Keep Running East

The world falls around me. I run, trying to keep my feet on ground. But it is no use. I fall into the massive hole forming around me. I land arm-first on the hot, sandy underground.

I get up, gripping my arm in complete pain. I slowly see rocks covering up the top of the hole. There seems to be no way out. A ray of sunshine still levels its way onto large, beautiful, red jewels. It makes the jewels glow, brightening up the cave. It reveals a river flowing east and a canoe with oars made from redwood.

I guess this must lead to a way out, and I jump in. I feel something sharp on my hand as I go in. I look and there is more redwood. But these are sharpened into spears. I put them aside and I row.

There is a light. It was too late before I realized that it was a waterfall. The canoe and I take a plunge. The water is deep, and as I am underwater, I see fish with a long, silver strike on their side. I arise from the water and onto land once again.

I see my canoe, but it is destroyed. It probably clashed on some rocks. The redwood spears are still in mint condition. They float to where I am, washing up on shore. I look around.

There is grass, trees, and on the other side of the bank there is a hungry bear catching food for the long, upcoming winter. I guess this bear decided to start collecting food early, although, fall was just around the corner. I don't bother it and I run east, carrying the spears with me. I stop when a familiar smell fills my nose and my soul. It was smoke.

I look up ahead, and there is a wildfire brewing. I stop in astonishment as I see birds flying away from their nests abandoning their young and all kinds of animals leave their habitats. What can I do to help them? I keep running east, into the inferno. Then the answer is clear. A massive dam is blocking of tons of water from flowing east.

The obvious way to stop the fire is to break the dam. I start pulling sticks out from the dam and kicking holes into it. Then the whole dam broke apart. Again, I am submerged under a ton of water. As the water goes, the fire gets put out.

I emerge and I keep running east. But then I fall to my knees, my arm is somehow hurting me even more. I look, and there is a big cut there. Blood was stained on my white t-shirt. I take a white cloth out from my backpack and I start tying it around my arm.

I continue running east for 5 more hours until the river becomes smaller and turns into a simple stream. I jump out of the small river and run to the left of it. There is a house. I take out a set of keys from my pack and I open the door. I immediately fall on my couch, relaxed.

I am home. I grab the remote in front of me and turn on the TV. I continue watching nature survival programs. I am ready for another adventure tomorrow…