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~Misora (a.k.a Sora)

Age: 18

Appearance: Blue hair and dark blue eyes

Personality: Lonely, emotional at times, strong-willed. (Will add more)

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Somewhere in a different world...

"We can't keep her here. It's too dangerous."

"But we have to, we can't leave her on earth...she'll never fit in.."

"Her safety is more important than her social life."

"But sir...if she never fits in...she will never come back!"

"She will eventually...we will bring her here."

"What if she kills h-"

"I will not repeat myself. Take her to earth."

"Yes, sir..."


"I'm sorry Misora...I have no choice...please forgive me..."

"Misoooorraaaa! Missoooorraaa!"

"You're gonna be late for school!" A laughing voice screamed

"Ugh, why didn't you tell me sooner, idiot." I groaned as I ran across the roof to find the stairs down

You see, I live in an orphanage. It's one huge building with about 5 floors, and 5 rooms on each floor. I live on the fifth floor, fortunately close to the roof where I sit and watch the sky each day. Watching the sky was like a retreat for me. I don't have any friends to hang out with in school, or even in the orphanage, so the roof is where I relax. No one really understands me at all, which isn't a big surprise since I'm different from everyone else. I never met my parents but all I know is that I was left on the door step of this wreck-of-an-orphanage.

I ran down the stairs so fast I almost tripped going down. The stairs were old and wooden so I wouldn't be very surprised if they broke while I was going down them. Everytime I took a step a creaking noise would go off scaring me every other time. No one bothered to fix them since no one really cared for my safety. I'm the only one who uses those stairways, so I don't really mind, but it still makes me a little mad that they don't care if I fall through the stairs and break my legs or something like that.

Most of the kids in the orphanage went to the same school as me, but we never talked. I would always hear the "owners" of the orphanage say bye to each and every one of them, but when I would pass by they would walk off and pretend to busy and not notice me. I got used to this, but deep inside I felt like crying and slapping them in the face. Walking out of the orphanage I caught the glance of one of the "owners", but they quickly looked away.

Figures, they never liked me anyway.

Running out the door along the cracked sidewalks I noticed something different in my orphanage owners. They actually tried to talk to me, but couldn't find any words, so they just decided to glance at me. It was probably nothing, just my imagination going crazy from one silly glance. I never actually talked to them, only a couple times to ask questions like "Where's my food?" or "How did I get here?".

Walking more towards my school I noticed that the sun was shining more today. It reflected off my school hurting my eyes a bit, but it was still nice. I parted my shiny blue hair behind my ears and straightened up my uniform before entering the school. I knew if the teachers saw my uniform out of line I would head straight to the Principle's Office. Everyone in my school was suspicious of my blue hair, and some people even said I dyed it like that. Luckily, the owners of the orphanage I stay at told the principle that that was my natural hair color. The teachers didn't exactly "like" me after that, but I tried to keep my hatred for them bottled up inside to keep a positive look on my face.

My breathing became faster as I entered the school and walked down the halls. I was ready for the rapid firing of insults. I was never really popular among the people either. It was the blue hair thing that made them hate me. They thought I rebellious and a "bad person" so they just

The insults never came. Do you know why? All of the people were crowded around one person.

"Oh my god! Is that a new guy?"

"He's so cutee!"

"I can't see! Let me go in the front!"

"Hey! Watch it!"

Ugh, a new kid. At least the attention will be taken away from me for the week, I thought to myself walking past the crowd

"Excuse me...coming through..." a voice said faintly behind me

"Are you Misora?" he asked walking to catch up to me

His voice was followed by several gasps and whispers.

"Is he really going to talk to Misora?"

"She's so lucky! She must've payed him!"

"Uh..yeah...what do you want? Insults are $5 today." I said back coldly, walking away from him

"Would you mind taking a little walk with me...outside..." he whispered to me taking my arm and forcing me to walk with him

"Let me go!" I screamed as he dragged me through everyone, who were conveniently staring at me like I was some crazy person

He dragged me through the halls and took me outside where he threw me down on the grass, and then sat next to me.

"Well, ow." I said rubbing my shoulder, which was probably bruised by now


"Well?" I said in an annoyed tone

"Well, what?"

"Well, what do you want with me? It's almost first period you know."

"Oh...well..." He said taking a moment to think

It took about 2 minutes for him to think. He was probably thinking on how to word what he was going to say, but then he finally spoke.

"Misora...we need you back in Avarosa-"

"What?" I said a bit too loud

"Misora...I can't really ex-"

"Wait! What is this "Avarosa"?...and how do you know my name!?" I yelled sitting up to face him

"Don't cut me off, what i'm trying to say i-"

"No, wait. Are you just trying to make me believe you stupid little st-"

"Misora," he said with a serious face, "Avarosa is where you came from, you came here to grow up in secret and have a normal life until we needed you."

"Am I suppose to believe this?"

"Misora!" He yelled grabbing a hold of my shoulders

"You're coming with me, no school for you today." He commanded, grabbing my hand

"Where are we going now?..." I whined

"Just to the park, I have to explain EVERYTHING to you." He said as he started to drag me along the grass until I got up

10 Minutes of Painful Dragging Later...

"Sit on the bench."

I plopped down on the bench as he tried to get something from his bag. While he was looking through his bag I actually had a chance to look at him. He was somewhat tall and had hair that was completely snow white. He also had dark purple eyes that looked very threatening, but as I've noticed, in the sun they were light purple.

"By the way...you know my name, but what is yours?" I asked

"It's..uh..Ryuuji..." he said still looking through his pockets

"Ryuuji, huh...w-well did you find what y-you were looking for yet?" I said getting impatient

"Hold on a second," he said with a look of worry on his face, "oh there it is."

Ryuuji handed me a book with, as it looked like, golden pages and gold lining on the front. It front cover read Hisory of Avarosa in fancy silver lettering.

"Read that and I'll meet you after school tomorrow. It tells about the recent events in Avarosa." He said walking away from me

"B-But your still a complete stranger! I don't even know who you a-"

"Fine then, if you trust me by tomorrow, just meet me back here. If you don't just go home."

"I doubt I'd be here." I mumbled under my breath

Hoommee Hoommee Hooomee!~

After that weird event I went straight back to the orphanage and up to the roof to read the book Ryuuji gave me.

"Let's see here...the History of Avarosa..."

History of Avarosa (Page 1)

For a long time the world of Avarosa was a happy place. Dragons and other mystical creatures lived there along side the peaceful humans. Then, about 18 years ago the King and Queen found out that a girl was born, she would be the heart of Avarosa, and if she died Avarosa would fall apart. This girl heald great magic power, more than any wizard or mage. She was called "The Crystal of Avarosa" by almost all, she was then named Misora. After Misora was born many people began to rebel and call her a "freak of nature" unlike the beautiful unicorns and dragons. They threatened to kill Misora, so the the King came up with a plan to send Misora to earth. Of course the Queen didn't want to send her away, so she tried to reason with her husband to make sure Misora could stay. She told him to hire extra guards to protect her every moment of the day, but, after all the arguing Misora was still sent to earth, not only for protection, but to have a normal life. The King and Queen would bring Misora back when the time was right to train her to help protect the kingdom from danger.

I couldn't put down the book. It felt like it was glued to my hands. I actually believed Ryuuji and his weird story of Avarosa, and I wanted to go there more than anything now. I would get to train with magic and all the cool stuff that didn't exist in this world! I would be able to leave all this stress and go to a better place. But I couldn't help but feel a little hint of worry. What if this was all a hoax and he just wanted to get on my side and then try to kidnap me?

All the thinking made my brain hurt a lot, so I guessed it was time to sleep. I got up, picked up the book, and as I started walking a letter fell out. The envelope was red with gold lining around the edges.

It was from my parents to me.

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