Fade to Black Prologue The Boy with the Red Eyes Who said there was no such thing as monsters? They could be among us at any time and at any place and we wouldn't know it. What lies beyond the unknown is something humans can never find out. For one girl named Julie her life was about to be turned upside down after a chance encounter with a somewhat weird boy, but before that we need to go backwards two years to when her first encounter with the unknown began. The day started off like any normal Sunday morning, Julie had just gotten up and was about to head out to the local church down the street where a Christmas party was being held and just like her upstanding father she had decided to help set things up, but before she could leave she had to get her self prepared. After a quick shower she threw on a button up shirt, some nice, warm pants, her snow boots and a snug jacket so that she wouldn't freeze to death out in the snow, it was that cold. Once she had everything with her she slid down the stair handrail and hopped off right when she neared the end. "Bye dad, see you later." she told her father who was sitting at the dinner table with his paper open.

"Wait just a second, did you wash up? What about clean clothes and did you brush your teeth?"

"Dad, you know I take good care of yourself." she said with a smile.

"Of course, be careful and remember, be back before nightfall."

"I will, have a good day dad!" she yelled as she ran out the door.

That was just like her, ever since she was a kid she always had such a great spirit, it reminded him so much of her mother. He wasn't worried though she knew better than to drink and if any boys tried to take advantage of her he had showed her the proper way of taking care of them. Still he encouraged her to make friends instead of enemies.

To her surprise the snow hadn't reached the one inch mark yet so running through the winter wonderland on the way to the church was quite easy. She couldn't quite explain it but whenever she was in the snow or in the water or in the forest behind her house she always felt safe, as if something was watching over her. Oh well she couldn't think about that she had to reach the church before the opening ceremony started in exactly three minutes. When she arrived she was surprised to find that there were only three cars parked in the lot in front of the building, normally there were many others there but she guessed they were all late and just dismissed it. She couldn't wait to get inside and warm up, her face had already turned to into a ice cube. Once she approached the two large bronze doors with crosses on them she pushed them open and stepped inside where she took off her jacket. As usual Curtis, one of her fathers older co-workers, was stationed at the second doorway. "Hey Curts, do you know where everyone is at?" she asked.

"Yeah, some of them called and said they were going to be a bit late due to work, but at least your here, that's something." he replied as he handed her a pen.

She felt kind of bad that he had to sit there until everyone showed up, but she couldn't do much about that. Once she signed her name on the sign in sheet she opened the door to the church where all she saw were a few people scattered in the seats. Well, while she waited for the others to arrive she mind as well have a seat. Her normal seat was on column three row two, but it seemed someone had already taken her spot. She was a bit surprised since very few people were there, but still she could sit on the second row none the less.

As she sat down to relax she saw who was sitting in her spot, it was a boy who looked to be about her age with slicked back black hair, a sweater with a dark blue jacket over it, blue jeans and normal shoes. When she saw him she got a strange feeling that she had seen him somewhere before, like they had met. She wanted to ask if he was from her school but she could see he was to busy listening to his music. As she sat there she could hear him singing along quietly to his music.

"I will be your deadman, with nothing but this blood on my hand. Stuck in your wonderland, I want to make you bleed just like me. So make me your deadman, with with only poison in my veins. Stuck in your wonderland. Stagnated by the passivity I'm going to make you bleed like me."

In her mind that was a pretty strange song to be listening to while a church but to each their own. Finally after a few minutes of waiting people started flooding in as if they were in a hurry as the Father walked up on stage to his podium.

"My children, welcome for today is a great day indeed. Today is the day the great divine sent down his son as a gift to us mortals."

As she listen to his speech she couldn't help but notice that the boy sitting beside her still had not put away his music.

"Hey, could you please put that away?" she asked.

There was no getting to him, all she could do was bow her head and hope that no one thought they were friends. As she bowed her head she saw his head come up before he took off his headphones.

"Great, here we go." he said to himself as he stood up.

"Excuse me, Father, not to disrupt your speech or anything but you might want to move." he said as everyone's attention seemed to be drawn to him.

"What do you think your doing?!" she grunted as she stood up straight.

"Why should I move my son?"

Suddenly from the stain glass roof above the alter something fell right on through.

"Yeah, that's why." he said as he cracked his knuckles.

At first everyone seemed fine with what happened since no one was injured but suddenly a black mist started to cover the floor of the church as a voice echoed.

"Their all my children now..."

Suddenly everyone saw their Father's head flying through the air as blood gushed out of his neck and before them was something they had never seen before, a creature covered in black smoke with two bright yellow eyes and sharp claws. At that moment everyone became paralyzed with fear, as if it was holding them there.

"Heh, what a fool. To think, someone from God was killed so easily."

"Your Holiness!" one of the pastors yelled.

Once it turned its attention to its next victim Julie saw what looked like a whip covered in black flame wrap around his wrist. To her surprise when she turned her eyes she saw that the boy beside her wasn't frozen, in fact he was fighting back.

"Focus Nightmare, your fight is with me!" he said as he tugged on the whip which seemed to cause pain to the creature.

All of a sudden everyone could move. They didn't want to risk being killed so as soon as they got the chance everyone started running towards the doors.

"You will not interfere!" it roared.

With one flick of its hand a wave of black smoke flung everyone backwards including Julie. Was this how she was going to die? She hadn't even completed high school, he had so much more to live for. When she opened her eyes she found that instead of being crushed by rows upon rows of benches she was in the arms of the same boy who warned the Father, but he looked different. His hair was pearl white while his irises were both a bright ruby red and from his gritting teeth she saw see what looked like fangs.

"It's alright, your safe." he said as he kept a good hold of the whip that still had his enemies wrist.

Once he put her down she wanted to thank him but instead he threw back his hand and sent out a force that sent her out the broken doors.

"Go on, get out of here!" he exclaimed before he jumped off the ground and into battle.

From the outside people could hear yells of pain and agony as the church started to catch fire. As she stood at the bottom of the steps she heard her fathers voice come up behind her.

"Julie, are you ok?!" he asked as he looked over her face and arms for any injuries.

"I'm ok dad, but someone is still in there."

For two years she kept thinking back to the creature that killed the Father and the mysterious boy who saved her life that day.