

And now here I am…



'E-Excuse me please!'

All I see is red all over the place.

'O-Oi! K-Kodoku H-Hana! Today's our graduation day! Stop playing around, damn it!'

Metallic scent filled my nostrils. My body is in pain. I feel sore all over. And my back is lying in the hard concrete of the cold ground.

'Hey! Wake up already!'

I want to just sleep and not feel anything. To be numb of this pain that I'm feeling at this moment. But-

'I said wake up already you Stupid Hana!'

-This familiar voice calling and shouting in for me is drawing my attention. 'Who is it?' Is what I want to ask though in this state of mine, I neither doubt I could even utter a word nor open my mouth that taste like metal. So I think opening my eyes, would do the thing…

'M-Mamoru-kun?' I asked with my eyes half opened. He IS familiar. He's my classmate.

'H-Hana! Okay then, j-just stay awake okay! T-The ambulance is on their way now so you've got to be strong! O-Our class vowed that we're going to graduate together, remember? So if you give up now y-you'll be breaking a very important promise. S-So… stay strong, okay?'

I nodded… even if I know that it won't take long before I fade into unconsciousness again…

The sound of the approaching ambulance makes then started echoing in my ears. The crowding people made way for some people wearing white. White? Haha, am I really dying that paramedics are already rushing up to me whilst having a scrunched eyebrow on their faces?

'Excuse us, Kid. We need to check on her now! She is losing too much blood!' one of the paramedics shouted.

I then felt Mamoru uneasily left my side. And when the paramedics are finally beside me and checking up on me, I felt a wave of nausea strike in my head making me close my eyes shut.

I want to sleep

'Bring the stretchers here! Hurry up! This girl needs to be treated immediately!'

'Hey kid who knows this girl, can you phone up her parents now. I'm afraid she is now in a very critical situation and if not treated early, we might just lose her'

'H-hai… I-I'll phone them up n-now'

The pain in my body is becoming unbearable now. Mamoru at the side is already phoning my parents, I could hear. People are crowding around me making buzzing sounds I couldn't comprehend

'Here's the stretcher!'

'Then hurry! We need to get this girl to the hospital already! I'm afraid of someone losing a bright future just because of an accident'

'D-Damn… would you please answer, aunt!? H-Hold on there, Kodoku'

Some people lift me off the ground. I slightly opened my eyes with my remaining strengths for the last time. But in the process of doing so, black spots started appearing in my vision. I felt my breathing slowly hitching…



'Bring her in already! Make way! And you kid, go with us!'

People are whispering to their selves. The buzzing sound the ambulance makes echoed even louder in my ears. The doctor's shouts and Mamoru's series of damn is slowly fading out.

'I'm sorry…'

I'm Kodoku Hana. Kodoku meaning single or alone, and Hana which is flower in English.

'Just stay strong Hana! Please…'

And today, I'm going to die

'Stay strong there, princess! You have a bright future ahead of you so don't die on us!'

Today in our graduation day. I'm going to die not even having a single memorable moment in my high school life

'Sir! There's s-something w-wrong with her!'

How cruel, right?

'Sh.t! We have to hurry! Kid, wake her up! We don't want to lose her, and we won't lose her!'

'I-I'm s-sorry…' I stuttered out just with the small remaining strength I have

'W-What are you apologizing for!? J-Just stay there okay!' Mamoru replied shakingly… I can't believe someone would even be here by my side. And furthermore, he's crying.

'I'm sorry, *cough* I'll be breaking my promise to the class…'

'No! You're not going to break it! After we get through this… we'll just treat them! Both of us, okay? So Please… I'm begging you…'

'Hmm… thanks Mamoru….'

The black spots multiplied in my vision until I couldn't see even a glimpse of Mamoru's face. It's getting hard to breath. The metallic taste in my mouth is still there…

'We're here! Get the girl inside now, fast!'

'Please, Please, Please…'

And before I knew it… everything faded into darkness.

I'm not good with prologues or rather writing a story so please do give me your honest feedback regarding this prologue of my story. Thanks for reading!