A Slug and Two Bugs

As I was trudgin' around
I found a slug on the ground.
I picked it up in my hand,
and said "hello little friend!"

I brought it up to my eyes.
I thought it'd look cool if I
had walked around with a slug.
But then I met Ladybug!

I let her climb on my arm,
and told her "don't be alarmed!"
I felt like such a cool kid,
until I met Katydid!

I watched her climb on my wrist
and walk all over my fist.
I protected her well!
But then she suddenly fell..

She wasn't moving at all.
I think she died from the fall.
What a terrible shame,
death is always the same...

I looked for Ladybug's leaf
and in sheer disbelief
was surprised I could not
find Ladybug in her spot!

So I was trudgin' back home
and found a slug on a stone.
I picked it up in my hand
and said "hello there again!"