She woke up from a sudden chill.

She felt the rough touch of what should have been her mattress.

Something was giving her a jabbing pain in her leg. She opened her eyes only to find herself outside, surrounded by trees.

Where the hell am I?

She sat up yawning and stretching her arms. She quickly stretched her legs reminded of the pain which she felt earlier. Was that a tree branch?

The sky was a light purple turning into day.

She looked around but saw nothing upon hills and hills and more trees.


She got up still in her flannel pajama pants and oversized sweatshirt.

She started down…in any direction really, she had no clue where.

Hello? Is anyone there? Is this a joke? A prank?

Ahahah….guys this isn't funny.

She repeated over and over, louder and louder. And no one was in sight.

She began to panic and she felt the tears burn at the edge of her eyes.

Then she heard something.

More something.

Heavy thudding, in the distance she peered.

Was that a horse? A lot of horses!


She raced towards them only to find out that that was the worse decision she ever could have made.