It was a wrong number that started it, the telephone ringing three times in the dead of night and the voice on the other end asking for someone she was not…

I answered the phone a little shaky. I didn't know who it was and I couldn't help but feel a little scared. The person was breathing in the phone and then they hung up. I started to get creeped out and ran to my room, I couldn't go to my parents because they were out of town so I had deal with this by myself.

As I reached my room I grabbed the gun my parents had recently brought from what I can guess was the gun shop. I had taken it without their consent, but somehow they never figured it was missing and I was fine with that…and thankful. I then ran to the kitchen and called the cops. As I was on the phone talking to the operator the phone suddenly disconnected. As I was wondering if it was faulty wiring, the phone abruptly started ringing again, looking over at the caller ID I saw a flashing "Unknown Caller" pop up. I was in shock because we rarely receive out of call numbers.

As I was starting to panic, there was a knock at the backdoor…

While I was nearing the backdoor, my worrying started to increase. But when I opened the door it was David my best friend. As relief took over, I quickly grabbed David around his abdomen needing something to keep me from buckling my knees and hitting the floor.

After I finished explaining to him why I was hugging the life out of him, while inviting him in, all that could be heard was a cackling laughter.

"Ahahahaha…ok...ok...ok I'm good now" he said in between laughs

"Stop laughing, okay I thought you were someone else" I glared at him

"Don't worry okay, I just stopped by to check on you since you weren't answering my calls Em" he stated using my so called nickname

"I didn't know who it was, since they weren't TALKING on the phone" I yelled emphasizing my words

"Mhhmm" was all he could respond with

After watching some good old Die Hard with Bruce Willis, I sent David home;
seeing as his head was bobbing up and down with his eyes half lidded.

Once he was gone I decided that going to bed will suffice my wondering mind.

1hr Later

I woke up to hear a startling noise of what sounded like glass breaking downstairs.

"What in the fucking hell was that" I stated with a fright.

As I was leaving to go check what it was, I grabbed the gun off the nightstand next to me and creeped down the steps slowly, turning on the hallway and kitchen lights.

I was walking towards the island when I noticed the backdoor was left open which should be impossible since I was certain I closed and locked it. I ran over and closed the door, and locked it. That's when I heard the phone ringing. I had no idea who would be calling me at 1:00 am but I knew it wasn't David because he was knocked out when he was over so I'm pretty sure he clocked out when he got home.

My heart started to beat faster and I began to hyperventilate knowing for a fact that I knew no one I knew was calling for me, especially not my parents who called earlier this morning saying that they will call "tomorrow". So I looked at the caller ID and it read what I have been dreading.


I let the phone ring to voice mail. Someone began talking; they said "I know your there and I'm going to kill you."

As I started to back away all of the lights shut off and I stood in the darkness. I started to regret wearing nothing but my underwear and a tank top to bed. I tried to feel for the kitchen counter but it was difficult considering that I couldn't see anything. When I felt the hard surface of the counter I suddenly began feeling a hot breath on the back of my neck… I turned around as fast as I could and screamed while reaching for my long lost gun that I seemed to have forgotten I put on the counter. There stood a man at least 6'4 with a muscular build, considering the fact that I am 5'7 and he was way taller than me.

"Come here bitch" he yelled grabbing ahold of the gun emptying the bullets from it

I was cowering in the corner of the kitchen screaming even more while he was making his way towards me once more. He grabbed me by my waist, hoisting me up over his shoulder up the steps towards my room. I was thrashing and kicking with all my might, but it was as if he was a brick wall and I was a banana being thrown at it. Could not be harmed at all.

He threw me on the bed and started unbuckling his belt. I whimpered at the thought of what he was about to do. As he started pulling down his pants I begged for him not to hurt me and to please don't do this.

"Please...don't...please" I cried scampering away from him to the edge of the bed

I screamed as he pulled me back towards him and smacked me hard against my face. I cried out from the pain that had just been inflicted upon me.

"Shut the fuck up" he said grinning

He ripped my tank top and underwear. I regretted even more for wearing the flimsy under attire. He sat there marveling after my body, making me cry harder. The next thing I felt was a sharp pain as if I was being sliced up with a knife.

"Ahhhhh…ahhhh…noooo" I cried begging and pleading as he continued thrusting into me

I was starting to dry heave a little while he kept going on and on and on with his groaning and grunting. I begged for him to stop but what felt like forever was only thirty minutes long or as I could tell seeing as I was not in the best position for thinking.

He then pulled out after entering me from the front and flipped me on my back all the while having me kicking even more. He started pumping into me from my backside while whispering…what I thought could be heard as "love" talk.

"You're so tight…I just can't get enough of your sweet beautiful cunt" he whispered grunting some more while banging my face into the mattress.

"Ahhhhh" I screamed even though it was muffled by the mattress

After he emptied himself onto my back while grasping my hips which will probably leave a bruise, he pulled out landing on the side of me. I passed out almost immediately after and I didn't come to until an hour later.

I turned over and almost fell off the bed if it wasn't the fact that he was holding on to me. He was sleeping and it seemed that he was never going to wake up. That's when I remembered I had a knife under my pillow from when I thought a killer was knocking on my window three months ago. I thought I needed the protection just in case something happened and now was as good a time as ever.

I slowly pulled out the knife I was thankful for having and stabbed him right in the chest, he woke up and threw me off of him onto the ground and started kicking me. I then grabbed the knife off the ground.

"You stupid motherfucking bitch…seems to me that you need to be taught a lesson" he seethed

He grabbed me from my legs and started pulling me towards him and I knew what he was thinking.

"Bring that sweet ass back here" he grinned

"FUCK YOU" I screamed/yelled and slammed the knife into his skull

I watched as his eyes rolled to the back of his head and him fall down in a pool of his own blood. I started to scream over and took a while for me to gather myself together. After I picked myself up off the floor I grabbed my bath robe and ran out the house while grabbing the phone.

I called the cops and sat on the steps outside my house... when they came I was asked all sorts of questions and ended up passing out. The next time I woke up I was on a hospital bed all bandaged up. The police came in and told me that I was safe and that the blow to the head killed my rapist. They explained that he was the notorious killer and rapist named "James Snare". He was on the lam for a year.

They explained that he was charged for the rape and murder of a twenty year old woman. After hearing all this information I ended up crying myself to sleep but before I did I heard a policemen tell another officer that my parents were coming home on an early flight tomorrow and that my friend David was on his way here now; getting a call that I was in the hospital. I was excited but I was also exhausted.

I slept and wondered what my life would be like now and feeling thankful that he choose not to empty his seed into me knowing how violated I feel now. That was an ending call towards my life and I will forever remember everything.

The End

This was my second story I have written, I wrote this in English class and got an amazing grade with my friends for when were in a group. I also had to fix some things because it was a little bad at first but I think I really improved it. But anyway, Thanks to my somewhat group mates Deja, Kenya and Ajanae. I had fun writing this. The 18 year old girls name in this story is called EMMA, leading to her nickname Em. Please r/r.

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