School ended in twenty minutes. Annabelle Blacker, didn't care. She wasn't at school, instead she lounged at the skate park, back lying against the bitterly cold metal of the ramps with her board laying next to her. Her phone, lies on her flat chest, and she's waiting. Breathing softly and bony fingers picking at the fraying ends of her hoodie, Annabelle is waiting for something, a message, anything. At fourteen, she probably should have been in school, but after that lunch time detention she didn't need to face Melissa again because Annabelle knew if she did, then she'd just lose it. She wanted detentions, not a suspension - or worse, and expulsion. So school ended in twenty minutes, and she'd been waiting here for almost fourty. More like thirty five. Annabelle was waiting, for Toby Blake. She was trying to resist the urge to pick up the phone and yell at him. Because then she knew Toby would shout back. He was scary, when he shouted - not that, Annabelle would ever admit that.

She never confessed to being scared, not as her brothers all walked out the door, not as the teachers clucked their disappointments. Not even, when her mother lifted that frying pan above her head and swung it down against her skull. How could she be scared? Nothing could physically hurt her. The stupid powers she had made sure of that. Those stupid fucking powers that she hated so much. The powers that set her aside from the other kids in her class - though she bet they had powers too. The powers that set her out as unique in her family. Robbie had some kind of mutation in his eyes so they changed colours depending on his mood, but she never saw him get the crap kicked out of him for that. The drunk bitch was always too smashed to noticed. Not that, she saw Robbie anymore anyway. He would have been… twenty two, by now. Annabelle hadn't seen him since he was sixteen. A part of the blonde was surprised she even remembered him. She was the last kid left in the house now, and never in her life had she needed Toby more.

That was why it aggravated her, when he wasn't there. When he took so long to turn up. Because in those moments when she was alone, the fear could bite into her bones and make her wonder who or what was going to try and hurt her next. There was lots of people there, at the skate park. A couple others she recognised from her school - Jake, a guy from the year above her sat on the other end of the ramps with some of his friends, lighting up a joint. It stunk like crap but Annabelle couldn't muster up the energy or anger to throw some fury filled words their way. They'd never take her seriously, not at first. No one ever did. Annabelle was short for her age and practically a skeleton. She rimmed her fiery blue eyes as darkly as she could and didn't own any remotely feminine clothes aside from the single black skirt she always wore. Her skinny jeans beneath, hoodies, sweaters, shoes and top all came from the brothers before her. The ones who ran away, the ones who grew up and escaped. Not that it mattered; the only meal Annabelle ever ate was the one she got at lunch and so everything she wore hung off of her like rags on a frame.

Her thoughts of Toby, and her silence is broken when she hears the boys calling to her. She can tell that they're all high by the way they speak, and Annabelle groans softly. For a moment, they're one voice quieter but not for long - Annabelle almost jumps out of her skin when the fourth voice pops up next to her. His vans scrape and scuffle across the metal and Annabelle sits up. Those fierce eyes of hers are thinned and she pushes the long, scraggly hair from her face to get a better look at him. He isn't anywhere near her standards of attractive - dark hair, acne spotted skin and he's gangly. No, Annabelle's type was blonde, taller than her, light muscle and icy blue eyes that pierced all they looked at. This kid in front of her was off his face and a part of Annabelle just wanted to lift up the board next to her and swing it around his head. "Hey" was all he could managed to say to her, but the word was elongated. He probably thought he was being cool and suave. Annabelle thought he was ridiculous.

"Piss off" was all she replied with, words short and blunt. Her voice dark and edged with a threat. If he didn't go, then she'd make him. That was how it was with Annabelle and people. She didn't let t hem get the better of her. There was only one person that ever did, and that was the same person Annabelle was trying to avoid. School finished in ten minutes, and her mother's blood was probably already boiling with the prospect of her daughter still breathing. But no one got to see her weak. The dude in front of her made a fumbling step forward, before he suddenly fell forward onto the metal - a frappucino smashed into his long greasy hair, and strong fingers locked in between. Annabelle only just managed to lift her board up in front of her in an attempt to shield herself from the caramel, coffee and cream. Lowering her skateboard, she licked some from her hand and smirked. It was her favourite, and so as her blue eyes lifted to watch the stoner's face slam into the metal of the ramps she was sitting on, Annabelle had never been happier to see her best friend.

Toby had known he was going to be late. There was only so quickly that a sixteen year old could run from half way through his English Lit class to the skate park. So he thought that he ought to make the most of it, get Annabelle that thing she liked from star bucks so maybe she wouldn't be so angry when she saw him. But he hadn't imagined, coming into the park and spotting her on the ramps, that he'd be so late as to have other boys already making a move on her. Watching that greasy haired stoner try to make a move on Annabelle sparked something wild in Toby. In a couple seconds that well kept in anger had flared out and he smashed the drink into his hair, fingers following afterwards and smashing the punk's face into the metal. For the few seconds that he bludgeoned the other kid, Toby only saw red and didn't hear his friends calling for the now unconscious boy. But he soon came back to his senses and let the bloody boy go - his body slid down the ramps and lay at the bottom, groaning in pain. Toby'd given him a broken nose at the least, more likely also two black eyes and a fractured jaw too. Not that he cared. You could ask anyone, and they'd all say that Annabelle Blacker belonged to Toby Blake and if he found out you'd tried to make a move on her, you were dead. Not that, they were even dating. He just loved her, that was all.

"You're fucking late" Annabelle chided him and pulled him down to sit with her. She shook her head and the long blonde hair tumbling around her face like a nearly white waterfall. It was then, Annabelle caught Toby's smile and she felt her heart begin to pound in her chest. But she didn't understand why, Toby was her friend and had been since they were kids, why would seeing him smile make her feel so light headed?

Because it was the way his face first twitched up at the left, lips pulled taught in that charming smirk of it. Toby already had a well defined jaw line, but as that smile sunk into his features they pulled tighter, his chin being slightly more pointed. Then, the rest of his face followed suit, and Toby's blue eyes - depending on the sincerity of the smile - thinned. He always showed his teeth, too. White and ridiculously straight. Eyebrows raised above his head and the whole effect, watching and knowing that his grin was fully genuine… it made Annabelle want to smile too. Toby and her, they had never had a lot to smile about. But with Toby, it went beyond that… he never seemed to feel anything - and Annabelle understood that. She knew how it was safer to not show weakness because then no one could poke at it. So when Toby smiles, that smile with makes her knees go weak and her heart flutter, she knows it's special. She's so grateful to see it and she thinks it's beautiful, that he's beautiful. It lights up his face and she was certain that somewhere, an Angel was crying and cursing her in jealousy, envy. Annabelle smiled, because he did. Toby wished Annabelle knew that he smiled, for her.