Rest lovely angel,

Your songs do I hear.

Mirth is so pretty,

And your children are near.

Come and be drunk

By the hand of your lover,

Or maybe a night,

Alone with another...

Later we'll fly

And pursue a tale,

And come back to dreamland,

If we should fail.

We'll look for lost souls

to keep for ourselves,

Lure and daze them

Into these barred cells.

Come, follow me

Through these endless doors.

Time to take back

What is rightfully yours.

Look at you,

You're starting to fly!

Starting to steal

And to murder and lie.

But what is this?

Your wings turn to grey!

I didn't tell you,

You don't get to stay.

Does coldness creep

Through your skin and your bones?

Feel the darkness

As you turn to stone.

I gave you what you wanted,

Now feel the pain.

Now you cease flight,

And fall like the rain.

You fell from the sky,

For you reap what you sow.

From ashes you came;

In pieces you go.