Author's Note: This is a one-shot for now, but I might return to this story eventually and expand it into a proper series.

The Importance of Humanity Is Not To Be Underestimated

I moved my mouse and clicked on a few sites. It was a fine, idle summer day, and I had no intention to do anything except laze around and pass the time on my computer comfortably. I stifled a yawn and relaxed, sliding back in my chair.

A knock sounded on my door at that very moment.

"Coming," I called out reluctantly as the knock repeated itself a few more times. I got off my chair and walked over to the door. I saw two females upon opening it. One was the stout, motherly lady who was in charge of the dormitory and was affectionately referred to by everyone as 'Mom'. The other was an extremely attractive young woman. There was something incredibly alluring about the way her long, raven-coloured locks fell on her milky white skin. Her attire was unconventional, consisting of a frilly blouse and skirt all in black, but it only served to add a touch of mystery to her person.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"This is your new roommate," Mom said, pushing her gently into the room.

"Oh, I see. Wait, what? She's a girl!"

"I'm a little embarrassed, but I'll do my best," the mysterious beauty said, wrapping her arms around herself. She thanked Mom and closed the door, locking it.

"Okay. Now we're all alone."

"You sure don't sound embarrassed," I replied, subconsciously backing away from her. It went without saying that there was something strange about her. "Did you bribe Mom or something? I'm referring to the landlady, by the way. And you don't need to room with me. There are plenty of rooms available for girls here."

"No, that would defeat the point, wouldn't it?" she asked, smiling. She started walking towards me and I kept retreating. It didn't take long before I was backed up against a wall with nowhere to go.

"Uh, what are you doing?" I asked.

"I could ask you the same. Why are you running away from me like that?"

"Sorry. I'm not too comfortable with being so close to another person," I replied. She seemed to take no heed of this, however, and pressed her body against mine. My head spun as various sensations overloaded my brain. I could smell a faintly sweet scent on her person and I struggled to ignore the soft feeling of her body.

"W-w-w-wait a minute..." I choked out, shutting my eyes. I was absolutely unused to female contact, let alone being in such an incredible situation.

"Aw, there's nothing to be afraid of," she whispered into my ear. I froze up even further as she began nibbling and licking on it. She paused for a moment to speak. "Just relax and let me do what I want..."

She moved away from my ear and nuzzled her face against my neck.

The window of my room shattered, and numerous shards of glass rained on the floor. A human figure had appeared behind it and swung through, kicking and breaking it into pieces.

"Pardon me for my transgressions. Coming through!"

The figure somersaulted through the air and landed nimbly on her feet.

"My window!" I yelled in horror, as I finally registered what had happened.

"...That's the first thing you think about?" the raven-haired beauty asked with half-opened eyes. She was still hugging onto me tightly, but I was too distracted to be bothered by it at that moment.

"I have to pay for it! And I don't have a lot of money!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'll help you fix it, if you want. But first, get away from her!" the girl who had just kicked in my window exclaimed, pointing a finger at the beauty who was embracing me. I looked at the girl properly for the first time, and to my surprise, discovered that she had pointed ears.

"Cosplay?" I asked, tilting my head.

"Nooooooooooo! Why does everyone think that? I'm a proud elf!" she declared. It did not escape me that she was beautiful as well. Her slender waist and long legs made for an exceptionally attractive figure, and her thin face was indeed truly elfin.

"Why would I think otherwise? Elves don't exist."

"Ah, but that's only what you think. I bet you think vampires don't exist either, but just look at her!" the self-proclaimed elf pointed again at the female hugging me. I directed a glance at her and was quite surprised to see that she did indeed have abnormally pointed and elongated canines.

She opened her eyes very wide and said, "I'm preparing for Halloween."

"In July? A bit early, don't you think? Also, they weren't there earlier..." I pointed out. I felt a twinge of doubt even as I spoke, but I thought to back to when I first saw her and was sure of what I said.

"Give it up, vampire. I've been watching this human. I won't allow him to become your blood bank!" the self-proclaimed elf said.

"Fine, fine. There is no point in keeping up this charade," the vampire replied, shrugging her lovely shoulders. "Still, I'm surprised that you're able to accept something as extraordinary as this so easily, human," she told me.

"I've got a feeling that she won't pay for my window if I don't agree with her."

She narrowed her eyes and let go of me. "...Right."

"So anyway, you say you're a vampire? What's your name?"

"You can call me 'Mistress'."

"I guess vampires have different first names compared to humans," I said, stroking my chin.

She glared at me. "My first name is Sakuya."

"Okay, you can call me Kaito. I guess you were trying to suck my blood earlier?"

"Yes, of course. Surely you didn't think that someone as beautiful as I would actually be interested in someone as pathetic as you?" the vampire smirked derisively and covered her mouth with her hand.

I scratched the back of my head."Well...Yeah, I didn't."

The vampire raised an eyebrow. "Don't you have any confidence in yourself?"

"Nope?" I replied, tilting my head again.

"Well, I guess I can't say anything if you're fine with that," she said, repeating the same trick of narrowing her eyes as before. I had a strange feeling that most of our interactions were going to follow this pattern.

"So I guess you used some vampire hocus pocus to get Mom to let you in here?"

Sakuya crossed her arms. "We prefer the term 'hypnotism."

"Why didn't you hypnotise me, then?"

"It doesn't work on you. I would never have put up that disgusting act otherwise."

"Why not?"

"You're special. Some humans have exceptional resistance against vampire powers. At the same time, their blood tastes and smells very sweet and addictive, causing vampires to be drawn to them. We suspect that such humans are descendents of vampire hunters, who used such attributes to hunt them in the past."

"But in modern times I just make for exceptionally attractive prey," I pointed out.

"Yup! Why don't you become my slave and I'll do lots of nice things for you?" Sakuya asked, tapping a finger on her lips suggestively.

"Like what?"

"Well, in exchange for sucking your blood, I'll let you lick my feet."

"...You know, you should try talking to people without using hypnotism for once. I think you'll learn a lot from it."

"How rude. Don't you think that it's an unimaginable honour for someone as pathetic as you to be able to touch my body as you please?"

I placed my face in my hand. "Sure, it sounds great if you say it like that, but..."

"Forget it, vampire, this man's going to become my husband!"

I turned around to face the self-proclaimed elf who had just said something unbelievable. "I guess it's not impossible for you to be an elf if she's a vampire. But why do I have to become your husband? I've never even met you before."

The elf turned bright red and directed her gaze fiercely downward. "I-idiot! Even I think that we shouldn't r-rush into things, you know! I don't think that we should get married right n-now, we'll get to know each other better first!"

I raised a hand. "No, no. Hold on a second here. I have no intention of marrying you at all, you know?"

She stared at me and blinked a few times. Tears began to well up at the sides of her eyes. "Eh? But why not? Is there something wrong with me? "

"No, but I mean, it's just like you said," I responded hurriedly. "We don't even know each other! I don't even know your name!"

Unfortunately, that just seemed to make matters worse. The elf screwed up her eyes and bawled at the top of her voice.

"Aw, you made her cry, you heartless stud," Sakuya said. She was covering her mouth with her hand again.

"I-I-I knew it! You'd rather be the s-s-s-s-slave of this vampire, right? You p-p-p-pervert!" the elf cried.

"No, I haven't got such interests!" I protested, waving my hands furiously. "And can it, vampire, you're just making matters worse!"

"Ohoho. I have no idea what you mean."

I rolled my eyes and decided to ignore Sakuya. I thought for awhile to decide my next course of action. What should I do? I had never been any good at dealing with women.

I reached out tentatively and petted her on the head. "Cheer up, I didn't say that I wouldn't marry you. We just don't know each other well yet, that's all. We aren't in love with each other. Give it some time."

The elf sniffed as she wiped away her tears. "So you'll marry me if you fall in love with me?"

"Well, of course I will. Actually, isn't that a natural action?"

She cheered up immediately and embraced me tightly. "Yay!"

I couldn't shake the feeling that I had been utterly duped by her.

"What's your name? And why are you so interested in me, anyway?" I asked the elf.

"I'm Eris. You're Kaito, right? The population of elves is declining quickly and quite frankly, this is due to the, um, incapability of the male elves to aid in procreation. All female elves have been told to look for human partners to counteract this decline."

"And the male elves are fine with that?"

"Of course they aren't. But incapable males have no right to complain," Eris answered, shrugging.

"I'm glad that I wasn't born as an elf..." I muttered.

"What does it matter? You would have been a virgin like you are now even if you were born as a worm," Sakuya retorted.

"Hey! I resent that! Even if I have absolutely no confidence, it doesn't mean that I'm a virgin! I could have gotten lucky, for all you know!"

"That's absolutely impossible. I considered the fact that you might have raped a girl, but it looks like you weren't even strong enough for that. You see, only virgins hold that kind of special attraction for vampires. Your blood loses its special properties at the same time you lose your virginity. In other words, if you weren't a virgin, I wouldn't have been attracted here by your disgusting stench."

"Yes, I'm sorry," I apologized, kneeling on the floor after having been accused of being a potential rapist. "I am absolutely, one hundred percent, a virgin."

"Hmph! If you're going to be mean like that, he's never going to fall in love with you, vampire! He'll be all mine!" Eris said.

I raised my head from the foetal position that I was curled up in. "Hold on a minute. Sakuya doesn't need me to fall in love with her. She just wants to suck my blood."

Eris shook her head. "No, it's not quite as simple as that. In the first place, if we get married and have lots of babies - " At this point, the elf closed her eyes and pressed her hands against her cheeks bashfully, "you won't be a virgin any more, and your blood won't taste as delicious to her. Secondly, she's already said that her hypnotic powers don't work on you. How is she going to get your permission so that she can suck your blood, then? The answer's obvious. She has to make you fall in love with her so that you'll be willing to do so."

Sakuya clicked her tongue and bared her fangs. "So you just had to spell it out, elf. I have zero interest in this vile piece of trash, however."

Eris stared at her with half-open eyes. "Why have you been inching closer towards him this entire time, then?"

I looked behind me and saw that Eris was quite right. Sakuya had moved so close that she was almost on top of me. This also meant that I was able to enjoy the full view of the lacy black garter belt that she wore.

"...You saw my underwear, didn't you?"

I gulped and composed myself before answering. "Yes, but it's not like I did it on purpose! What were you thinking, walking up to me like that?!"

"I don't care. You saw my underwear, so you have to let me suck your blood now."

"So that was your ulterior motive all along! I knew it!"

"Shut up. It's all your fault! If only it didn't smell so thick and good and made me want to drink it...Ah, I don't care any more, I'll suck you dry right now!" Sakuya moaned. There was a slightly crazed look in her obsidian pupils.

"...I really hope that no one is listening in at my door, or I'll have countless things that need to be explained."

"Well, there might not be anyone outside the door, but does the window count?"

I whipped my head around and saw a woman hovering outside my window. Large, grey-feathered wings were attached to her back, but she otherwise looked like a scantily-clad and astonishingly beautiful woman. She looked about twenty-seven and her voluptuous figure gave her an air of mature sensuality that the other two girls lacked. She was clothed in a strange dress that resembled strips of white cloth, leaving little to the imagination.

"Another one?! You must be an angel."

"Save it, kid. I've heard that pick-up line a million times," the angel said as she floated into my room.

I crouched down, wrapped my arms around my knees and sniffed quietly. "It wasn't even a pick-up line..."

"There, there," the angel said. She tried to move closer towards me, but the two girls blocked her path.

"Mature women are not in fashion any more. Why don't you find a retirement home and head there instead?" Sakuya said, smiling.

"I won't let you have him!" Eris shouted.

"Settle down, girls. All I want to do is to remove the boy's sin from him."

"And how exactly are you going to do that?" Sakuya asked suspiciously.

"Well, of course the best way to do that is to allow him to act out this sin. In other words, we'll do all kinds of obscene things with each other? Girls like you won't know about it," the angel replied, smirking.

"That's not what an angel does at all!" Eris protested.

"Well, I'm a f-a-l-l-e-n angel, after all," the angel said, winking.

"Get out of here!" the two girls yelled.

"How rude of you. Did you think that you could keep him all to yourselves? I won't allow that."

"Wait a minute," I said, finally recovering from the shock. "Why are you after me as well?"

"A fallen angel such as myself would naturally want to increase the influence of sin, and as the perpetrators of Original Sin, humans are naturally the most sinful of creatures," the angel explained.

"That sure is convenient, but that doesn't explain everything. In fact, you didn't explain everything either, Eris. Even if I accept that humans just happen to be so useful to the other races, it still doesn't explain why you're targeting me specifically," I pointed out.

The angel grinned. "Well, I don't know why the elf is after you, but it seems like you hold a large amount of sin within your body, thanks to your past life. I've never seen any human with such a large capacity."

Eris frowned. "Female elves know a special spell that helps them find the male best suited to be their partner. We altered it to look for humans instead and it let me to you."

"Now that's just way too convenient, isn't it?! How can all three of you end up looking for the same human?"

"The three of us? You're sorely mistaken if you think that we're the only ones who are targeting you, boy," the angel said.

My knees threatened to buckle underneath me. "You're not serious."

"Oh, I'm absolutely serious. You haven't met one of those ever-present and annoying succubi, for example, and there's surely at least one who's stalking you right now. I can detect a werewolf, a mermaid, a harpy, a ghost, some Eastern presence that I can only assume is a kitsune...there are about fifty-two presences closing in on this location."

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. So basically, if I don't do anything, there's going to be a fatal fifty-five way fight in this room."


"What if I choose someone here?"

"Well, then naturally they would be forced to back off, since you already have a mate. We're not barbarians."

I looked around the room once. It was a tough choice. No matter what decision I made, I knew I would regret it later.

"Ok, fine. I choose Sakuya, then. Let's get out of here, Sakuya," I said as I grabbed her hand. The vampire mumbled something incomprehensible as her eyes opened wide in shock.

"What? You lied to me!" Eris said, looking devastated.

"I'm sorry, Eris. Sakuya is the only one for me, after all."

"What...Just because you saw her panties...I don't mind showing you mine, too..."

"Hey! What about me?" the angel asked, pointing at herself.

"It's not because I saw her underwear!" I argued. "And as for you," I said, rounding on the angel, "well, I don't even know you as well as these two, which is saying quite a lot, so sorry."

I sprinted out of the room, pulling Sakuya along with me.

We ran in silence through the corridor and went down the flight of stairs. It did not take much longer before we were out of the building completely. Sakuya's brows were furrowed as though deep in thought the entire time. Eventually, however, her countenance cleared up and she turned to face me.

"...Wait a minute. I know why you chose me," the vampire said, pouting. "It's because my powers don't work on you. You got scared once Eris mentioned magic, didn't you? And you were never going to trust that fallen angel."

I whistled innocently. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"You can play dumb if you want, but I know why you made your decision so quickly, too."

"Oh? And what would that reason be?" I asked, still running at top speed.

"...You were afraid that your room would get trashed because of the fight and you'd have no money to pay for it, right?"

I looked into her eyes and grinned. "See, I knew I made the right choice. We understand each other so well already."