A New World Order is loosely based off of/inspired by real life events and the context in which many of them came about. However, this story is almost entirely different from the one you and your grandfather may already know, including the characters who's lives are portrayed through this text.


The year is 2237 and the state of the world has changed dramatically since the Second World War. After the conclusion of war and the rebuilding of Europe, the United States and Great Britain made an accord to combine their military forces and occupy all of the major countries of the world so as to put an effective and permanent stop to any more world conflict. The countries were allowed to govern themselves as they so wished but their organizations of armed forces were terminated and all military activity was made illegal.

Essentially, everything else within the world would stay the same; but there would be no more war or territorial disputes between countries. Conflicts between countries would all be settled in a nonviolent and civil matter so as to never bring about the horrors and devastations of World War Two ever again. Leaders of said countries were carefully monitored to insure that another "Adolf Hitler" would never rise to power at any point, anywhere, once more.

However optimistic the hopes and dreams of the U.S. and Great Britain were, the rest of the world, unsurprisingly, was annoyed and discontent with the arrangement of their suppression, leading to major tensions between countries with no satisfying outlet.

Humanity needed war.

This is where our story begins, in occupied Germany, where a young man has been raised to bring about change in not only his country, but the rest of the world.