Fade to Black 2 Preview


"Why did you do this?"

A civilization lost to time.

"It can't be..."

A new enemy approaches.

"Not you, no!"

Broken bonds.





Fade to Black: Bonds

"It doesn't matter if you don't remember me, I'll still protect you!"

Fade to Black: Bonds Preview


How had he become the chasie? Oh right, because Frank was a jerk! All he wanted to do was enjoy what there was of the festival no, instead he was stuck luring a six eyed, eight legged bull out of the festival grounds. As he looked back he saw those nice, pointed horns just waiting to impale him as he kept at least five feet ahead. With his feet kicking the ground he kept on running until he came to the intersection of Rook and Haven.

"Alright boy let's finish this." he said as he took a hard left down Rook.

His job was simple, lead it away from the populated areas and from there he could finish it off. As he kept running though the thought of the kind of beef burgers that could be made from its body almost made his mouth water. No, there was no time to think about food. With his eyes forward he scanned the area for a good spot to turn off at when he heard the sound of a motorbike come up from behind him.

"Hey, 'sup man?" the man asked as the woman hung onto him from behind.

"What's up?" he asked as he pulled up next to him.

"I see you got a bit of a Angora problem here."

"Nah it's cool. I just need to get him out of here is all." he replied as he fired off another dark bolt to keep the beast at a good five feet.

"Right, oh by the way you may want to duck."


When he looked back though he saw the beast had a charged shot right between its horns and it was ready to fire. With its eyes locked on him it let it fly.

"Whoa!" he shouted as the bolt flew overhead and instead hit a tree.

"Told ya."

"Yeah thanks, who are you anyways?" he asked as they continued riding next to one another.

"Oh just a tourist. I came here for the festival you know? I heard it's pretty rad so I brought my girl along for the right."

"Sweet, hold on just a second though." he said as he stopped in his track.

Oh he was ready for it. With his arms out he waited until the bull was within and and with all the strength in his muscles he grabbed its two horns and pushed hard against it. Now that they were out of the festival grounds he could take of the situation for good. Even with the sun baring down on him he still had the strength to lift it right above his head by its horn and with a good toss he sent it into the pavement.

"Whoa, you're pretty strong there man." the stranger said as they both sat on their bikes.

It wasn't over yet though as the beast got up. It did not look happy as its eyes turned red. Once he saw it was charging up for another attack though he did the same as both formed their own bolts.

"You know if you want I can take care of this." the man offered as he pulled some kind of rod from his pocket.

"Nah it's my duty to stop it so yeah sorry." he said as he fired off his own shot.

But to his surprise the bull dodged to the left as it began firing its own directly at him.

"It's alright little buddy I got ya." he said as he threw the rod directly at the sphere between its horns.

For a second he could see sparks shooting from the tip too as both collided with one another only for the bull to lose in the end. As soon as it came into contact with the attack it gave the attack a good charge, so much so that it actually blew up in its face and knocked Alucard to his butt.

"Jesus, don't you think that was a bit much?"

"A bit much? You're slipping Alucard."

"Yeah maybe...wait how did you know my name?"

He gave no response, instead he left his face do the talking as he pulled off his helmet to reveal his spiky black hair and yellow eyes.

"No way..."