You tell me it's not the answer

You tell me not to fight

But know that I will

I'll fight for what's right.

Understand I'll do what it takes to make a stand

I'll defend my people and I'll defend my land

I won't be used, I won't be anonymous

Leadership and ownership are not synonymous.

Humans abuse, destroy and lie

We pollute the oceans, lands and sky

I won't be a pawn, I won't back down

We'll break the deception of this crown.

Ships in the water

Planes in the sky

Bullets in the air

No one said war would be fair.

I'll be your signal in the darkness of the night

Hear the first shot in the beginning of this fight

We'll start and we'll finish this battle

They're not leading people they're herding cattle.

Lighting strike our grounds

Listen for the sounds

Of us.

Our solution

Will be the revolution

To end the deception of freedom and abuse of power

Fight harder and scream louder.

We will be heard

Headstrong and strong bodied, we'll take our freedom from the disturbed

We live on this planet with water food and oxygen, mother earth

We are one but live as none, feel righteousness boil your blood like fire in the hearth.

Thievery and deception, destruction and crime

We'll unbind our wings to fly

And bring them down from their pedestal so high

Can I hear your battle cry?

We are the foundation, not the bricks

They are not to use us for their tricks

Don't disguise these numerous crimes

Don't hide behind your wordless mimes

We'll rise the victors and rebuild our broken home

Don't sit in silence you know you're not alone

Don't ignore the misuse of leadership and buried felonies

Open your ears, listen to freedom's scarlet melodies

You want freedom and you want peace

You must fight to control your life and let the pain cease

We'll have to take our own troubles and take them down to zero

Because we're in reality and there is no superhero.

Be vigilant and be resilient

Don't be a fool and don't be blind

Be powerful and rise to be brilliant

Don't be bought by lies, come to heal your poisoned mind

They are us, and we are them, you are me and I am you

We have the same thing they all do, but compassion is for few

I see no difference between him and her, I see a human body and mind

I see a torrent of emotion and a heart born kind.

We are one and we will come together

We won't be bound by their lies of leather

We are one with talent and emotion and love and hate

Don't let anyone decide for you you'll build your own fate

Escape the wrath of society

The black sheep runs free

Life isn't about finding yourself it's about creating yourself

You're a human soul not their doll on a shelf

I walk the path of dawn

Not the dark not the light

I'll see my side and I'll see theirs

I'll twist their own games to fight.

It's the money

It's the control

It's the power they hold

And the stories we are told.

They're masters of manipulation

And you'll never understand how easy it is to manipulate the child

Until you are the manipulator

Or the child.

Realize and open your eyes

Be the brave that stands not the coward that cries

Meet your own expectations instead of waiting

Your justice will come late.

Give me liberty or give me death's distraction

Don't lie down to die, pick your weapon and take action

Shatter the control held over you and be enlightened

Let your senses be awakened and your intelligence heightened

The caged bird sings

And tonight the prison is broken

My mind is awoken and I will not bow

I am one of billions and we will riot now.

And we are the people.

This is our freedom and these are our lives

This is our solution

So let it begin, this is our time

And this is our revolution.