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Genre: Sci-Fi

Prompt: Darkness

They were running, from what she didn't know, and part of her didn't care. She didn't have a family to leave behind, she was an 'experiment', The Company had bred her specifically to have blonde hair and blue eyes, with certain personality traits. After The Rebellion many experiments had been made. Aayla didn't know why, but she thought it had something to do with why they were running.

"Tommy, whats going on?"

He pulled her into a hidden alcove, one they had discovered as children during a game of hide and seek. As far as they knew, they were the only ones aware of it.

"The Darkness is coming, The Company isn't what it seems to be. It's not safe here anymore"

Aayla was confused. Her whole life, in the orphanage the instructors - half robotic, half man- had taught her to praise The Company, for The Company is Good, The Company is Generous, and the Company is Great. Doubting The Company was never an option, so why would Tommy say that? And what was the Darkness?

Her confusion must have shown on her face, for after he had locked and barred the door, he turned to her. Tommy looked her right in the eye and said, "Do you know what we are?"

She looked into his greeny brown eyes and frowned. What sort of a question was that?

"Of course," she answered smartly. "We are Beloved Children of The Company."

He was shaking his dark head even before she had finished speaking. He fingered a lock of her blonde hair and sighed, resting his forhead against hers.

"We are failed experiments, Aayla. It's why we're in the orphanage. Our parent's weren't killed by sickness, they were executed. They led the Rebellion. Your parents, my parents, all the parents of the children in the orphanage - we are all products of rebels and so the Company keeps us locked away. It's not for our own protection that we are barricaded in by a wall. It's not to keep them out, it's to keep us in."

He sighed again, looking around their 'home' made of cold steel and robotic voices. There was no warmth here. Aayla shivered. Tommy pulled her into his embrace and kissed her forehead.

"I still don't get it," she pulled away from his hold to look him in the eye. "What is the Darkness? What do you mean it's not safe?"

She watched him open his mouth, but placed her hamd over it before he could speak.

"No, hush. How are we failed experiments? And how on Hallum do you know all of this?"

He was silent for a minute, gathering his thoughts. "The Darkness corrupted the Company before we were born. Instead of protecting it's people, The Company started using them for sick experiments, trying to give people special powers and such. It became so obsessed with the idea of superhumans and started calling people rejects if they didn't offer up their children or future children to have the 'honour'-," he spat the word out, as if it caused him great pain to say it, "-of being 'upgraded'. Our parents refused to cooperate. You half worked out, you got the blonde hair and the blue eyes but you didn't get the enhanced eye sight you were meant to, nor the super intelligence. I didn't get anything."

Tommy stopped talking, giving her a moment to take it all in. He looked directly into her eyes, her face was horrified, and Tommy didn't blame her.

"Our parents were killed?" She whispered hoarsely. "All because they didn't want their children mutated?"

He nodded.

"How did the Company get us?"

"We were stolen, Aalya, after our parents died trying to fight this Darkness, we were stolen and tested on. The Company doesn't know I know this, not yet. But they will soon. When they do, they'll kill me. Or, they'll hurt you to get to me. I can't have that. I'd rather die than see anything happen to you. When you become of age they'll marry you off to someone, like they do with all the girls. Haven't you ever noticed that once the girls are Of Age they are never seen again?"

She shook her head, "Matron always said that they got moved to a different place."

Now it was Tommy shaking his head.

"No. They get married off to the highest bidder to become their...slave. You turn of age soon, if you stay you'll be another man's prostitute. It doesn't matter to them about love, they don't care if you're with me. I'll never see you again, Aayla, please. We need to leave this place. Find what's outside the Wall. We can run away, together, you and me forever just like we dreamed. What do you say?"

She shivered, from cold or fear he didn't know but he pulled her close, and held her face between his hands, looking imploring into her shy eyes.

In response, she tilted her face up, so their lips just barely brushed.

"I'll follow you anywhere."

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