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There's a Difference

"Are you done yet?" Zander chuckled, his mechanical pencil continuing to scratch against the thick paper of his leather bound sketchpad.

"Tristan, no. You're so impatient." Tristan rolled his eyes, but stayed in the position that Zander wanted him in. Tristan's parents were gone for the weekend, and of course Tristan had to take advantage of his empty house and invite Zander over. But when Zander had shown up and seen Tristan in a form fitting maroon V-neck and his favorite white jeans, he insisted on sketching him.

"You've been drawing me for like an hour."

"You're exaggerating. It's only been 20 minutes. And I haven't drawn in a while and I miss it." He glanced up from his nearly finished drawing. "Humor me." Tristan pursed his lips, but said nothing, and Zander grinned in victory.

Another ten minutes later, Tristan was about to open his mouth and say something else, but he couldn't get the words out of his mouth before Zander yelled "finished!"

"Thank god!" Tristan breathed, flopping back onto the couch. Zander chuckled and moved out of his armchair and onto the couch beside his fiancé. He settled between Tristan's legs and handed him the sketchbook.

"What do you think?" He asked Tristan, his hand rubbing along his white skinny jeans.

"Wow," Tristan said, and Zander could hear the awe in his voice. "Just when I thought I couldn't look any sexier." Zander slapped his knee and Tristan laughed. "I'm serious. You did a really good job though."

"Thanks." Zander said softly, twirling his pencil between his fingers. Before he had started drawing, Zander was trying to get his fiancé in the pose he wanted for the sketch, and Tristan, of course, couldn't help whispering a bunch of sexual comments and making Zander blush. He kept his hands to himself, though, and let Zander mold him.

He lifted Tristan's legs onto the glass coffee table (ignoring his own mother's voice in his head about disrespecting other people's furniture), and made him fold his arms across his chest, his muscles standing out. He had fiddled with Tristan's hair too, brushing his bangs to the side as much as possible so both of his fiancé's strong jade eyes were visible.

Zander had managed to convey his strong eyes, but amused smirk in the photo, which was surprising considering how much he had moved over the course of the half an hour. He had sort of half-assed drawing in the coffee table since Tristan had been impatient enough while he was drawing.

"Do I get to keep this or does it stay in your book of secret drawings?" Before Zander could say anything, Tristan barreled on. "Oh, do you have any nudes of me in here?"

"Tristan!" Zander huffed. "Of course not."

"Maybe you should." Zander turned and sat on his knees between Tristan's legs, placing his hands on his fiancé's thighs.

"Why should I do that?" Zander quirked an eyebrow, leaning a bit closer

"Because you know you love seeing me sans clothing." Tristan grinned, propping himself up on his elbows to get closer to Zander. He smirked at his fiancé, knowing that he was correct.

"Yeah," Zander whispered, his lips brushing against Tristan's temple. "I do." He closed the small distance between them and kissed Tristan, both of them smiling into the kiss. Their lips moved gently and softly, and Zander loved the press of Tristan's lip ring on his mouth.

Tristan's hand moved down Zander's back and slid to rest on his ass. Zander hummed into the kiss and dropped down to lie atop Tristan's body, straddling one of his legs. His hands grabbed at his fiancé's shoulders and gripped them hard. He couldn't help but rock against his body.

Tristan always lit this fire inside of him, one that warmed him so violently that it threatened to set his clothes alight, and he was addicted to the feeling. He wished he could be high on that feeling—high on Tristan—forever.

They pulled back from each other, breathing hard. Zander raked his fingers through Tristan's hair, brushing his bangs from his eyes. "I love that…when you kiss me like that," Zander said softly, pressing his hips forward and making the man beneath him groan.

"I love it too." Tristan replied, smiling. "We should—"

"Make love." Tristan's eyebrows shot up when Zander cut him off.


"We should make love." Zander's fingers massaged Tristan's scalp gently and he couldn't help but arch into his fiancé's touch. "We haven't done that in a while."

"Make love? Didn't we just do that yesterday?"

"No Tristan." Zander shook his head. "We fucked yesterday. We haven't made love in a few months. There's a difference you know."

"Oh." Tristan made the one syllable word sound like much longer as realization dawned on him. A soft smile graced his face. "Yeah."

"Yeah?" Zander looked hopeful and Tristan's smile grew. He nipped at Zander's lip.

"Yeah. Let's make love." Zander smiled, pressing his cheek against Tristan's shoulder and kissing his neck. Tristan groaned and tilted his head, giving Zander more room. One hand palmed his fiancé's ass and his other hand plucked the sketchbook that had been wedged between their bodies and the couch and tossed it onto the coffee table.

"I don't suppose…" Tristan whined when his fiancé's teeth worried at the flesh of his neck. "I don't think you want to make love on the couch."

"No," Zander murmured against his neck, chuckling. "Let's go upstairs." He mouthed a few kisses into Tristan's neck before moving from on top of his body and standing up. He offered a hand out to Tristan and Tristan smiled, taking it.

Zander tugged Tristan along behind him and up the stairs, pulling him close and kissing him hard when they got to the top. Tristan's arms tightened around his waist and kissed back, licking his way into Zander's mouth. He whined when Zander pulled back unexpectedly.

"God, I hate it when you do that." He curled his hands into the back of Zander's shirt. "Why are we…why did we…why aren't we kissing?" Before Zander could answer, Tristan pulled him back in for another kiss, sliding his thigh between his fiancé's legs. Zander rutted against Tristan's leg and squeaked, stumbling a bit as Tristan guided them into his room.

"Tristan," Zander whispered, pulling Tristan down on the bed on top of him.

"What's up Zan?" Tristan asked, smiling at his fiancé fondly. He was draped over his body, his elbows on both sides of his head, his dark hair hanging down and tickling Zander's forehead. He giggled.

"Make love to me." Tristan grinned, his thumb rubbing circles into Zander's hip.

"Gladly." Tristan dropped down to press kisses into Zander's neck as his hands pushed up the hem of Zander's shirt, trailing along the muscles of his abs. He felt them flutter and his lips dropped down to follow the path his fingers were taking.

Zander hummed and arched into his fiancé's touch, pulling his shirt over his head and tossing it to the floor. Tristan chuckled against his skin and moved back up his body, brushing his bangs from his eyes.

"You're beautiful. You know that, right?" Tristan spoke softly, and Zander smiled, his arms linking around Tristan's neck. His answer was a simple and sweet kiss. His tongue slipped into Tristan's mouth and rubbed gently against his fiancé's. He squeaked into the kiss when Tristan's thumb flicked over his nipple.

"Oh god," he rasped, pulling away from Tristan. Tristan took off his own shirt and his lips met Zander's again, letting his body cover Zander's completely. Zander moaned into the kiss, wrapping his arms tightly around his waist and pressing Tristan closer—his body was pushing Zander's into the mattress deliciously, but he needed more of that feeling.

"I love what you do to me," Tristan mumbled against Zander's lips. Zander grinned against his lips and squeezed a hand into his jeans. He nipped at Tristan's lip as he brushed a finger over Tristan's hole, and his fiancé gasped. Zander took advantage of the pause and flipped the two on the bed.

"Well damn," Tristan said, breathing hard, but grinning up at his fiancé.

"I love you so much." Zander leaned down worried the flesh of Tristan's earlobe and rolled his hips forward. They both groaned and Tristan gripped Zander's ass.

"So I wanted to take this slow but…" Tristan thrust his hips up and Zander could clearly feel his fiancé's erection against his own. "But I really can't wait. Can I prep you?"

"Our pants aren't even off yet." Zander said with a small laugh. He was straddling Tristan's waist now, his hands resting on his chest.

"Well then, how about you fix that problem for us?" Tristan took Zander's face in his hands and pulled him down for a quick kiss. He released him and leaned back against the pillows, clasping his hands together behind his head. He couldn't wipe the grin off his face.

"You're so damn smug." Zander said, sticking his tongue out and giving Tristan a light smack on the cheek.

"I mean, how can I not? I have a beautiful man on top of me. Oh, and you're welcome to smack me on the other cheek." Zander did just that, biting his lip and trying not to smile. "You smartass."

"I know." Zander unbuttoned his own jeans and shucked them off along with his boxers. Then he reached down and undid Tristan's jeans, and Tristan lifted his hips to allow Zander to pull them off.

"What about my boxers?" Tristan asked, lacing one with Zander's. Zander scooted down and mouthed Tristan's dick through his boxer briefs and Tristan groaned, pushing his head back into the pillows.

"I'm getting there," Zander said with a smile. He kept his fingers laced with Tristan's and pulled his penis from his boxers with his other hand, licking a stripe up the underside of Tristan's penis. Tristan whimpered and Zander lapped up the pre-come leaking from his slit.

"Oh god," Tristan let out a small moan. "You sure are getting there. It'd be nice if you could get there a bit faster." His fingers squeezed Zander's.

"I'll make that decision," Zander replied, and he took Tristan all the way into his mouth. Tristan barely held back a shout and Zander hollowed his cheeks as he began to suck on his fiancé's dick. His head bobbed up and down and he kept his mouth loose, saliva dribbling down his chin. Tristan was panting, his fingers shaking a bit in Zander's.

"You're so good at this," he whispered, cursing when he felt the head of his penis hit the back of Zander's throat. He felt his fiancé's throat working to accommodate him and he thought that was so damn hot. Tristan's free hand threaded into Zander's hair, pushing him down on his dick.

He heard Zander choking on his dick and felt his throat fighting against his gag reflex. Zander's fingers dug into his hip and in the back of Tristan's head he thought that maybe he should allow Zander to pull back, but his conscious mind couldn't reach that thought since he was so far gone.

Zander yanked Tristan's hand from his hair and pulled off his cock, coughing. "I'm sorry," he apologized, wiping at the spit on his chin with the back of his hand. "I was trying…I thought I…"

"You did so fucking good Zan," Tristan said, gasping for air. Zander smiled—Tristan was as breathless as he was, so that had to mean something.

"Thanks." He paused for a moment and his cheeks tinted pink. "I really wanted to make you feel good."

"Well fuck, you sure did." Tristan grabbed Zander's shoulders and pulled him in for a searing kiss. Their erections brushed together and Zander shook against Tristan. "It's my turn to make you feel good now."

He flipped them and Zander was on the bottom again. Tristan shucked his boxers and grabbed lube and a condom from the bedside table. Zander spread his legs wordlessly and Tristan settled between them. He squeezed lube onto two of his fingers and pressed them carefully into Zander, who groaned as he did so.

"Oh god, yeah." Zander groaned and his legs spread a bit wider, his hips arching up. "Thrust a little bit." Tristan pulled his fingers out a bit before pressing them back in, crooking them. Zander's hands shot out to grip the sheets. Tristan continued to thrust slowly but at an even pace, watching his fiancé carefully.

When Tristan curled his fingers at the end of the thrust, Zander let a small gasp to escape from his lips, his body jolting and his fingers gripping harder at the sheets. "Can you take more?" Tristan asked quietly, and Zander nodded, his cheeks flushed.

Tristan pulled his fingers out and lubed up a third as Zander watched him with lust darkened eyes. When he pushed them in, both he and Zander groaned—Zander because of the shock of pleasure and Tristan because his fiancé was so fucking tight. He started thrusting his fingers again, slightly faster this time, and he felt Zander loosening up.

Zander whined when Tristan's fingers left his body. "Why'd you stop?"

"Because," Tristan answered, his thumb brushing over Zander's hip. "I'm so ready to get inside you. And I think you're ready for me."

"You sure you don't want to prep me more?" Zander asked, though he was reaching for the condom as his question left his lips. He tore the wrapper open and rolled it onto Tristan's cock.

"You know I love it when you're still a little tight." Tristan moved closer, his thighs pushing Zander's legs further apart. "Ready?"

"Oh yeah." Zander's hands smoothed up Tristan's sides and slid to rest on Tristan's shoulders. "I want to make love with my sexy fiancé."

"Good." Tristan pushed into Zander and both of them moaned. He leaned down close, their chests pressed together, his lips near Zander's ear. "I'm going to fuck you nice and hard and slow and you're not allowed to come until after I do. Okay?"

"Y-yeah," Zander breathed. His arms tightened around Tristan, his tongue poking out to lick his fiancé's neck. Tristan pulled out a bit before his hips snapped forward and Zander couldn't contain his moan. He paused a moment before doing it again and Tristan groaned along with his fiancé. He paused once more and then thrust into Zander.

"Good?" Tristan murmured the question into Zander's ear and he felt him nod. It was then that he set a steady pace, not taking any pauses in between.

"Oh fuck. Oh god, fuck." Zander bit down on Tristan's neck, arching into Tristan. He wrapped his legs around Tristan's waist, his heels pressing into his ass. Tristan laughed softly.

"I thought we were making love. You're acting like I'm screwing you on the countertop."

"Shut up," Zander spat, his words dissolving into a moan when Tristan thrust forward and hit his prostate. "Oh, fuck!" His hands moved from around Tristan's neck and instead went to grab the barred headboard.

"You're so hot when you get like this," Tristan hissed into Zander's ear. Tristan felt Zander tighten a bit around him and he groaned. "I know you're close, but you've got to hold back."

"God, I don't know if I can. Tristan…" Zander sucked in a breath when Tristan sped up the pace. "Tristan, you've got to slow back down. I can't…I don't think I can hold it back if you're…"

"Come on Zan, come on," Tristan muttered, his hips not slowing at all. "You know it gets you so horny when I give you orders and you follow them. And you know I love it too. God, you following my orders is so fucking hot…"

"No," Zander squeaked, his hands tightening around the head board. "You can't call me hot and expect me to not come first."

"I'm so close, you don't have to hold back for long. Just a little more…" Zander whined. Tristan hips were starting to stray from the rhythm he had established, and Zander knew he was about to let go.

"Tristan, come on. I can't hold on for much longer." His fiancé kept thrusting, and Zander knew that he was teetering on the edge, but he needed something to push him over. So Zander stretched a hand down and brushed his finger over Tristan's tight hole.

Tristan came with a strangled groan, his hips still pumping into Zander. Zander could feel Tristan pulsing inside him, his come filling the condom, and he had to move a hand off of the headboard and grip the base of his penis to keep himself from coming. Tristan was shaking against him as he came down from his high, kissing every available piece of skin he could get to.

"You didn't come. God, you're so good. You're so good."

"Can I come?" Zander sounded pained, and when Tristan pulled back, he could see that Zander's face was contorted. He was trying so hard to follow his orders.

"Yeah, sexy. You can come. Go ahead and come, you did so well." Zander cried out as he came, clamping down on Tristan who was still inside him. His hand was stroking his dick at a blinding speed, milking himself dry. By the time he was done, come covered his hand, streaked his chest, and he knew his left eye would be red tomorrow because it stung like hell right now.

"Oh god," Zander breathed. Tristan pulled out of him carefully and tossed the condom in the trash, sitting back on his knees and looking at his fiancé.

"We should make love more often. I haven't seen you come this hard in a while." Zander was going to come back with a scathing remark, but he lost whatever words he was thinking when Tristan sucked his fingers into his mouth.

"You fucking…god, I love you so much." Zander grinned, rubbing at his eye. He frowned soon after.

"I've got an idea," Tristan said, taking Zander's now clean hand and pressing a kiss to his palm.


"Let's go shower."

"Do we get to make love in the shower too?"

"Nope," Tristan replied, smiling. "We're fucking."

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