Chapter 1

"A Call to Awaken"

I never believed in the supernatural. Ghosts, curses, demons, deities all of those things were more fiction to me. I only truly believed in a few things the two strongest were, I am living and I would die. What happens after death I would just have to wait and see. I don't hate life; actually I hold it tighter than anything. My words may show a cool and calm demeanor, but truthfully I fear the mystery of death, ever since that day my outlook shifted and my views and my world drastically changed. My name is Blake Harris and this is my Ghostory.

It was a fair day at school. The sky was partly cloudy and the sun shined so brightly. I hated these kinds of days. I'm never trying to be depressing, but rainy dark, cloudy days just felt relaxing to me. On days like these it was so hard to sleep and I've been having these killer headaches lately.

"Blake, you there?" the voice said. "Blake? Wake up!"

"Huh? What did you say?" Blake replied still slightly asleep.

"I said did you hear about Misha" Leena said, a little upset Blake was not listening.

"What about her?" Blake replied looking out the window, showing little interest.

"This is the fourth day she's been out from school and I hear at night she disappears somewhere without telling her parents" Leena continues.

"Leena it's obvious that those are just rumors that people make up to rattle up people, don't be so dumb" said Ray.

"Oh who asked you! You're the dumbest here according to your grades." replied Leena.

"What do you think Blake?" asked Ray.

Ray and Leena turn to see Blake right back asleep again at his desk.

"He's been really sleepy lately, I wonder what he's up to, to make him like that" said Leena.

Later that day after school. Blake and his friends are walking home from school. The sun was beginning to set and dusk was rolling in. The air was slightly cold. You could tell summer was finished and fall was rolling in.

"Man, why does Mr. Francis have to be so annoying? I ran across that damn field as fast as I could and he still dropped me a letter grade for failure to participate." Said Ray.

"Well if you weren't such a lazy ass then maybe he would have had mercy on you." Leena replied.

"Oh shut up, you're way more annoying after 4 o' clock." Ray said.

Leena and Ray then notice Blake daydreaming while walking.

"Hey buddy you good?" Ray asked.

Blake continues to walk not hearing what Ray said.

"Blake…is everything alright?" Leena added.

Blake then snaps out of his trance with drowsy eyes.

"Y-yeah…everything's fine I'm just a little tired that's all." Blake replied. "Well this is my road I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"Alright, and make sure to get a good night's sleep." Ray said.

"Yeah I'll make sure." Blake replied.

Leena and Ray then continue to walk down the main road. Blake takes his route up a small hill.

"Ah, my head…Gabrielle where are you?" Blake said.

Blake leans against a wall and looks up. The ghost of a girl then appears. She appeared as a teenage girl around seventeen. She wore a gothic dress that covered down to her knees and had long black hair. Her skin was pale white and she had captivating red eyes. She wore black boots and had a cross pendant around here neck and a black rose in her hair. She slowly walked towards Blake giving a dull expression.

"What, is it?" she asked.

"What the hell is going on? Why does my head hurt so much?" Blake asked holding unto the wall in pain.

"As a phantom seer you are now affected by supernatural oddities that a present around you." Gabrielle replied.

"So it's you that's making my head hurt and my body feel so hot." Blake asked.

"No, I am your phantom so of course I wouldn't affect you, moron." she replied.

"You don't need to be a total bitch about it." Blake said in his mind.

Blake then gets on his two feet and continues to walk up the hill with Gabrielle. He still holds his head and stumbles from time to time.

"Ah! It's getting worse." Blake said.

"Then the source is near." Gabrielle stated.

They walk to a fork in the road and look down the right road and see Blake's classmate Misha walking down the road. She appears stagnant and has a dull look in her eyes. Her blonde hair was messy and her bangs were scattered all over her forehead. She looks worn out, as if she had not slept in days.

"Hey Misha it's been a while" Blake says as she approaches him.

Misha suddenly awakens from her state and appears cheerful.

"Oh hey Blake! How are you?" Misha says with a smile on her face.

"Fine I'm just-"Blake says before he notices the cut marks on Misha's arms and neck.

Misha continues to smile at him and then looks off in Gabrielle's direction as if she could see her. Misha's expression then changes to a much more serious demeanor and continues to star in Gabrielle's direction.

"So Misha what's wrong with you, you haven't been at school for a while?" Blake said trying to break the silence.

"Oh I just have a bad cold but I'm better now." Misha says quickly changing her expression back to cheerful.

"I'm glad your feeling better I hope you can make it to school tomorrow" Blake says.

"Thank you I hope so too. Well I have to go to the store now." Misha said giving a cheerful smile.

Misha then walks past Blake. In that instant Blake suddenly feels a dark presence and a sharp pain in his head.

"What the hell?" Blake says in his head.

"Stay away!" A loud high pitch voice echoes within Blake's head.

He then sees a dark figure appear over Misha's head. It appeared to be the figure of a woman and a large eye with a red pupil looks at Blake and a large mouth with a deep grin appeared on the woman's face and Misha walked away. Blake stands in slight terror a the sight he just behold.

"What…was that?" Blake asked Gabrielle.

Gabrielle looks off at Misha as she walks away without uttering a word.

"Um, Gabrielle. You there?" Blake asked again.

Gabrielle turns too Blake and gives a fiendish smirk.

"It looks like we have ourselves a possession Blake." Gabrielle says in a bold way.

"A possession?" Blake replied.

"Yep, I looks like a demon has possessed you friend and your gonna rescue her!" Gabrielle says pointing to Blake.

"Me?! I'm still new to all of this! Didn't you see I almost shit my pants when that thing looked at me and grinned!" Blake says in a scared tone.

"My God, where's your balls! You became a phantom seer, so I thought you would know what the job came with." Gabrielle said.

"I still don't even know what a phantom seer is! All I know I'm suppose to help you find your body and that's it!" Blake shouted.

Blake then realizes that he is shouting at a ghost in the middle of the empty street.

"Let's just move, I don't want to seem crazy anymore" Blake said slightly ashamed.

"No one's even looking this street is as dead as me." Gabrielle said.

The two them continue to walk up the street, Blake still limping against the wall.

"So a demon is possessing Misha huh." Blake said, very curious.

"That's right and she seems in a bad state, but demons don't just go out possessing people like that, it must be someone who has some connection to her." Gabrielle said, intrigued in the thought.

"I think we should go see Marcus, he should be able to help us." Blake said.

"Hmph, we don't need him! You have me and I know way more about oddities than him." Gabrielle said, upset that Blake doesn't trust her skills.

"Yeah but these kind of things are his specialty" Blake replied.

"Whatever, you can go ahead!" Gabrielle says as she disappears.

"Wow, that girl. She's way too immature." Blake says to himself.

"I'm still hear!" Gabrielle's voice shouts!

Blake continues up the road and makes a detour at a corner into the woods. He then follows a dirt path going upwards. He eventually comes across some stone steps and walks up. The woods around are thick and the darkness of the dusk in a little unsettling. He makes it to the top and sees a small wood house with lanterns outside and a light on inside.

"Marcus! Marcus! You there!" Blake shouts loudly.

Blake then opens the door and sees a lit stone a wood fire pit in the middle of the floor with a pot over it. The shack looks small with only one room which consists of a bed, fire pit, refrigerator, a sink and a small television.

"Marcus!" Blake shouted once more.

Blake slowly walks in and looks around Marcus's stuff. An unusual skull sits on top of his dresser.

"He really has some weird stuff. What the hell is this?" Blake says, while trying to identify the skull. "Is it human?"

"It's monkey actually." A voice says behind his back.

Blake then jumps out of fear and fall over on the ground. He looks up to see Marcus with a grocery bag in his hand. He wore a tropical shirt and cargo shorts like he always does. His stubble on his chin and his messy short brown hair added to the bum look he was trying to pull off. His large cross earring that hung down to his shoulder made him look slightly stylish but did not help his demeanor at all.

"Why do you have a monkey's skull?!" Blake shouted.

"Why are you searching through my stuff?" Marcus replied.

"That's not the question" Blake replied in an interrogating way.

"Get off my back, it's to ward off evil spirits." Marcus said, in a unsure way.

"Just like the black salt, the dirty towel and the pink boxer shorts." Blake said sarcastically.

"…Yes" Marcus said with a straight face.

"Mhmm…." Blake replied.

"You see Blake I said this guy was a weirdo who doesn't know a thing." Gabrielle says as she appears.

"Oh you still have that phantom tailing you." Marcus says not very thrilled.

"What do you mean that phantom?!" Gabrielle shouts angrily "My name is Gabrielle Van Hollow you freak hermit!"

*Sigh* "She really is loud and annoying. I don't know how you do it." Marcus says, in a sympathetic tone.

"Listen Marcus we need some help." Blake says.

"Come sit down and tell me everything. I need to check on the soup." Marcus says while sitting by the pot over the fire pit. "You want some, it's really good."

"Sure I haven't eaten dinner yet, so I'll take a bowl." Blake says.

Blake takes a bowl of the odd-looking soup. He looks down and sees an assortment of different ingredients in the soup. He looks closer and sees what he appears to be and eyeball.

"Um, I'm not that hungry anymore." Blake says slightly disgusted.

"Suit yourself but mountain frog soup is really good for the liver." Marcus says while eating the soup.

"I'm really not hungry now." Blake says turning away from Marcus.

"So what's up?" Marcus says very curious.

Blake then explains the situation with Misha and the demon possessing her.

"Hmm, I see." Marcus says while putting down his bowl.

"We there's no doubt about it, you friend is possessed." Marcus says.

"You see I told you Blake." Gabrielle says in a taunting tone.

"So what can I do? I really want to help." Blake says eagerly.

"Well there is only one thing you can do." Marcus says in a serious tone. "Your going to have to exorcise that thing."

"But I'm no exorcist" Blake replied

"That's right your not, your something even more capable to fight that thing. You're a phantom seer." Marcus replies in an enthusiastic manner.

"What exactly is that?" Blake asked slightly confused.

"A phantom seer is a human who has obtained a soul scar and has formed a contract with a phantom to return it to their body. This human acts as an anchor of sorts to keep the phantom tied to our world. Because of this bond the human obtains supernatural feats such as accelerated regeneration, stronger mortality and others depending on how strong the bond is." Marcus explains.

"What's a soul scar?" Blake asks, trying to take in all the information.

"When a human comes in contact with a supernatural oddity on close terms, such as surviving a demon attack or getting bitten by a vampire they receive a soul scar which allows them to have a deeper connection to oddities, like seeing ghosts and feeling dark presences. By what you told me I looks like you're still getting used to yours. That's why you felt so weak when that demon came close to you." Marcus explains further.

"I get it now. So because of my bond with Gabrielle I'm much stronger to battle the demon." Blake says in a happier tone.

"That's exactly it!" Marcus said in a supportive way .

"Or I can use you as a superhuman shield" Marcus says in his mind.

Gabrielle then gives Marcus a suspicious look, as if she knew what he was thinking. Marcus then tries to glance away avoiding her suspicious eyes.

"Anyway, I'll help you out. I need about a day to prepare. I'll meet you tomorrow night outside of you house." Marcus says while getting up.

"Thanks Marcus, I knew I could count on you." Blake replied.

"Don't worry about it. I've saved your ass for years why stop now." Marcus says in a joking way. "It's getting late so you should get home."

"Thanks again." Blake replied.

Blake and Gabrielle make their way down the path and exit back to the street. They continue to walk to Blake's house.

"Hey Blake" Gabrielle says, in a soft voice.

"Yeah" Blake replied.

"Marcus says he's been helping you for years, but you only found out about this stuff last week." Gabrielle said.

"Yeah, he was a friend of my fathers. My dad was one of his professors at university. Marcus was great student, but he dropped out." Blake said in a sympathetic voice.

"Why?" Gabrielle said curiously.

"His sister, the only family he had left, was very sick and he couldn't support her enough having to study and everything. So he left and started working. His sister didn't have a disease though. She was cursed, by someone who hated Marcus's father. The curse had reached the point that his sister would die in a matter of days." Blake said.

"So what did he do?" Gabrielle said, even more curious.

"He began to study the supernatural and oddities. He found out a way to save her and she was cured. Someone else had a supernatural problem and Marcus help them as well. Eventually many people needed his help so he made this if his profession. But he does work other part-time jobs when work gets slow." Blake replied. "He's help me with my studies, kids who bullied me when I was younger and so many other things."

"Wow I never really knew that about him." Gabrielle replied

"He's a strange guy, but he's one of my closest friends." Blake said in a happy tone.

Blake and Gabrielle then stand at his front door about to enter inside.

"Hey Blake." Gabrielle said in a serious voice. "Are you sure up for this, you do know that you could very well die tomorrow."

Blake stops before reaching the door knob and looks down. The his expression then changes to a slightly worried expression.

"Even with Marcus there, the danger is as real and it can be. If you slip up it could mean the end." Gabrielle continues still keeping the serious tone.

"I was just thinking about helping Misha, not really considering myself." Blake said in a worried voice.

Blake turns around a looks up at the sky. He thinks deeply about what he plans to do.

"But…if I don't help Misha then she will die and I will continue to live with the thought that I could have helped her, but I ran away." Blake says in a serious tone.

He then back at looks at Gabrielle. His expression one that she never saw on him before, he had no fear in his voice and a will to live in his eyes.

"I will not run! Marcus has done this for years and he never ran once! And he did it for people he never knew so why should I run when it's one of my own friends!" Blake said courageously.

Gabrielle is a little startled at the display of courage Blake showed in such a short amount of time.

"Well good, if you die who's going to help me find my body." Gabrielle said in a proud voice.

Blake then turns around and opens the door.

"Misha don't worry I won't run. I will come and save you" Blake said to himself.