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It grew cold, but sun peeked through clouds on occasion, sticky snow littered the ground. Another cold winter of terror on its way, trees bare of leaves, the time when heavier jackets should be worn. But Sarah sat on her front porch in a t-shirt with a long skirt; it was the only thing clean, the one story house was old and wooden, creaking in flurries of wind. Sarah didn't mind though, the sound brought her company. The house had one window next to the front door, a bed in the back corner plus a small fireplace in the center of the front room. A small table and two chairs next to it, on the back wall was a small hallway that led to a cramped bathroom and bedroom with a closet. The old town crumpled abandoned. Everyone left but her and a friend, Kyle. When he walked through the streets he stood straight, his uncut blonde hair messy on his head, but his soft brown eyes showed happiness but looked scared about something. Muscles coiled under his skin from his hard work, dirt and small cuts scattered his arms and face. Kyle only 16 years in age acted an adult in strength, appearance and maturity. Sarah though, from his eyes seemed a dream; she had long brown hair that she spent her extra time untangling, thin from starvation like conditions but still strong. Her green eyes were always focused, and her skin sometimes pale, but she is also only 16 in age.

She spoke quietly, and kindly, but afraid, as she saw Kyle approaching with firewood and opened door, "Kyle, do you think they will ever come back?"

Kyle had heard this question often, "I don't know, but my guess is they will not. Each time more leave they never return with supplies. The last of town left two months ago, we have barely any food for just the two of us. Something is not right out there." He set the wood down and looked at her. Harshly scolding her, "It will be best for us to stay, the weather is getting colder. You must get on with the clothing unless you want to freeze and die faster."

Sarah sat down in the rocking chair, it creaked loudly. Before getting out a basket of yarn to make warmer blankets, she walked out the door. Kyle called after her, "The sun is almost gone. Where are you going? You know what's out here after dark." Sarah smiled and nodded before entering the house across the street to find an oiling can. With no one else in town, the pair took whatever they wanted from remains of other sad homes; the one they stayed in was in best shape of the street. Also falling apart but other houses were either pile of rotten wood or sinkhole traps with a dusty shell. She returned with one and fixed the chair. Kyle giving her a look, she said, "You work all day to keep us alive, but the squeak would not let you sleep if I left it."

Kyle shrugged and lay down on the bed in the corner of the room, wished her good night and good luck, he fell asleep fast. Sarah sat making her blankets when the usual howl went off in the night. There had been another attack, but this one sounded closer. Sarah knew they had not much more time left before it went after them. She had finished the blanket and about to lay it on Kyle when another howl of pain went off in the night-claimed forest around them. Just as she looked up the front door blew open and slammed against the wall.

Kyle was up and running outside in a split second, screaming his head off like a mad man. Sarah yelled in fear then yelled for Kyle to come back inside.

"Stay safe Sarah." He shouted back running down the empty street in the falling snow, "I will find it!" Sarah didn't try to yell back, she knew he was out of earshot. Listening for his return, she pushed her chair next to the cracked window. She was colder away from the fire but did not notice, Sarah thought was Kyle coming back. but so far, only shadows stayed to be her company.

She had begun to give up in the morning when she saw the outline of a muscular man in the snow. Jumping with renewed happiness she ran to the person. She ran into him and hugged him tightly. Kyle smiled tiredly; he now realized how foolish he had been. Kyle laid down for rest while Sarah made them a breakfast. Bread toasted over fire, glass of water, stale dry cereal. He told of how the door slamming sounded similar to gunfire in his tired state, how immediately he concluded someone tried to hurt Sarah. Sarah then told him of the howls during her watching shift. Kyle again jumped to conclusion.

"That's it! That's what has been happening to everyone. IT got them. Legends of it are really true. My father always told me of how it only came out at night, attacked travelers passing by his hidden cave where it stays, feasting on animals when humans are scarcer. That's why no one has come back, because no one has made it out. Have the attacks been getting closer sounding?"

A worried look crossed both of their faces when Sarah spoke next, "Yes. Very close. Very real, we do not have much time. But how can we leave? Some of the townsfolk left during daylight. Winter is practically here; all the day will become night."

"We will stay in town then. Never to leave until the sun joins us again. We must spread our supplies through most houses, staying somewhere different each night. Do our best to cover our scent, so it will be harder to track. We have to put up a fight Sarah."

That day, Kyle began gathering wood from houses that had some, stacking them into specific homes that they planned to stay in. Sarah gathered food, clothes, any other supplies they needed from the remains of shops in town. Spreading them between the same houses, the pair stayed in town, with only an exception once, to dump rotting meat far off into deep wooded areas.

This had gone on for about a week, they were staying somewhere different each night. Listening for death howls of creatures closing in on them. Did it even know they hid in town? Did it have enough intelligence to find them with their scent barely noticeable? They could only wait and see. It worried Sarah that some nights no howls heard at all. She always panicked thinking that, that meant it was traveling to them. Kyle laughed at her worries though, saying no howls meant it slept. Closer and closer it had come to almost two weeks. The howls barely ever heard, things not being killed as often, or not as vicious.

Thursday evening of the second week, Kyle and Sarah had gone through the cycle of houses and back to theirs for tonight. Their house creaked much worse, the window shattered from cold air, the bed had sunken through rotting floorboards and only the mattress remained above. The fireplace lay nothing more than a pile of bricks. Sarah did a quick check through the back room for any animals who may have decided to stay.

"We should sleep in the back bedroom. The window in there is not broken." Sarah suggested

"No, room is too cramped back there and no fireplace for any warmth." Kyle argued

"Have you not noticed the fireplace in this room? There is nothing left of it. We will freeze as snow comes down through the chimney, window and door."

"Door, what can be wrong with the door?" Kyle asked

Sarah rolled her eyes, "It is broken, one hinge gone and the other about to break on the next exit. It swings around as the wind tells it too."

He thought for a moment then gave in. He decided being in a smaller room would conserve heat. They changed into warmer clothing and lay down in bed. The room smelled horrible, as if every bit of waste in the world had been dumped into the small space, rotting flesh, old blood, death… the smell of death sitting in the room. Sarah did not like it, it gave her a bad feeling, but Kyle told her that it was nothing but probably a few dead animals outside. The room creaked and wanted to be alive, making unsettling feelings.

Kyle had fallen asleep fast, Sarah had more trouble though. After some time, she finally began to drift. She had her head resting on the same pillow as Kyle, when it slowly began to shift. Sarah thought sleepily that Kyle had shifted in his sleep. She drifted deeper into a sleep; a feeling of hot air surrounded her.

Smiling she said, "Stop it Kyle. Your breathe smells worse than the room." No response except heavier breathing. A moment later the horrible stench of the room grew stronger. Sarah heard a terrified scream. Immediately she bolted up right to see the closet doors being shut by something inside. Kyle was not on his side of the old bed, replacing him a smear of blood. With her eyes she followed it to the floor. On the floor lay remains of a human, Kyle had been torn to shreds. A mixture of bones, blood, and flesh scraps, lay scattered. Sarah sat in shock, she knew who snacked. Following bloody footprints to the closet door, there he hid.

Slowly, monitoring every motion she made. She slid out of bed, and with her ears straining, she could hear faint breathing. With one cautious step at a time, Sarah went to the closet door. It felt like ages before she stood right up against it. She knew what was to come and would rather die willing than like Kyle in his sleep. The was no way to escape it any longer. Before Sarah even lifted a finger to the doorknob the door burst forward, woods shards flying, the beast jumped on her in an instant. Holding her down and expecting a fight. Sarah stared at it in shock and amazement as it began to tear through her. It had dark, long hair. Its body, huge and muscles bulging, it had eyes so yellow they glowed in the dark room, lit only by moonlight. Caked in blood, and pieces of its recent meals, Sarah's mind shut down. The last thing she ever saw as she faded away, the enjoyment in the monster's eyes. Sarah croaked out barely audible for herself, "Have a…nice meal…"