Lord Thane's new pleasure slave, Kegan, is everything he wanted and more, but also very disobedient. His new pet might be harder to train than he thought, especially when he begins to have deeper feelings for the boy. But will Kegan return his love? Or always despise the man who ruined his life?

Warnings: Rape (including gang rape), Graphic sexual content (anal, oral, BDSM, etc.), Homosexuality (m/m), Underage sex, Torture, and Harsh language

Enjoy ;)

Lord Thane walked into the dungeon cell that held his newest captive, a young teen from the neighboring kingdom that his army had just defeated. He smiled charmingly at the boy as he approached him, taking in his appearance yet again.

The boy's thin arms were stretched wide, chains holding them tightly so that he couldn't move an inch. His feet dangled above the ground, also chained so that he couldn't kick anyone, his body lifted high enough so that he was face to face with the ebony haired man when he stood in front of him. Blood, that wasn't his own, still streaked his face and his chin length hair was matted with sweat, blood, and tears.

Even with his body dirty, the boy was extremely attractive, his looks being the main thing that had made the man take him. Thane smirked, thinking back to how easy it had been to obtain the boy:

As the Lord made his way through the town his army was destroying, the sound of soft crying caught his attention, so he ventured into a dilapidated building, withdrawing his sword, expecting to eliminate the survivor. He found a youth kneeling beside their deceased parent's bodies, the kid's pretty face streaked with tears and blood from the parent's wounds.

When the child looked up, the man saw that the adolescent was a young boy. He was immediately captivated by the boy's stunningly bright, green eyes; even filled with sorrow, and puffy from tears, they were beautiful. The Lord found himself putting away his sword, deciding that the cherub in front of him was just too pretty to kill. He approached slowly, watching with interest as the boy scrambled backwards to the corner of his destroyed home, cowering in fear from the powerful man looming above him.

"P-please, don't hurt me," he stammered softly, his voice hoarse from breathing in the smoke of his destroyed city.

Thane had smiled at the terror in the child's lovely eyes and kneeled in front of him, close enough to reach out and brush the tousled brown hair out of his face. The boy winced at his touch and Thane suddenly felt a rush of excitement flow through him; he decided at that moment that he had to have him.

"What is your name, little one?" He asked softly, his voice smooth.

The child hesitated and swallowed hard, letting his eyes fall to the floor, but finally spoke.

"Kegan." His voice pleased the Lord, the soft huskiness making the man shiver in delight.

"Kegan," Thane tested the name on his tongue. "How old are you, Kegan?" He asked.

"Fifteen," came the hesitant response. The Lord cocked his head to the side and chuckled lightly.

"Fifteen? My, my you are quite small for your age, aren't you?" He drawled, surprised to hear the youth's true age, expecting the child to be much younger due to his size. Thane decided his name was very fitting since it meant "small flame".

The boy's face twisted into a frown.

"Am not!" He said angrily, his eyes flashing threateningly, the fact obviously being a touchy subject for the child. His anger made the man laugh out loud, throwing his head back. He knew he had to have this boy.

"You will be coming with me, my sweet," he said softly.

He stood quickly and reached down to pull a wide-eyed Kegan to his feet. The boy gave a cry of protest and tried to pull his arm out of the man's grip, but was suddenly tossed over a broad shoulder, his head hanging down a firm back. Thane turned and carefully stepped over the child's dead parents and made his way to the door. Kegan began to fight then, refusing to be taken hostage so easily.

"Let me go!" He screamed and began pounding his fists on the man's back, letting loose a stream of curses as well. The Lord chuckled, amused by the child's sudden burst of profanities, completely unfazed by the small hands striking him, and continued to make his way out of the house.

Out in the open, the man took in the destruction his army had wracked upon the town. Houses lay in ruin, fires spread throughout the buildings, bodies littered the streets; he was very pleased with how the event had taken place. Signaling to his captains that he was satisfied with the outcome and to round up the troops, he noticed his little prisoner had stopped fighting and hung limply down his back, no doubt taking in the destruction of his home town. Thane took him off his shoulder to mount his horse and took that chance to look at the boy's face. His eyes were wide, frightened, and full of hopelessness from taking in the sight of the dead and dying bodies of his friends and neighbors around them as the man lifted him up onto the steed. Thane climbed up behind the boy and wrapped an arm around his thin waist.

"Say goodbye, Kegan," he whispered into the child's ear, making the small body shudder. As he urged his horse forward to make the journey back to his castle, he listened to the boy's pitiful crying, and found that he thoroughly enjoyed the sound.


Now, as he stepped further into the cell, the boy looked up and glared at the Lord.

"What do you want from me?" Kegan practically growled out through clenched teeth. The man smirked at the kid's growing anger, pleased that he had picked one so spunky; he was going to enjoy breaking him.

"I needed a sex slave, someone to be in my bed every night. To be fucked and played with," Thane drawled out with a slight shrug, as if it was nothing the boy needed to worry about. He saw the reaction he wanted to see as the child's eyes widened and his face paled. Kegan shook his head in disbelief.

"No... Please," his voice was quiet from fear and dismay. The man chuckled and leaned forward, inches away from the child's face, causing the boy to press his back closer to the wall to distance himself.

"Don't worry, my little catamite," he whispered menacingly, "I'll be gentle enough. I wouldn't want to ruin my new toy on the first night."

The kid bit his lip and looked away, unshed tears glistening in his enchanting eyes. Thane chuckled again and reached out to stroke his hand through the small boy's matted hair and then down to caress his dirty cheek, a curiously tender gesture from a man who seemed quite cruel. Kegan jerked away as much as he could, but the chains held him in place. The Lord turned the child's face back to look up at him with a hand under his delicate chin.

"Now, now, Kegan, no tears. There will be plenty falling from those pretty eyes tonight." The man's words and touch made the boy shudder and choke back a sob.

Suddenly, Thane's mouth claimed Kegan's in a rough kiss, forcing his tongue inside the unwilling mouth. The boy made protesting noises against the man's lips, but it didn't deter him; he continued to probe the mouth, a hand still on the small jaw so the child couldn't pull away. Thane broke the kiss off with a hard bite to the fragile bottom lip, drawing out a cry of pain and a trickle of warm blood, which trailed down the boy's chin. He chuckled at the hurt expression on Kegan's face and patted his cheek roughly.

"I do apologize my dear boy, but I enjoy having fun with my pets and occasionally causing pain," he whispered in the child's ear and received a satisfying whimper in return.

Kegan could no longer hold back the tears that were choking him, his throbbing lip and the man's words overwhelming him. The hot trails that ran down his cheeks were brushed away roughly by the pads of Thane's thumbs and the man clicked his tongue in disapproval.

"You were showing so much potential until now, my pet. I thought it would be more difficult to make you cry," he chided softly, running his knuckles across the boy's jaw.

Kegan was discomforted by the words the man spoke and turned his head away again, trying to get away from the hand that stroked him. Thane suddenly grabbed Kegan's jaw in a bruising grip and forced him to look back up at him.

"Do not turn away from me when I am speaking to you, or you will be punished. Do you understand boy?" He hissed. Kegan swallowed, fearful of the look in the man's dark eyes, and nodded the best he could with his jaw being held. Thane squeezed harder. "You will answer me with 'yes, Master' or 'no, Master'."

A squeak of pain escaped Kegan's lips, but he said what was expected of him, although somewhat reluctantly.

"Y-yes, Master."

The man smirked at his captive's sudden obedience that came when he administered pain; he wondered how much the boy could take before he was begging on his knees and kissing his boots to escape the agony. The thought of the child writhing in pain made excitement rush through him and his pants tightened; Thane couldn't wait to play with his new slave in his chambers after the feast. With another rough pat to the boy's cheek, he turned and walked towards the cell door, calling over his shoulder.

"I will see you tonight, my pet. Be ready for me." Then he left, his thoughts stuck on the trembling boy staring after him with fear and disbelief on his cute face.