EVE Evolution

Chapter 1

Introducing Eric

There is a disturbance in a city where the buildings are being destroyed and the people running for dear live. The town is engulfed in a blanket of flames and the sky is bright as the blood of the victims that are killed. The city is apparently plagued by demons of Hell that are going on a killing and raping spree. One woman is dragged into a corner after her husband was ignited by the flames of the red monster's hellfire. A young man is sitting on the ground in tears for which he is surrounded by the corpses of all his friend's and rivals. He is fully weakened, but alive unlike the rest of his now defeated acquaintances. He his confronted by 3 people: A young man in Nazi attire, a young main with a demonic aura, and an older man with wings of a butterfly. The boy looks at his enemies as they laugh at his failure for not saving anyone and losing the lives of his friends. He yells at them as they are all getting ready to finish him off.

He opens his eyes and screams in terror after that image. The boy looks around while heavily breathing and drenched in sweat. All he could see is his TV, the bed that he's laying in, shelf, lamp, carpet, and stack of his "secret mags". The boy now sighs in relief in response to knowing that the hellish image he had was just a dream. "Good God that was the most terrifying shit that I've experienced" he thought. He slowly gets up and looks at the clock in his bed wear.

"Damn it, I'm running late!" he shouted before throwing on his clothes and leaving his house. He ran as fast as he could to get to the building before the school bell rings.

The boy was known as Eric Parkman. He is your average high schooler who loves cool things, cute girls, and hating school. He lived in an apartment complex with his prostitute of a mother for 18 years. He never knew his father and his mother would never speak of him when he'd asked. He is considered the most infamous student due to his disruptive behavior and delinquent tendencies, to the point of being the bane of every teacher's existence. His main characteristics is his spiky bluish black hair, black eyes, decently built figure (as a result of his 4 year training with Tamagiri Sensei), and his thick skull. Today was an important day for which he might meet a very interesting young woman.

"I hope that I'm not late again liker the last time or else I might receive my 9th detention," Eric said as he runs through the streets while dodging cars.

He notices a young girl walking the sidewalk with a book in her hand. She was a beautiful Japanese girl with a fair figure, flawless skin, big brown eyes, and short brown hair that's being covered by a beige bandana. "She is so beautiful and would be the perfect first girlfriend," he thought. He shook his head to get his feelings out of the way for his more important goal. "What am I thinking? I should be more focused on being to school on time!" he thought. He eventually ignores the girl and continues walking to school. He made it to the building, though the clock shows that there's 3 minutes left until class.

"God damn it, I might as well run through the halls and avoid the hall monitor," he said desperately.

The school was huge and was said to contain up to 500 students. Eric rushes up to 3 floors with no problem since the halls were as empty as a cave. He eventually reaches his locker and enters the combination to receive his materials. He runs towards room 203 with a smile on his face as if he was going to accomplish a huge goal. That is until he tripped and flew into the door that was opened by the teacher. He face planted in between the large breasts of the middle aged woman in front of the entire class. It took Eric a good 12 seconds to figure out that he didn't hit a wall instead of his buxom teacher. Everyone in the class room was laughing out loud due to the situation and the irony of the bell ringing afterwards.

"Looks like Eric El Troublemaker is at it again," said an arrogant Spanish girl.

"How embarrassing, trapped in a place that you wish you'd never be in," said a Chinese boy that was humored by the situation.

"Eric, why did you have to embarrass yourself again," said a blonde Jewish kid during his facepalm.

Eric quickly rushed to his seat as the teacher starts burning mad after being violated like that. She eventually walks to her desk and writes a special note in her red book. Anything written in that book reminds her that a certain student, especially Eric, had caused trouble in the classroom. She was muttering and glaring at the book, saying something under the lines of "There's a reason why I hate men up to this day." Eric gulped in embarrassment as the other students start to stare at him in bewilderment.

"Mrs. Carpenter, that was an accident. I was trying not to be…." He was cut off by Mrs. Carpenter's death glare that silenced him for good.

"You are going to be in trouble for this, young man. Disrupting the class is one thing, but sexually harassing a teacher is an even worse case scenario," she said in a stern tone.

"But, but..." he was cut off by a certain Jewish friend who covered his mouth.

His name is Jude Judeski and his was one of Eric's few friends. He is the voice of reason and usually gives very useful advice for his fellow classmates. He's been joining boxing matches since mid elementary school and is considered the best fighter. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, a larger than average penis (which causes his peers to make fun of him), and was born with three testes (another thing that draws in too much attention in the showers). He is usually considered the least perverted of his friends, though he suffers from a rare hypersexuality disorder that causes him to harden even at the most inappropriate times. Despite this, he still gets some unwanted loving from the girls in his community.

"Don't mind him, he's just a little stressed out from last week's assignment where we had to build our hypothesis," he said while covering his friend's mouth.

"Very well, Jude. Keep him in line since he is your responsibility as a friend," said the aggravated teacher as she starts to set up the board.

Eric calms down and decides to give in to his defeat. He made it to school in time, but will be filed for disruption thanks to his accidental harassment. He sadly takes out his work and begins to review for the upcoming test. He notices Jude is blushing and attempting to cover his crotch, obviously from yet another one of his reoccurring, hard to control erections. Half of the girls in his room starts to gaze at the boy and his unruly member as if they seen the latest news in Fashion Central. One girl is a red headed Christian girl, who's been close to him for a while and could be considered his girlfriend. Unlike them, she's more concerned for his face just to show her potential lover some respect. Only one boy was concerned for him and he was a meek boy who's known both boys for a while.

"Don't worry, sweety. It would eventually calm down if you just think of your academics," he said.

This kid was known has Danny Flambuoy and he's eighteen years old (the same age as his fellow peers). He lived with his single father for years after a tragic incident that involved his older brother. He is openly homosexual and likes to flirt with any boy he finds cute. He's been Eric's lover since childhood and was demoted to nothing more than a friend due to his ex-boyfriend's growing lust for cute girls. He still hangs out with him regardless since he's his first friend and actually cares for his safety like a mother would be. He may be flamboyant, but he is a high class kickboxer, who can deal some heavy damage to those who insult him.

"While he's "calming down", I would like for you to share your notes with me. After all we are still bosom buddies, right?" asked Danny.

"Fine, Dannyboy," he responded as he hands his ex-lover his notes for bothering him.

"Make sure you give them to me, Eric. After all, eres es mi major amigo," said a Mexican boy.

This cool guy is none other than the infamous Paco Rivera. He is a great football (as in soccer) player who wins almost every match due to his skills. He is described as "rock-like" and loves making jokes that would sometimes annoy his friends. He was named Paco, which rhymes with taco, because his madre though it was muy bonita. He always controls his hood when he needs to and would sometimes join in whenever he needs to. He also has a huge family, which is why he's forced to eat at school because of his other 4 siblings.

"You may want to ask Danny that, Paco," Eric said bluntly.

"Lo siento, amigo. ¿Me puede pasar las notas?," said Paco before his fellow classmate gave him the notes.

The Chinese boy was giggling when he heard them talking and made kissing and mocking gestures to insult him and Danny. His other colleagues joined in on the fun, who were a large Canadian boy, a frail Australian kid, and a midweight African American kid. Eric and his friends try their best to ignore them before they piss Mrs. Carpenter off even more. Speaking of Mrs. Carpenter, she wrote the following on the chalkboard "New Student arrives soon. Say hello and listen to her well" since the 8 kids didn't pay attention to the situation. The whole class was bewildered and wondered who the student was going to be. They are started talking to each other silently about the issue.

"A new student? She would be a perfect candidate for our crew!" said the red headed girl.

This girl is named Gingerbread Ale Snap, or Ginger for short. She is a devote Christian who always pray and read the bible when she needs to. Her mother is an infamous crusade hunter who fights enemies of God, including terrorists and Satanists. She used to be a rival to Brittany, but the two eventually became friends to the end. She's sometimes made fun off for her freckles and usually begs God for forgiveness when she gets out of line in terms of her language. She's also a crusade fighter just like her.

"I hope she pretty because we need cuter girls in our group," said a blonde girl.

Brittany Blondie is the bubbly girl of Ginger's crew. She is pretty in all areas in terms of having blue eyes, blonde hair, naïve personality, and large breasts (she's a C cup). She's the not the sharpest tool in the shed, which makes things even more ironic. Despite this, her friends love to be around and hanging out with her. Her parents are no better, though they can think at times when they need to like she does. She is also a black belt in karate, which makes her the strongest of the group.

"Being surrounded by cute girls isn't easy for me, Brittany," says a blushing Japanese girl

This cute mute is known as Masaki Takahashi and she is very shy. She lived with her two mothers and had immigrated into America ever since. It was mostly because her Yakuza ex-father went rogue and nearly killed all of them. That alone triggers her androphobia, which made her who she was up to this day. She is a lesbian and has a habit of groping other girls, especially the buxom Brittany. Despite this, she is very shy when it comes to talking with any girl other than her own friends. She's practically a female samurai due to practicing the bushido style with her parents since childhood.

"I hope it's a boy because we need ourselves a new group member," says Danny in excitement.

"You're just saying that because you are looking for a new boyfriend," said Eric.

"Cállate ustedes dos. No need to argue like a married couple," said Paco blankly.

"I have a bad feeling about this," said Justin after he had finally "calmed down".

The students are still talking to each other in an anxious about the issue and they silenced themselves soon as Mrs. Carpenter looked at them.

"Ok, students. We have a new student and she will be looking forward to meeting you all," said Mrs. Carpenter.

"Can I come in?" asked a sweet voice that could be heard from out side the door.

"It's alright, dear. There's no need to be shy," said Mrs. Carpenter.

"Oh…ok," said the voice as a girl walked in.

Everyone was blown away when they seen her. She had brown eyes, brown hair, a cute face, and fair body. She wears brown shorts, brown shoes, a beige bandanna on her head, brown gloves, and a brown tank that reveals a small amount of cleavage. She is scanning the area with her beautiful eyes and notices Eric staring at her. She started blushing since she had recognized him from somewhere before. Eric thought, "She's that same girl that I seen earlier and she look even prettier up close. I wonder if she feels the same way about me."

"Hey, I know you! Your that kid who ran through the streets, even during a green light," she said as if she was a crossing guard.

Eric starts to get a feeling that he had never felt before when near a girl before. He gets the feeling that these two were a perfect match and blushes at the thought. But that still didn't stop him being surprised by the unexpected situation. Everyone else started to focus on him and wondered how the hell did such a nice girl like her know a troublemaker like him.