This is a poem written about school life, how fragile some people feel and how they may feel unwanted even if people actually do care about them. My current intention is to write a poem for each available theme and then, rather than continually posting poems as separate stories I will make a story called Poems of the Dreamers in which I will post at least two chapters a day which will each contain a poem. Thank you to those who read this and to my first, and so far only, follower; Icestorm10.

(Stanza One)

Not invited to the sports,
To all the games the others play.
In disparity, you watch them leave the tennis courts,
When they see you head their way.
Unwanted, you sit there forgotten,
As their ways leave your heart rotten.

(Stanza Two)

Even outcasted by the light,
You're left alone, feeling betrayed,
Not even invited to a fight,
And here you are, dismayed.
Inside you're just a broken child,
Outside you pretend to be wild.

(Stanza Three)

Desperate for attention,
Reaching out for love,
Not even receiving the extension,
Of violence, or a shove.
But you shouldn't let your life go to waste,
If you want to be happy, you must make haste.

(Final Stanza)

Each day, as school ends,
You elude yourself to thinking,
That the amount of care descends.
Away with your tears, you're blinking,
Trapped in your lonely delusion,
People love you, what you felt was an illusion.