The Phantom Bride

Does she wear the white dress; not anymore

Does she hear the footsteps; not anymore

Nothing to say

Nothing to hear

Just the sight of anxious, blinding fear

The silver of your ring against her skin, so cold

It kills her when you are standing close

Your presence turns the cheery scene morose

A glance at her glum flower bouquet leaves her asphyxiated

Her abraded fingers lift the roses you never had appreciated

The thorns had cut right through her heart

Though the bleeding has ceased, the scars shall remain

She looks down at her handiwork with disdain

The dainty white roses, petals lined with blood

Had they been red, you would have never seen her pain

What have you done to her?

See how you shattered her pure good soul?

All her roses wilt, her garden dreams in shards

You are the reason she gave up plucking flowers

She's adorned in pearls that trickle down her cheeks

Every jewel of a teardrop on its own speaks

The words she had waited ages for you to say

But without looking back once, you fled away

The cake is cover with intricate cobwebs of deceit

You have forsaken her, joy transitions into grief

Before your last breath, she'll let you know

She was destined to always be Tragically Yours...