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Chapter Two

Welcome Back


I immediately rose up by the mere voice of someone shouting my name. And the moment that I was able to focus my vision and steady myself, the first thing that my eyes met are honey doe eyes that are staring at me with fear and worry present on it.

Just what the hell is happening now?

"A-Are you okay? I—I'll j-just call someone..." she stuttered out before she ran out of the room leaving me seated on—wait, is this an hospital bed?

And who's that kid?

Why'd she know my name? I mean have we even met before?

But other than what is really happening right now!? I can't seem to understand anything anymore.

I know I was hit by something, then I felt excruciating pain enveloped my body—there's even that kid from my class, uhh Mamoru! Yes, Mamoru who told me not to give up, and then...and then...what happened next? Hmm...ah!

Yes, that's it!


"...died, right?" I asked myself with uncertainty as I raise my hands from my side and put it on my lap.

I stared at it for a good five seconds before something once again clicked in my head. Oh my gosh, I don't know what to think anymore! S-something's really wrong right now. First I awoke inside an hospital, lying in this white hospital bed inside this white hospital room, then there's that kid who suddenly up and run outside to call for someone and now...Why?

Why does it seems as if...


...I'm inside a body of a child?

As far as I can remember, I was already 18. I may not be the tallest of the bunch but my hands are NOT this small.

"Your head seems to be in quite a turmoil now, huh angel?" a voice suddenly resounded beside me making me turn to the direction where it came from almost immediately.

There I saw a guy.

A guy, looking approximately 16 or 18 years old, who is wearing a black gakuran*, a school bag on his shoulder and holding some kind of book and a pen each on both hands.

He removed the pen that was in his right hand to his left and used this now empty-handed arm to salute at me. "Yo!"

"I know it's kind of rude to suddenly appear at this but not like I can help it," he muttered out right after saluting at me.

I just stared at him as he walked towards me.

I don't know what to say. I don't even know if everything that's happening right now is real

Because seriously, as far as I'm concerned...

"I'm already dead—that's what you're saying to yourself now, right?" he cut in my thoughts and that shocked me as he was right.

I looked down to my lap before I silently nod as if telling him that he's right. And with all the remaining sanity in my head, I did my best to ask him even one of the questions that is currently making a mess of my head.

"Why?" one word, that requires a lot of answer. It's the only thing that I can muster right now and by the time that I decided to look at him, I saw him stare back with understanding.

And for one, I was glad because it only means that he knows that I want answers. And by that, I mean a LOT of it.

"I know, I have a lot of explaining to do. After all it's the reason why I'm here in the first place but as much as I like to tell you everything that you want to know now, I still can't," almost immediately I found myself opening my mouth to voice my reaction but is stopped right at that very moment when he continued as if he didn't notice what I was just supposed to do,"In a matter of minutes 4 people are going to bust in your doors. They'll check on you, and with every question that the doctor will ask you, I want you to assure him that you're fine. The faster the consultation is finished, the sooner I can tell you everything you want. For the meantime, I'm going to tell you some basic information about the YOU that is now here."

I nodded in understanding though I'm still confused by the current events. I mean hell I didn't even know his name. But not that that matters. I don't even know myself right now, so why does his identity even matter?

"Okay, tell me then..." I said in a rather low voice.

He just looked at sternly and nodded before he handed me the notebook that he was carrying.

"I want you to read everything that is on that book. But you can do it later. For now I want you to just open it on the first page and read the contract sign that's written there. After reading, may you please just sign at the bottom part of the page then the business that is stated on the contract is sealed and done."

"Well, how about MY identity?" I asked as I flipped the book open.

"Just calm down. I'm going to start now as you read the contract," he said and as soon as I started reading, he also started telling me who I'm supposed to be.

"For starters, you are Kiseki Hana. The daughter of a business man and a lady who owns her own boutique shop. Kiseki Hana is seven, and a student at the grade school department of the nearby academy also known as Kyuuin Gakuen."

Kiseki? Ha, how ironically different from my real name, Kodoku.

"Then how about that girl earlier?" I asked again.

He seemed to remember the kid earlier as he started relaying to me the information of the girl before.

"That is Kiseki Hana's friend."


"And her name?" I then put my signature below as I put the book into a close and turned to his direction.

He smiled at me in a gentle manner.

"Arisa. Arisa Michaelis. Kiseki and her had been friend since kindergarten."

"Oh is that so.." I ended up muttering in a low voice as the thought of having a friend entered my mind.

It must have been great. To have someone like that girl worry about you. Not that I have first hand experiences in stuff like that. After all, I never had anyone worry about me—even my parents.

"Are you finished with the contract?" he suddenly said, interrupting my train of thoughts.

I nodded one time before I handed the book over to him. It's not really that kind of something that takes long to read. It just stated some things about living, not living, dying, taking over—I don't know. Something in the lines of that, I guess. And halfway through it I became bored that I decided to just jump on to the last part and signed down below.

He took the book from me and immediately turned so I would face his back.

"So until all this is done, I would have to take my leave," he said and I think he's about to start walking away when out of reflex, I held on the hem of his shirt.

This, I think, surprised him as he turned around to face me again. I, with my face flush since I don't know why I did that, removed my hold on his shirt and started playing with my hands on my lap.

"Is there anything else that you'd like to ask?" he asked. There's calmness, and seriousness on his voice that somehow, made me relax and made me think straight again.

"Yeah...I'm just wondering about something..." I answered.

"Okay then, as long as it doesn't need that much further explanation then I guess I could give a quick word about it," he answered back.

I took a deep breath before I looked up from my hands to his face.

"Why am I here? And by that, I do not mean the hospital. Though I guess I should also be shock about that. But what I want to know right now is...why am I inside this girl's body? Why—"

"That would have to wait, Miss Hana..." he cut off.

I stared at him, and felt tears started to appear by the edge of my eyes. I think he saw this as he moved his right hand on the side of my face and somewhere near my eyes where the waterworks are starting to form.

He then smiled gently at me.

"It's okay, Miss Hana. I promise that I'll tell you everything that you want to know that is on my power and jurisdiction. But for now... let's first deal with this matter at hand."

Because of the serene expression on his face, I can't help but once again, relax. The fear, the confusion, the uncertainty, that is mixing and twirling inside my body slowly dissipated with just that one look of his.

"I-I got it..." I garnered all my answer to said that and right after he moved away from me again.

He turned his back on me for the second time but this time, as he started walking away from me I did not hold on to him anymore as I know that he will come back to see him again.

He was already on the ledge of the window when he stopped for what seemed like minutes.

And when I was about to ask him if something's wrong, he spoke.

"Oh Miss Hana, before I forgot..." he started making me raise my eyebrow in question as to what he had almost forgotten. He then looked back to me and with a smile, continued, "Welcome the world of the living..."

The moment he finished saying that, he immediately jumped down from the window which shocked me I almost sprung up from my bed and run towards that same place where he was standing just now.

But at that same time he disappeared from my eyes, the doors burst open revealing 4 people on the doorway.

They immediately fussed over me and even if I don't know and can't still grasp what's happening, did my best to act as if I've been here for like forever.

And as I was being checked up on by the doctor, his voice once again resounded on my ear.

"Welcome back to the world of the living...huh?"

Should I say, it's good to be back?