It's almost done

The year is over

It has been fun

It's time to be sober

The time has flown by

And my classmates will see

That when you're in highschool

It's NOT that easy

You've got:



And teachers that are mean

People will ignore you

You'll hardly be seen

Highschool students are sooo hardcore

Some might push you down to the floor

Maybe you will see me next year

I will not be smoking or drinking hard beer

I will be dancing and laughing with friends

Hoping, oh just hoping, this school year won't end

It's time to say goodbye

And lets make it short

I will probably cry

Or laugh with a snort

Goodbye all my friends from North Otter this year

I promise I will keep you guys close to right here (I point to my heart)

I wont forget you mrs. Svink, heck no one

I will always remember every single fun one

Memories of you guys will hardly fade

Giving all the best friends I have made

Please don't forget me

And i'll return the favour

I will always miss you

It has been a pleasure.