The System


Michael Jones was anything. Literally. He was the wind, he was fire, he was poison, he was nature, he was love. Well, he wasn't all of those things yet, but he could be. All he had to do was open his mouth. He just had to tell the Ruler what he wanted to be and he could be it, but he only got one chance to make the right decision. That was the System.

He was lying in the lush green grass below rows and rows of apple trees. He had made it. He was in St. Kensa for the Choosing Ceremony, but he still felt like his insides were rotting out. He couldn't come to a decision. His feelings were more anger and helplessness than frustration, because he didn't think it was fair to have so much weight put on his shoulders. He never understood why it had to be this way. How people could let this leader that they hadn't even chosen be entrusted with the power to decided everyone's fate. It didn't make even a single bit of sense to him.

Michael waved his right index and middle fingers through the air above his head. It comforted him to see the blue, green and yellow sparkles cut the sky in front of him. With a swipe of his hand, an apple magically fell to the ground and he grabbed it to take a big bite. The sugary juices trickled down his fingers as he savored the fruit's freshness.

"I'm in paradise." He said aloud. This place was so much better than his hometown of Airisstria, one of the most run-down regions of Rora Province. Everyday, it was the same old thing. He hauled a pickaxe to the horrible child labor he called work, and then hauled the pickaxe back home, exhausted from the intensity of the workout brought on by the coal mines. This was his life for as long as he could remember, until he turned fifteen and was thrown onto the next train leaving for the capital of Kensa Province. "But I can't escape..." He muttered aloud, remembering why he was here. Michael had always been a free spirit, not giving a thought to the worries in his life. But now that he was here, alone, with no one to protect him, he finally had to face al these seemingly distant realities.

And to top it all off, the Choosing Ceremony was tomorrow.