Olive Buddy Grammar

Let me speak. Don't let me stammer.
I'll never get enough of proper grammar.
I never really thought I'd be this jaded.
Some people think it's fine. Some people hate it.

I know it's tough but please, don't be mistaken.
I write between the lines. "It's take, not taken."
I like to point it out when rules get broken.
Call me a devout. The truth is spoken.

So, please don't cry when I correct you.
Feelings aside, I'm here to rescue.
I save the world from crippled language.
I stay in control of rippled damage.

I guess that you could say the rules aren't perfect.
Mistakes are not a crime. That's my verdict.
However, grammar never sticks if people are lazy.
whnevr ppl tlk liek dis It Drrives Me So Craazyy!

Hate me with a passion. Baby,
I could never give a F*** even if you paid me.
That sentence fragment. You should fix that.
It's bad, your grammar. It's worse, your syntax.

It hurts when I see erroneous scriptures.
The message is pure but here's the big picture.
It's dated. We don't even know who made it.
We rely on faith but I deprecate it.

So, sue me. When I hear "I do me"
I want to flip my lid. Dear God, just shoot me.
I'm obsessed and confess I love grammar to a T,
to an R and to a Y. You could try to be me

and love your words like your life.
Every day and every night
I write a poem. I think it's sweet.
It makes my life feel so complete.