EVE Evolution

Chapter 14

Supersonic Battle

Eric dropped back to the field and continued to cough up blood while Edward stands in the right spot to observe his wounded foe. Justin felt the need tell B.U.R.T.E.R. to end this pointless fight, but Perseus stopped him and wanted to see his succeed. Danny grew angry and tried to stop the fight, though he was being held back by David and Paco to keep him from getting into any trouble. Misa sighed since she can already tell that this will be the second time that she'll have to hospitalize Eric later on. Eric looks back at Edward with severe scorn as his opponent adjusts his glasses to make himself look cool. He slowly stands to his feet and does his fighting stance.

"How the hell were you this fast? I've never seen you run like that during the entire ride," he asked.

"Allow me to explain, my sparing buddy. I ate the Speed Spaghetti, which allows me run, fight, and spin at speeds of 450 mph. Kind of like a certain hedgehog from a certain series of games I enjoy. Pretty sweet, don't you think?" said the wily scientist.

"What hedgehog are you talking about? Forget what I just said, I'll eventually find a way to outmatch you no matter how fast you are, Ed!" Eric shouted.

"Hopefully you don't fail me now and actually put up a good fight. Get ready for my next attack, that's if you can respond fast enough!" Edward said before getting into a runner's pose.

Eric dashes at his foe and prepares to attack Edward head on. His glasses wearing foe dashes and Eric feints in an attempt to fool him. Edward brakes at the right moment and observe the downed boy's body. Everyone felt worried and wondered if Eric really did collapse due to the pain and fatigue from the last few attacks. Then, he opens his eyes and uppercuts Edward square in his face, sending him skyward. It wasn't over yet, since his started spinning into his white ball-like form again. He homes in on Eric while he deals another uppercut, clashing with him again. This time, his fist was glowing blue with aura and he had the upper hand in terms of breaking this clash. The clash was eventually broken and Edward is sent skyward from the shock of the attack.

"Shin Sukai Appākatto!" Eric shouts.

"Kosoku Dasshu!" Edward shouts after stopping in midair for another attack.

"Oh, no you don't! Ekusutorīmu Supīdo!" Eric shouts while preparing to do a supersonic dash.

Both combatants clashed at high speed together, causing a massive blast of air to blow everyone in the crowd below. Literally head to head, the scowled and continue to speeding up in an attempt to knock one another off the ring. They eventually starts zipping around the entire floating arena and clashed fists within every collision. Basically, like any supersonic fight you would normally see in Dragon Ball Z. Most of the crowd were anxious by this frenzied fight and couldn't see who's who and where they disappeared to. This was really exiting Justin and Danny since they wished to fight this way instead of being in the view all the time.

"Those guys a really going at it. I guess this is a new ability Eric learned to be fast enough to handle him," said Donnie.

"That's right. He looks into the deepest parts of his mind and focuses in order to do the technique he can, as he would put it," said Justin said.

"How do you know about this? Has he ever done this in front of you before?" Badi asked.

"We've known him for a while and even watched a few of his practice runs, training, and tournaments. Basically, he's a fast learner when it comes to his battles," Danny explained.

"Now that you mentioned it. He did heavily wound Marilyn with that massive beam of his aura earlier. I guess that was apart of his training," said Cornell.

"Basically, Mikan gave some special advice to him and he took it in order to learn such a move. I wonder if it's possible for us to do the same thing," David said nonchalantly.

"I would like to learn how to gain Kohai so I could be strong enough to handle someone like Marilyn and other Log Spaghetti Users. After all, there will be much dangerous foes that we'll run into in the near future," Justin said while looking at his fists.

"Since I have high knowledge of such behavior, maybe I could have you and your friends train with me so that you'll know the basics," Vincent suggested.

"That's great to hear Vincent. As long as I spend more time with you …er learn how to become more of a competent fighter for such high ranked missions," said the excited Danny to much of his friends' dismay.

"Probably we would explore such a factor after their little fight is over. It looks like they are slowing down at the moment," said Ginger.

Edward stops in midair due to fatigue and the needed to adjust his glasses, giving Eric the opportunity to tackle him really hard. Unlike his brainy opponent, he still has plenty of energy left due to his full recovery and massive food intake. The two crashed onto the platform really hard, to the point of caving in a hole in the middle of their hovering arena. Edward hopped back to the field safety and was tackled again by the more energetic Eric. This time he kicked him towards the edge of the arena and used his Ora Sanpu technique to fire a flurry of aura blasts at him. Edward dodged most of them easily as the damaged the floor where he stood. Edward quickly spin into his spinball form and ran from the crumbling corner to tackle Eric again. Eric did his Akuseru Panchi to stop him dead in his tracks with a mach speed punch and continued with similar quick punches.

"Looks like Eric is getting better and better since the last mission and he's even outsmarting the smartest guy on the ship," Calvin said.

"Yerr know that it's the time to be brawlin if yerr opponent is stronger. I admire a young lad like him for his skills," said Scott said while smoking.

"Now I'm convinced that he's a challenge to me. All I have to do is ask him for a one on one match against me," Ren said while imaging his fight.

"Keep dreamin, Ren. After all, yo ass would be struggling against someone that could move faster than you in a second," said Reginald.

"That's the point, dumbass. He's going to have the most challenging and fun fight with his rival, whether he wins or lose, eh," Terrence said after eating some seafood cake.

"How about shutting up so we can watch the fight?" Steve shouted.

"How about you and the rest of your crew shut up so we can see and focus!" Maria shouted.

"And we should honestly take a look at what happening now since Edward's losing at the moment," Elizabeth suggested.

Eric dealt a heavy blow to Edward that knows off his beloved glasses. They fall down the hole and B.U.R.T.E.R. managed the retrieve him in time. This was the second time that Eric witnesses Edward's bishounen eyes that captivated the hearts of women (or men in Danny's case) and started laughing at him. Half of the crowd already started laughing along with him because of how ridiculously oversexualized his overall face looks compared to his intelligent composure that is usually shown by the glasses. Mikan had a bad feeling that something was about to happen since Edward's fists were quivering in anger. He looks at Brittany gazing at his beautiful eyes and thought of a good strategy to lower his foes' defenses.

"How dare you knock the glasses off my face, Eric! You shouldn't have done that at all! I guess it can't be helped since you do need to move on from Danny in a good way," he said while acting in a moe manner applied with bishie sparkles.

"Why are you talking to me in a such a cute manner? You're starting to creep me out in a weird way, Edward," said the bewitched Eric while gazing at his face.

"It's because it's you're main weakness, Eric. You know you can't resist boy or girls that are this cute!" said the scientist before ramming into Eric's gut again.

"That cheating bastard! He's using his beautiful face to seduce Eric and defeat him easily during this round!" Danny shouted.

"Looks like he's doing almost as well as me when I seduce my victims," said impressed incubus.

"That's pretty much a given since he is the original pretty lad scientist. There's a reason why he prefers to conceal his eyes with them swirly glasses," Scott said.

"This is going to be over quickly since he's the type of guy who's really into cute people and would not want to hurt them," Ren said before sighing.

Edward continuously punches Eric's face while he still focused on the rather pretty bishounen's face and hesitating to retaliate. Normally, he's the type of guy who would not want to hurt anything that's "cute" mostly the girls. When it comes to guys, it's a much different story. Edward's the type of guy who has eyes so beautiful, that it can easily give Danny a run for his money. So basically, he's Sodom mixed with Danny in terms of this alluring tactic. He dashes away to give Eric an opportunity to get up and fight back, taunting him with his attractive face. Eric's face was mostly bruised from his series of supersonic punches and could barely see a thing due to his bruised face.

"You know, you are starting to piss me off. And thanks to this bruised face, I can can't even see your pretty boy face anymore. You know what that means, four eyes!" said the hot-blooded fighter.

"It doesn't matter because I'm still going to reign victorious in this fight regardless. I'm faster than you and you let your guard down easily because of my attractive face. After all, you do need a glimpse of some one ever better than that flashy Danny boy anyway," he responded in the smuggest way possible.

"Just shut up! You aren't better looking than him, you are a freak of nature. Nothing but a nerdy little virgin who's still around his tinker toy assistants and not getting a good looking girl like me. No matter why you always hide you're face all the time because deep down, you think you are a deformed monstrosity who doesn't want to show his eyes and face to the public for what you truly are!" said Eric said.

This caused Edward to clench his fists tightly and growl in rage. B.U.R.T.E.R. felt concerned for his master because not only he insulted his creations like him, but hit him where it hurts the most. Ren grinned since he's starting to become an asshole as ignorant as him and the rest of the Wu Tang Jituan agreed with him. Most of the girls sweat dropped since he basically said that Beverly was ugly and doesn't fall in his category of cute.

"Don't do this, Eric. You really are making the situation worse!" said the angered scientist.

"That's right. You could have did better than choosing the girl from the hills Beverly, I mean she's al boobs, but no brain. The worst part is that she has no sense of fashion, her hairs too messy, and she has the worst Spaghetti Ability to this date! Mikan is much better looking than her, her gun slinging can easily be more useful than being a human sponge, and she's actually pretty smart for someone who's new to America. Just face the facts and realize that she's not attractive and neither is you, especially if you wear those dorky glasses everyday of your life and be a human Internet that runs on high speed. You are nothing but…."

Edward yelled at the top of his lungs like a madman with tears streaming down his eyes, which made everyone in the crowd jump. B.U.R.T.E.R. shook his head slightly since Eric shouldn't have done that from the start. Scott tilted his hat and smoked slightly since this fight is coming to an end really fast. Most of the girls felt that Eric was too insensitive and tried a different tactic other than hurting his feelings in battle. Mikan was one of the few girls who didn't mind this since he basically called her the most beautiful girl on this ship and he did what he could to save himself from an embarrassing defeat. Justin face palmed since this was one of the most brash decisions Eric has ever made when it comes to fighting someone with such fragile emotions. Masaki holds on to her lover's body since this was another terrifying experience she's having. The scream itself sounded like someone being maimed to death mixed with an emotionally fragile person grieving someone's death. Eric took this time wisely to attack him head-on while he's having this emotional breakdown. Then, Edward gave him the look of a killer, which startles him slightly. He punches him dead in his gut, causing even more damage from before due to the rage that he build up from Eric's insensitive insults. Eric coughed up even more blood that before due to how fast that punch was and the accuracy of the heart's location.

"You think you are so funny, insulting the one who even invited you to join this team. You are not a hero, but a lie!" he says in a more serious tone.

"I'm sorry if I offended you in anyway. I just wanted to distract you easily so I can defeat you," Eric said slowly before coughing up some more.

"It's too late for apologies. You have awakened by killing instinct that I've never wanted to turn to. But, your punishment should be death!" he said blankly before he dealt a fast jab to Eric's already bruised face.

"B.U.R.T.E.R., can you disqualify this match immediately because your master is actually serious about killing our friend!" Justin shouted at the robotic butler.

"No can do, Master Justin. This is all part of the master's plan and he's in actuality pretending to be angry to frighten him," he said after laughing.

Eric backed up after dealing another series of hits from Edward who walked even closer with him with his deadly glare. He fist were clenched with the blood from the beatings he gave Eric and his eyes were filled with hatred unlike his flirtatious nature from earlier. Eric noticed he's on the edge of the building and tries to balance his body to keep himself from falling, which could mean he loses the match. Edward kept walking slowly as opposed to running just for the sake of making Eric feel threatened for his life. He breaths heavily with the intention of a murderer and managed to reach Eric. Eric breathes slowly and focuses deep in his mind to show no fear and stay relaxed. Many of the people in the crowd were confused by what he's doing and noticed some aura being absorbed from their bodies. It's as if he's using it to give himself the strength he needs to win the battle. But the angered scientist didn't pay attention to the phenomenon and stared down Eric in his face.

"One more thing I need to address is that your little insult didn't work on me at all. I just used this opportunity to reveal you for the coward you really are. Face it, if you can't tell the different between a trick and the real deal you'll never be a true hero," he said after snickering.

"You know that you really contradicted yourself, Edward. Any hero who depends on simple tricks and lies like your stunt to win, is nothing but a fraud. Fight me like a real man if you really want a fight that's worth while. As we speak, my wounds are being healed after learning anew trick thanks to experiencing the party," said the snarky boy.

"What? I guess I know how crafty you really are in terms of being a real fighter. I admire such work and I'm glad that you've learned a valuable lesson since you've joined the team," Edward said.

Eric started to rapidly heal his wounds with the mysterious aura, gaining cleaner skin and losing the bruises on his face. He smiled and bulked up in terms of his muscles and veins. Eric used the remaining new aura that he gained to fly into the air at the speed of light in which the speedy scientist follows him afterwards. They repeated the same lighting fast battle they had earlier, except Eric has gotten stronger than to the help of his partners' aura. Edward grew tired after 1 minute of lightning speed fighting and dropped back into the already damaged field. Eric deals his famed spinning kick to knock him over and deals an uppercut to knock him into that air. He did his lighting fast punch combo onto him, beating him into submission and winning the match. Mikan cheered as loud as possible like the rest of his friends did to cheer him on.

"This is the part where you are defeated and I win the round," he said blankly.

"So you are going to prove yourself as a competent fighter? So be it. Deal the final blow and make me proud, Eric," Edward said before facing a sever blow to his face.

With that, Edward was sent flying into the air and fell down to the lower ground with a heavy thud. Eric panted and cheered at his victory. Everyone else in the entire crowd went wild including Mikan and her friends for his stunning victory. B.U.T.E.R. walked over to his master and picked up before preparing to take him to the Operation Room. Misa sighed and left the room since she has another patient to take of since the loser asked to get himself hurt. The white battlefield levitated back to safe ground and fused with the white floor since the fight was officially over with. Eric ran over to his friends and watched them as they crowd his space. Paco and Justin lifted him into the air and tossed him. Terrence and Calvin caught him and held him into the air as if he's the winner of a contest. Ren walked up to him and gave him a special gift in honor of his victory and smirked since he loves being a friendly rival nowadays.

"What is this for, Ren?" he asked.

"This is a little treat for your victory, Eric. You've also had proven yourself as a worthy rival of the Wu Tang Jituan. See you later, spike head," said the snarky Chinese boy.

"Way to go, Eric! I knew you'd teach that smug glasses boy a thing or two for challenging you!" Danny said in his excited voice.

"Funny, considering the fact that you were scared that I was going to lose and get hurt again. You gotta have some faith in me once in a while, Danny-boy," he responded.

"Either way, you beat him and survived that match unharmed. That's what matter the most, Eric," Justin said.

"Todos Eric granizo! Feliz second victory, my fellow compadre," Paco said in his usual big grin.

"You did even better than me when I fought Vlad back at Transylvania. I'm quite impressed with your skills and this is coming from a nudist," said the glad David.

"Now that that's over with, where do we go now?" said the puzzled Eric.

"Don't feel modest, Eric. You are going to the briefing room so the others can here the news and I and supply you with a special badge," said Vincent before he walked out the door.

"Aw yeeeaaaahhhhh! That's what I'm talking about, guys. Bring in the confetti!" Eric shouted while Calvin and Terrence exited the room with him for the others to follow.

"There will be confetti when we get to the room, Knuckle Head!" Elizabeth shouted.

This was the first time Eric fought and won against one of his own allies in a fight to see who's the better hero. In the end, Eric had proven himself that he's worthy of being one of the best protectors of the world. He will be rewarded one he finds out what's the prize.