"He did not!"

"Oh, he did...He did..." Oliver sighed, holding his legs to his chest, and resting his chin on his knees. "I just don't get it, girls, I'm his boyfriend for God's sake..."

The african-american girl stood up, cracking her knuckles and making her way to the door, "That's it, I'm gonna go kick his a-"

Violetta jumped to her feet and grabbed her arm, "Tiana!"

Oliver shook his head, "Please, Ti', don't, it's okay..."

She looked around at him, raising an eyebrow, "Okay?" Placing her hands on her hips, she shook her head. "Boy, he said that you weren't sexy! Now, I'll give up every one of my miniskirts the day that becomes true."

Oliver shook his head, "He's right, thought. I mean, he thinks I'm attractive, and beautiful, hot, and perfect, but...Just not sexy. Come on, when I have I, Oliver Shane Miller, ever pulled of that?"

"All the time!" Violetta exclaimed.

Tiana and Oliver both looked surprised at how quickly she replied.

Blushing slightly, Violetta shrugged, "Hey, I kissed you for a reason in middle school. All those skinny jeans, and the way you move your hips. Even if you are gay, it's something that girls and guys, both gay and straight, go nuts over."

Oliver looked down, "Thank you, I suppose, but-"

Tiana shook her head, "But nothin', I've seen YouTube videos, you are my boy, and I'm always honest with you, and I'm bein' honest right now when I say, you are one of the sexiest guys I've ever met."

"In what aspect?" Oliver asked. "You've dated many guys before, Ms. Riley, and I don't come close to any of them."

Tiana shook her head, "You've got a thin face," She took his chin in one of her hands. "Flawless skin," She pet his cheek with her other hand. "Luscious brown hair," Removing her hand from his chin, she ran her fingers through his hair. "Amazing fashion sense," Lifting him up off of the bed and onto his feet, she gestured to his clothing. "And one nice rear," Tiana gave his behind a smack.

Oliver yelped, not from pain, but because he was startled, and that was the last thing he expected Tiana to do to him.

Violetta laughed, "She has a point, Olíver."

"This is very odd coming from my two closest girlfriends..." Oliver said, sitting back down.

"Hey, we're just bein' honest with you, and we don't like it when your spirits are down, Oliver, especially when you've got no reason to be down."

"I do have a reason, if my own boyfriend doesn't find me sexy..." Oliver replied, placing his chin into his hand.

Violetta's eyes lit up, clearly she had an idea, "Why don't we show him?"

Tiana eyed her curiously, and Oliver quirked an eyebrow.


"Girl, what're you thinkin'?"

Violetta smiled, "You're a great singer, aren't you?"

Oliver shrugged, nodding slightly, "I suppose so."

Tiana finally caught on. She nodded rapidly, "And you're one hell of a dancer, ain't you?"

"I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't curse, but yes, I guess I am."

"Well, why don't you perform a song for him?" Violetta asked.

Oliver looked thoughtful. "What would you suggest?"

Tiana and Violetta looked at one another, each starting to list off songs.

"Toxic by Britney Spears?"

Oliver shook his head, "Not sexy enough."

"4 Minutes by Madonna and Justin Timberlake?"

"...No, I don't think that'd work."

"Push It by Salt N' Pepa?"

Oliver blushed, he knew the song. "That's...A little promiscuous, don't you think?" He asked, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Ain't that the point?" Tiana asked.

Violetta clapped her hands together, as if a great business deal had been made, "It's perfect, Olíver! Neil's eyes will be so blown out of proportion from lust, he'll be on his knees in front of you, drooling from how attractive you will be."

Tiana nudged him, "He'll be on his knees for more reasons than just that one."

Oliver's eyes went wind, "Tiana!"

The girls laughed, and Violetta spoke up again, "It's decided, you will be doing the Salt N' Pepa song for Neil, and you will be so impossibly sexy, Neil will regret everything he ever told you."

"So, why are we here?" Robin asked, moving into one of the auditorium seats.

"The girls said that they wanted to show us something," Travis replied, then whispered to the younger boy, "Neil in particular."

Neil sat down by the other boys, giving them a questioning glance, "What are you talking about?"

Travis looked forward, "Oh, nothing."

Patrick ran in at the last moment, "Sorry! Got caught up in Spanish; Ms. Mongomery gettin' on my case because I was being, quote, 'a complete distraction and a nucisnse'."

"What did you do, making you, said nucisnse?" Robin questioned.

Patrick shrugged, taking his seat next to the blonde, "Nothing. I just happened to enjoy crumpling paper throughout the whole test..."

Travis and Neil both laughed hysterically while Robin shook his head, although, he smiled, just slightly.

Oliver looked in the full-length mirror behind the curtain, "Are you really sure about this, 'Letta? I mean...What if I forget the choreography or Neil thinks this is ridiculous or-?"

"Hush. Nonsense! Just listen to yourself, Olíver, you're getting so worked up over little things, when everyone knows for a fact that you will be perfect," Violetta replied, giving him a hug from behind.

Tiana nodded, "And your little Alpha-Gay, back there, will love you, because, one: You're his boyfriend, he has no choice."

Oliver laughed.

"And two: You are lookin' all kinds of crazy-sexy in that outfit."

She was right, he looked good. His shirt was a tight, dark blue t-shirt, with a long, black tie, and he had black skinny jeans on as well. It was safe to say that every small curve and dip in his body was emphasized. His hair was mussed, just slightly, much to Oliver's dislike, and the girls somehow managed to bring out the light touch of pink that was naturally across his face. That, combined with his normal features, made him something that many people would love to see.

Even so, he bit his lower lip, and looked nervous, "But...There are two of you, and one of me, how will I keep up?"

Violetta shook her head, "Do not worry, we've brought special guest stars."

"Guest stars?"

"Just wait and see, Oliver 'Diva' Miller, just wait and see," Tiana said, smiling.

Without warning, the curtains drew back, and three shadows appeared on the stage.

Neil was puzzled, he had been told that it was only Violetta and Tiana who were performing. The center figure had too short hair to be Violetta, but had too delicate a figure to be Tiana.

"Ah, push it..."

Neil watched intently as the figures began to move, the two on either side of the center standing upright from their bent positions.

"Ah, push it..."

The stage lights finally came on, and Neil's eyes went wide. There was Oliver, wearing a tie, and tight everything. He was standing between Violetta and Tiana, who were running their hands all over him.

If he had been less enthralled by Oliver's clothing, he would've seen the other three boys beside him smirk.

"Oooh, baby, baby,"

The girls were singing alone, turning away from Oliver, so they faced opposite ends of the stage.

"Baby, baby."

Pressing their backs up against each of his arms, the girls slowly slid downward.

"Oooh, baby, baby,"

Once reaching the ground, the pair stood back up, facing the four boys, and walking to the edge of the stage.

"Baby, baby."

Turning to one side, the girls gave their own thighs a single smack to add emphasis to their words.

"Get up on this!"

Neil only kept his eyes on Oliver, who hadn't moved. Instantly, he sat up straighter in his seat when he started strutting forward between the two girls, singing out alone.

"Salt and Pepa's here!"

A new voice rang out, not from the stage, but from one of the seats behind Neil. Turning, he couldn't believe what he saw. Clearly, neither could Oliver.

"Now wait a minute, y'all,"

There was Patrick, getting out of his seat, and walking over all the rows until he reached the stage, climbing up onto it. Travis followed suit, but he stayed quiet. A boy stepped out from behind the curtain, and stood beside Travis, a boy Neil knew by the name Darren.

Neil looked back at Robin questioningly, but Robin waved a hand to the stage, telling him to pay attention.

"This dance ain't for everybody,"

Once on stage, Patrick put his arm over Oliver's shoulder, and gestured to his entire body.

"Only the sexy people."

He gave a small laugh at the way Neil flushed slightly, before moving to Tiana and Violetta, putting an arm around each of their waists.

"So all you fly mothers,"

He gave them a gentle push forward, still smirking.

"Get on out there and dance."

The boys and the girls seperated to either side of the stage, and Patrick walked to join Travis and Darren.

"Dance, I said!"

He yelled out a final, 'holla!', before Oliver took over the vocals once more, shaking off the surprise from seeing his friends joining them for this, and walking to stand with the girls on one side of the stage.

"Salt and Pepa's here,"

He rolled his shoulders back, jutting out his hip to one side, as the girls mimicked his actions.

"And we're in effect."

The girls and Oliver all pointed to one of the boys, thrusted their hips forward to match the words Oliver sang.

"Want you to push it, babe,"

The three relaxed slightly, moving their hips back into their normal positions, and lowering their hands.

"Coolin' by day,"

Neil couldn't help but notice how Oliver glanced at him and gave a little smirk that shot chills down his spine.

"Then at night,"

The trio each wiped their own forehead with the back of their hands.

Neil's eyes went a little wider when Oliver winked at him.

"Working up a sweat."

He threw his arms over Tiana and Violetta's shoulders, while nodding towards the boys, who were doing a dance of their own, often involving flexing and rolls of the hips, each one perfectly in sync.

"C'mon girls, let's go show the guys,"

Oliver let go of them and slowly began to walk forward, right towards Darren. Violetta went to Travis, and Tiana took Patrick.

"That we know,"

They stopped just a few feet away from them, smiling in a teasing manner.

"How to become,"

Oliver held up a single index finger.

"Number one,"

He swiveled his hips very smoothly and very quickly.

"In a hot party show."

Reaching forward, each of the girls and Oliver grabbed the boy in front of them by the hips, tugging them forward while they too moved their hips, in order to meet them halfway.

"Now push it!"

The guys took the vocals now, their voices no more than whispers.

Patrick and Travis rotated their lower halves, so the sides of their thighs would meet the sides of Violetta and Tiana's, who were doing the same, changing direction every time they collided.

"Ah, push it..."

Back to the girls, but this time, it wasn't just Oliver who was singing, Violetta and Tiana joined in as well.

"Push it good!"

Neil eventually got the pattern, for the chorus, the girls and the boys would alternate. But, for the moment, he really didn't care. All he could think about was the way Oliver and Darren just rocked their hips back and forth, grinding against one another shamelessly.

"Ah, push it..."

He couldn't help but feel a sharp pang of jealousy. How he longed to be in Darren's place, to feel Oliver practically thrusting against him, mouth partially open, and eyes closed. Even if he was only faking the feeling of that kind of pleasure, he looked really hot.

"Push it real good!"

Neil's eyes bulged again when he saw Darren give Oliver a sharp smack on his firm bottom. That should've been his hand, not Darren's...

"Ah, push it..."

Oliver opened his eyes, not from the spank, but to look over at Neil, who's eyes were very wide, and his mouth was half-open. He gave a devilish smirk, and decided to return what Darren had given him.

"Push it good!"

Neil flared, squirming around in his seat, and crossing his legs constantly, hands gripping the armrests so tightly his knuckles were white. He was doing everything he could to stop himself from jumping up on that stage and do everything Oliver sang.

"Ah, push it..."

Clearly pleased with his result, he gave Darren a quick nip on the side of the neck, making sure Neil could clearly see what he was doing, before moving away from him, finally ceasing the motions of their hips.

"P-push it real good!"

Tiana pulled back from Patrick, moving to join Oliver, singing out loudly.


Violetta added a touch of sass to hers, as she forcibly shoved Travis back and sauntered off towards the other two.


The boys turned back to join one another, and then all six of them thrusted their hips against the air.

"Push it good!"

Now it was Tiana and Violetta again, as they ran their hands down their own sides.

"Oooh, baby, baby,"

They were looking directly across at their dance partners, (and boyfriend, in one case), making sure to rotate their hips just slightly.

"Baby, baby."

That certain boyfriend wanted to just grab her and kiss her because of how incredibly sexy she looked right now, but he knew it would have to wait.

"Oooh, baby, baby,"

Then she winked at him, and it took every ounce of self-restraint to keep himself in one place.

"Baby, baby.

Oliver started singing with the two girls, immediately capturing all of Neil's attention once again.

"Push it good!"

He allowed his tongue to flick across his dry lips once Oliver gave a few more hip movements. Don't judge, you'd probably do the same once you saw how smoothly he could move them, not to mention how awesome his rear looked in those skinny jeans.

"Push it real good!"

Now, the guys took over the vocals, still using that little whisper as before.

"Ah, push it..."

The girls and Oliver all lined up across the edge of the stage, hands on their hips.

"Ah, push it..."

Travis and Patrick walked to one side of the stage, nearby one of the curtains, as Darren took over.

Neil felt another jealous surge, knowing full well the kind of things that Darren would be singing in front of Oliver. His Oliver.

"Yo, yo,"

Darren walked behind Tiana.

"Yo, Baby-pop,"

She glanced over her shoulder at him, quirking an eyebrow.

"Yeah, you,"

He gestured with a single finger for her to come closer.

"Come here,"

She rolled her eyes and walked over to Patrick and Travis, who joined Darren on the next line, while he moved around Oliver, to Violetta.

"Gimme a kiss."

He sang solo again, placing his hands on her tanned shoulders.

"Better make it fast,"

He tugged her back lightly, pressing his chest against her back.

"Or else,"

Violetta pushed him away, walking to Tiana and the boys, who joined Darren once again.

"I'm gonna get pissed."

Shrugging, he moved toward Oliver, (singing alone), who was standing between the girls before they had left.

"Can't you hear,"

Oliver turned to him, hands never leaving his hips.

"The music's pumpin' hard,"

Darren smirked.

Neil shuddered slightly, thinking about how Oliver would react if he ever told something like that to him.

"Like I wish you would?"

Turning away, Darren walked over to one side of the stage, and the other two boys moved to join him.

"Now push it."

Once the two groups were separated, Oliver, Travis, and Patrick all dropped down to the floor, and began to crawl their way across the stage to their partners, as the girls group took over singing.

"Push it good!"

Neil could care less what the other two were doing, all he saw was Oliver, slinking across the stage on his hands and knees. Just the animalistic look in his eyes and the way his shoulders moved back when he moved was absolutely intoxicating.

"Push it real good!"

Meeting their partners, who had moved to opposite ends of the stage, Patrick and Travis both stood. Darren, however, met Oliver halfway, so they would have the center stage.

"Push it good!"

Patrick bent over, lowering his head enough so it was almost between Tiana's legs, and shaking it back and forth just slightly, so you could tell what he was implying. Tiana let out an, 'ow!', and then bent down to do the same to Patrick, who yelled, 'holla!'

Travis and Violetta were pressed together, each grabbing the waist of the other, and rocking roughly against each other, much like how Darren and Oliver had earlier.

Neil didn't care about any of this.

What he was watching, was how Darren had lifted Oliver up, so he could wrap his legs around his waist, and grip his shoulders, while Darren held Oliver's sides. He was pushing himself up and down, while Darren's hips rocked up to meet each bounce.

"P-push it real good!"

Neil's eyes were wider than before, if that was even possible, just staring at how Oliver moved himself on Darren, begging internally for that to be him in the near future, while the boys took vocals briefly.

"Ah, push it..."

Violetta and Tiana sang out together once more.

"Get up on this!"

Then Oliver's voice rang out again, this time by itself.


He stopped moving and unhooked his legs from Darren's waist, dropping down to the floor.

"You really got me goin',"

Removing his hands from his shoulders, he walked to the other four, who had stopped what they were doing, and standing opposite one another.

"You got me so,"

He stood in front of Tiana, who had Patrick behind her.

"I don't know,"

Darren walked over and stood in front of Violetta, who had Travis behind her, and faced Oliver.

"What I'm doin'."

They each gripped the hips of the person in front of them, all turning their heads to face Neil, finally singing together.


All of them threw their hips forward, colliding with the backside of the person they were grabbing.

"Push it!"

Neil stood up and clapped loudly, whistling every few moments. Robin, (whom he had forgotten was sitting there), applauded as well.

Oliver hopped down from the stage, as all of the boys began chatting amongst themselves, and sauntered over to Neil, making sure to give his hips a slight sashay as he walked. "So, Neil..."

He took in his boyfriend's appearance; his pupils were extremely dilated, and his mouth was partly open. Cheeks were aflame, his clothes were wrinkled and bunched up from the constant shifting, and his lower lip looked puffy from all of the times it had gotten bitten.

Oliver smirked, lowering his eyelids before saying in a low voice, "Sexy enough for you?"

Neil gave a breathy sound and grabbed his tie, pulling him forward for a deep and forceful kiss. His hands roamed around his body without hesitation, and his tongue met Oliver's almost immediately.

Pulling back after a good two minutes, Neil's hands still rubbed up and down Oliver's sides, "I'm such an idiot..." He said, breathlessly. "You are the single, most sexiest person I have ever seen before in my life, and I didn't even know it until now."

Humming approvingly, Oliver grabbed Neil's face with both hands and yanked him down for yet another kiss.

"Move it along, guys, Oliver's bed will be waiting for you," Patrick called out.

Travis laughed, while Violetta shouted, "If you can't wait that long, Neil's backseat will do!"

"There's a janitor's closet down the hall, too!" Tiana added, joining in on the laughter.

Oliver blushed, even after everything he had just sang and done.

Neil ran his fingertips down Oliver's spine, enjoying the way he shivered slightly. "You know, that's not a bad idea..."