Bringing children into the world is serious business. Raising them properly requires even more dedication and commitment. Great Wall China Adoption is a Hague accredited nonprofit organization that is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Working in compliance with the Chinese government, they have placed close to 6, 000 children with permanent families. They have a field office in Beijing to streamline the process that families go through when adopting from China.

The process for adoption, either from China or from other countries, requires the adoptive parents to meet extensive requirements. This is done to ensure the complete well-being of the child. Great Wall China Adoption also works exclusively with 5 orphanages partnerships in China to help children find parents and families.

The eligibility criteria for the parents include citizenship, age, education, finances, health, marriage, and religion, etc. For the convenience of the adoptive families they offer various service plans, home study only services, medical referral program, re-adoption, and legacy journey. Many Great Wall China Adoption reviews mention the level of thoroughness and professionalism shown by the staff to ensure a smooth adoption process.

This organization was founded by Snow Wu, who is also the president and CEO. She migrated from China to further her education in the USA. Before moving here, she worked for the Chinese Government translating documents for them, and also touring the child and social welfare institutions. She knew she had to do something for these children , and that's why when she came to the US she established the Great Wall China Adoption to better the plight of children in these institutions.

Some Great Wall China Adoption reviews, state that even though adoption is a complicated and lengthy procedure, this agency deals with it in a systematic, efficient and effective manner. Their primary concern is the children and they will prioritize their well-being above all else.