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Drabble Two - Happy Mommy's Day

I sat up as sunlight came streaming through my apartment blinds and smiled. "Bliss." I murmured to myself before pulling myself to my feet and walking over to the wardrobe.

"Mommy! Mommy!" Came the screaming voice of my youngest daughter, Billie, as she ran into my room with a big smile on her face. "Happy mommy's day!" She flung herself into my arms and I smiled.

"Thank you darling.. Shouldn't you be ready for school or did that naughty brother of yours get too drunk last night?"

"It's a strike day." Came my sons voice as he walked into the room, a mug of coffee in his hands.

I smiled at him and took the mug from him, careful not to spill any on my darling Billie.

"Happy.. Mothers day." My son muttered before staggering back out of the room. Sons.

Billie grinned up at me and handed me a chocolate wrapper. "Do you love it?" She asked, beaming up at me.

"I.. love it darling." I said, smiling and pecked her forehead lightly. "Thank you."