Craven was an ordinary high school student with an ordinary high school life. He took out the trash, did homework, got in to fights, even got bullied. His best friend was a girl named Christy and he was an average student with little popularity. How could one little event change all this? Simple; Craven met William. (Will for short) It all started about a week before homecoming. Craven was just walking around town doing some errands for his mother when he saw it, when he saw him. Of course he didn't know it was a person at first because well… how can a person be floating over Manhattan? Well of course he followed the figure until he didn't even know where he was anymore. Craven had never seen this part of the city. While he was walking mesmerized someone grabbed him, pulled him behind a corner and covered his mouth with a hand. Well Craven started to freak out as expected if you were grabbed in a dark ally. "Just shut up or he'll hear you… Look I'll explain things later just stay still. That thing you were following without thinking is what's called a shifter. They take the form of whatever it is that can lure in unsuspecting humans… My name is William… welcome to a new reality" The next thing Craven knew he was waking up on the floor of an old abandoned building. When he sat up he noticed who his kidnapper was. It was the man from the ally but then he had a clear view of him. "Oh so you're awake? I bet you're real curious as to what is happening to you… well here it is. Monsters are real all of them witches, ghosts, dragons, demons everything that can hide under your bed or kill you is real. Only certain people can see them and that shifter has been looking for someone who has the sight for a while. Of course some creatures, well all of them, have the ability to show themselves when needed such as in a situation were they are hungry and need a human to lure. And another thing shifters have this thing were they can awaken the sight in those who have it but it lay dormant… " Craven was sitting there with his mouth on the floor and his eyes wide open. Will came closer and took the blade he was holding then used it to cut at a point on Cravens arm making him flinch and clench up. "H-hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?" Will just shrugged and watched as symbols appeared along the blade when it cam in contact with cravens blood. "Checking to see if you were born with the sight… well looks like the shifter did a good job… Your sight has been awakened… " Craven was in a state of shock. His sight? Will looked like nothing was out of the ordinary like it was just another day at the office as he stood up and wiped off his blade. "Now that you can see your life will never be the same. These creatures live amongst you and use glimmers to hide their true form so they could be anyone. Most humans are blind to this so they never know that their best friend or partner is a Sprite or maybe even a leprechaun. But now that you have been awakened the glimmer won't be useful to them around you. You can see through it. Which means you will be hella disoriented for a while as you figure out what all your friends truly are. Also you will have to begin training to be able to survive in this world now because creatures will always be hunting you. They have a natural sort of tiff with us. Well not all of them but you get what I mean. And also you will have to protect everyone else from the ones who want to be less friendly towards human life. You will have to learn all the rules and all the laws that creatures are bound to so that you can recognize when one is out of line… You see ones like us are the how do you say… Police of the supernatural" Will explained all this with a straight face to craven who was still sitting on the ground gaping like a fish. "W-what?!" he asked in shock and Will just chuckled and shrugged. "Yeah you need time for it to sink in… I'll find you when you are ready to begin training until then" He came closer. "Enjoy getting use to all the freak shows you live around"

Craven is now lying in his bed, it is 6 A.M. and time to get up for school. "Damn that was a weird dream.." He mumbles as he shuts off his alarms clock and gets up. He gets ready for school and begins to walk to the bus stop when he sees something. It was a little ball of light flying to the bus stop. He blinked and shook his head as he walked to the stop and stood there next to the ball of light. "Hey Cray did you finish that report that was due today?" The thing asked and it sounded familiar… like… "Christy?" He blinked looking at the ball of light that he could now see was a girl holding a bag and she had… wings? "Yes silly who else would it be?" She asked with a giggle. "U-um… tinker bell?" he asked shrugging then she stopped cold. "W-wait.. you can.." Craven nodded. "Y-yeah… damn I guess that wasn't a dream.." Christy looked shocked and she backed away from craven a slight bit. "H-How can you see me? Y-you didn't have the sight before.." Craven looked up at her. "Yeah well yesterday I ran into a shifter… and then guy named William… You look pretty though I like your color" He said to show her that he didn't think any less of her and she seemed to calm down. "Y-you don't think it's a bit weird? I mean I was going to go with blue shine today but green was more my style" She laughed and they got on the bus like nothing was different. Wow… William is real and he wasn't kidding… Getting on the bus he whispered to Christy. "Look don't tell anyone I have this… sight thing or what ever ok? Have a feeling it could get me into a bit of trouble..' She laughed and nodded. 'Yeah it could…" They sat in their normal seats and craven couldn't help but to look around. Were any of his school mates human? He counted about 30 kids on the bus that had nothing different about them and the others… Well to put it plainly it looked like a freak show ted in with a horror flick. He saw a kid with horns and a tail, A girl that was made of water, the kid who sat in front of him was what looked like half bird or something… Damn all these kids… Christy was next to him giggling like a freaking idiot and she couldn't get over his face. "Look cray if you want to keep this a secret you're going to have to look like you don't see them… or else they will get pretty suspicious and that isn't good." The whole bus ride he spent looking out the window trying not to make faces at all the weird things he was seeing. After he got off the bus and went to school things seemed to lessen a bit because there were more human kids now. About 1/8 of the school population it seemed was supernatural so at least it wasn't like Halloween high or something. It took him a whole month to get used to all the oddities around him and on the 31st day of having the sight he started to notice something. Craven when he looked into the mirror something was different… he couldn't place it but it was like he was seeing something new. It was still him of course; same black hair, same blue eyes, same build but just something about himself seemed… mystical or something. Christy called him that night and they got into a whole discussion on what people with the sight are like. With her being who she was she knew a bit about seers. Cray found from Cristy's knowledge that some seers when their sight is awakened find that they have abilities beyond the sight that they never knew they had. These seers are called or were called seekers because monsters seek them out. While craven was talking to Christy he turned around and almost had a heart attack. There William was sitting on his windowsill all relaxed cleaning his nails with a knife. "So your best friends a sprite huh" he said with a chuckle. "See told you" Craven told Christy he would call her back then ended the call. "What the hell do you think you're doing here? Its 11 P.M. and you just think to pop in and scare the hell out of me?" William seemed to find this amusing and he shrugged. "You're ready to begin training so I came to give you your first lesson"

Of course Craven was still a bit upset that he showed up at 11. He just growled and went to dial Christy again. "Yeah yeah come give me my lesson in the morning when I don't have anything to do.." Will was behind him in an instant and knocked the phone to the bed before throwing Cray over his shoulder and jumping out the window. "Wait! What the fuck you're kidnapping me again!" Will seemed to be super freakng human he was jumping and running while no one was noticing him at all. "I gave you the chance to come out of your own free will but you refused… Your first lesson begins tonight and no later… you are in need of learning more about what your new occupation is and what responsibilities you have as a seer" Cray just growled and kept his eyes shut until the other stopped moving. When he opened them again he was in a large grassy field with a shed near them. "Where are we?" He asked in confusion when he was set down. "Training grounds… Where I learned" He said guiding the other into the small building and shutting the door. "How were you doing all that on our way here? It was like you weren't human.." Will sighed. "Sit down that is actually what our first lesson is on." When Cray sat down will took out something and set t on the table. "This is one of the reasons I could do something like that… this is a charm it's called nelin. It's an Elven word that means clear its how I could do all that without being seen at all unless of course you have the sight." He then took out one that looked like a sort of cloud shaped object. "This one is drii, it means Air. Its how I could jump like that and this one" he took out a small shiny looking half bowl shaped thing. "Is lish… No its not for light or fish it means speed" Cray was a bit more open to all this now that he had time to let it sink in. Yes indeed he was ready to begin training. He took ahold of drii and blinked at how light he felt. "Each charm has a different effect. Some effects are permanent but most are just as long as you have the charm in your possession. I have not found any perm. Ones yet but I'll be damned if in get my hands on one.. they rare as fuck… any way there is many ways to make a charm but the easiest way is to have a sprite enchant it" Will grinned. "It's also the hardest in its own right. Sprites are very untrusting creatures it takes years of friendship to gain there trust… but you did that without even knowing it. Christy is a pretty high up on the food chain sprite to. She is an Aunrin sprite, one of the most powerful types." Cray nodded and blinked looking at another one that was farther away on the table. He reached for it and picked it up. Immediately he felt like he was on fire and he dropped it backing away slightly. Will chuckled and picked the charm up just to put it back on the table. "Be careful you can only use the charms you have trained with for a while… that one is Argau; a fire charm.. Nasty little one too" cray nodded and panted wiping sweat off his face. "S-so which one am I training with?" Will looked at Cray. "None to use charms you first must be able to control your own life force… its how charms interact with you and enhance you. They connect with your life force or soul if you will and beef up certain parts. Without control over your soul you can't have any hope of using charms properly." Cray was a bit deflated but sighed. "Fine how do I get control over my soul then?" Will walked to him and stabbed him in the chest with his blade. "You die"

Craven felt the pain of being stabbed, his eyes filled with shock and right before the darkness over took his mind Will spoke. "You have 24 hours… If you don't find your way back to me by then well… you stay dead…Oh and wa-" then everything was dark. The next thing Craven knew he was standing over his body and will was cleaning the blade. "You bastard you killed me!" He screamed at him but wll didn't even flinch. Well he can't hear me… fucking great… what does he mean can't find my way back? Cray sighed and began to walk around the field that he was now in. Get control over my soul… how … Cray found a stream and leaned down to look at himself. Still there was the nagging feeling that something about him was different… Cray sighed and splashed the water. "fuck what is all this crap about controlling my life force shit.." He growled then blinked. The water was staying in the air. What the? Hisitantly he reached out and touched the floating water. It ran onto his hand and coated it. This gave Cray an idea. Putting his hand right above the water he breathed heavily and closed his eyes to try and move the water. Slowly the water rose to his hand and with a slight flick of his wrist Cray sent t flying into a near by tree. "I see you finally figured it out.. Craven Nordish" Cray whipped his head around to see a woman standing in a sparkling white gown, about 10 feet behind him. "Who are you and how do you know my name? My real name… I Have never told anyone my families real name" he said getting a bit defensive. That name was a secret, A big one in the family. The woman just laughed softly and smiled. "I know because I am your family's guardian my name is Cradith. No I am not a fairy or sprite or anything of that sort… I am mainly a creature bound to the first person who can see me's family. And it just so happens that your ancestor Gray Nordish was the first. Great man; haven't had someone with the sight awaken in nearly 11 generations. This is exciting and you have nature on your side as well! Just like Gray.." She went on and Cray was confused. "Wait hold up so you're like the family guardian looking out for seers? So you are basically my mentor?" He asked confused. "No no Cray your mentor is William in there. Since it was basically his fault you were awakened it is his responsibility to train you properly. I am your source for advice and such on things pertaining to you like that little thing you did with the water. Craven you have a gift that had lain dormant along with your sight and was awakened by the shifter. That gift my son is the gift of nature. You Craven are a very rare case. Nature only chooses very certain people for her to give the full gift to. Very picky that woman is… anyway you have been given nature's full power. Fire water earth and air all will bend to your will. Some people nature gives some to like control of one element or two but you get all four just like your ancestor Gray." Craven could barely breathe. That's what was what he kept seeing in the mirror. It was nature… That's what he couldn't figure out. "S-so I can work with all four?" "Yes dear boy but it will take practice and determination. But that is not why you are hear. The reason you came is to gain control over your own life is it not?" All he could do was nod. "Well I can not tell you how to do that but I can get you started… First you must figure out how to gain your souls trust" Cray blinked and was real confused now. "Wait isn't my soul me?" Cradith laughed lightly and shook her head. "No contrary to beleifs that have stayed throughout the centuries a soul is not the same as the human. A soul is actually a totally different being inside of humans. Its what some call your conscience. That little voice in the back of your head telling you right and wrong, That's the soul. It looks after the being that is it in because it doesn't trust them to do it on their own. You must gain your souls trust that you will be able to protect it when it lets its guard down to connect with a charm. You see when you are connected to a charm your soul is vulnerable to be stolen or killed so it needs to know you are strong enough to protect it. Now child it is time for you to go through this test that all seers and seekers have been through. If you do not succeed… well you will be stuck as a ghost for an eternity. I have to go your little sis needs to be watched" Cray blinked. "W-wait what? How do I_" She was already gone. "Great.." Craven sighed and sat against a tree looking back at the stream. This was insane… Cray sat down and sighed. He had seen this on all animes he knew of. To gain contact with ones soul (Zanpacto, inner self, Second being inside your soul, Inner demon ect.) you have to clear your mind and try to lose yourself or some shit. Didn't look too hard to him. With a sigh he began to clear his mind and no matter how idiotic he thinks it is he has no other ideas… "Ok soul… I'm ready to talk with you. I know you can hear me… I want to prove to you that I am worthy of your trust…" "You think you are fucking worthy of my trust? Man you can't even figure out how to stand up for yourself and grow some fucking balls how can I expect you to protect me?" Well my soul Is a fucking jackass… Cray opened his eyes and leaning on the tree in-front of him was a twin of him but something was different… oh yeah his hair was on fire and his eyes were bright yellow. "What you staring at jackass? You called me… Ain't no way you getting my trust so just go back to your body" he said chewing on his thumb as cray stood up. "Yes I am going to get your trust you know why? Because if I don't I will die and you won't have a body to inhabit anymore" He said cocking his hip and glaring. The soul just laughed and looked at cray like he was joking. "You do know what happened when you die right? I am set free though I don't have any protective shell anymore but I have my own free will so go ahead die… you gotta give me something better than that baka" Craven growled and walked up to the other. "Look.. I don't give a shit that you're my soul and that you're a major asshole. You will give me your trust and let me start charm training even if I have to force you to" The soul looked surprised by how strong willed Craven was. It wasn't how he had seen him the past years. He smirked and put his hand on the others chest. "Fine Cray dear… I'll let you train with charms and I'll put my all into it but the first time you screw up and put me in any danger… I will kill you myself… Finally grew some balls kid" He said and kissed Cray.

Craven gasped and sat up quickly. He was alive… William grinned and nodded in approval. "Good god boy that was fast… Fastest time I ever saw someone win over their soul… Without a guardian's help that is… But you still did it pretty fast" He said helping Cray stand up. He blushed and felt the wound that was completely healed except for a weirdly shaped scar on his chest. "Y-You knew about Cradith?" He asked shakily and will shrugged. "Nah just that your family had a guardian tied to it… So its Cardith huh? She's a legend you know but I thought she was tied to a guy named Gray Nordish not Hail.. Oh well I don't care you got your souls trust right" Cray nodded and held his stomach falling to his knees. "Whoa man you need to lie down for a while.. Took a lot out of you I can see" Cray aid down and panted. "H-How long was I out?" Will grinned and gave Craven some ice water. "About 8 hours… usually takes most the whole time.. Rest Cray… you'll wake up at home got it? Your next lesson will be in 2 weeks and I want you to practice whatever gift you found out you had during those weeks because I know you have one.. Good luck kid" Will closed Cravens eyes with his hand and when he opened them again it was morning the next day. Cray had a headache and went into the kitchen to grab some pills. Taking them he looked at his parents then took the cup of water to his room. "Ok lets see what I can do.." He sat on his bed and looked at the cup of water. Holding his hand out Cray concentrated and pictured the water in a ball. Sure enough water came out of the cup slowly and formed a ball above it. He smiled but lost control over it and it exploded. "Idiot you can't lose your head or that might kill someone… what if it was a fire ball? You could have burnt the house down…"Said a familiar voice and Cray growled turning to see his soul. "Well look who thought to show up… What are you doing here jackass I'm practicing" Flamign hair came closer when the other turned around and he rolled his eyes. "Oh shut the fuck up I'm here because I don't want you screwing with this gift like that.. if you're going to train be serious about it.." Cray sighed and blinked. He was now in a meadow with a stream. "This is were I was last night? How the hell.." Soul sighed. "Don't ask.. Now go train with the flowing water. Unpurified water is closer to Mother Nature so it will have a better connection with your gift then tap water. Easier to start training with now go!"