One Pink Teddy Bear

The explosion blows the house to the sky,

While the suicide bomber lies in the rubble,

His body waiting to be found.

And fire fighters in red and orange,

Hold struggling hoses.

In the moments before the explosion goes off,

A young girl lies awake,

With a premonition of the ascending danger.

She hears a laugh,

It holds a mixture of menace and malice.

The laugh also contains fear of the devastation to come.

A moment passes, then another,

All the while the girl listens.

She listens intently for another laugh…

No laugh comes…

And then…

She hears a multitude of sound,

The strike of a match,

The sizzle of a burning string,

And then…BOOM!

The bomb goes off, then, a strange quiet.

Anyone on the property is dead.

A neighbor comes to see if anyone survived,

First she sees what remains of the house,

Then her eyes are drawn,

To an ash covered pink teddy bear,

And the girl's dead body that clings to it for dear life