Drabble one - Life in recession.

I walked along a empty street, kicking empty soda cans from under my feet, sighing. "World, you really have it in for me don't you?"

I'd gone from getting A's all the way through school to working in McDonalds. It wasn't a good job, but at the same time, it was a job. I'd tried, tirelessly, to get my name out there by giving as many decent employers my CV. Only one got back to me in three years.

I still work at McDonalds, I still have to wear my stinky green and black uniform three days a week, and my yellow and black uniform the remaining four. I still have to argue with that customer who always comes to my counter every day that tries to order this 'quadruple' hamburger with extra cheese. She still won't give in even though I'm right in telling her the thing doesn't exist, and if it did, it'd be called a quadruple cheeseburger.

I still get followed by those immature high schoolers who are always hanging around the bins at the back when I finish my shift. They never get bored of throwing things like opened ketchup sachets at my back and staining my shirt, and I have to remind them that I can call the police or their mothers. That makes them run.

When I get home I look at the job offer sitting on my fridge and then sit down and pet the cat before switching the tv on. Once the TV is on, I usually make dinner.


Some days I cant afford it.