Chapter 2


Silence was broken by words of my name.


I was awakened by Aaron shaking my shoulders saying that the building was beginning to collapse. At first I was in a daze but when I heard rumbling I jumped to my feet and began to run out of the building. By the time we reached the exit, the path was blocked. Instead of giving up hope we desperately tried to search for another exit. Because of my right eye's poor eye sight, I began to slam into things and my as all the dust and gas spewing out of the cracks in the ground. I was following Aaron up until I saw a man who looked familiar standing on the collapsed celling.

There was a man in a white hospital cape as he looked down on me. It was Jacob. The man was wearing his sinister gin and had a large cube in his hands that were engraved with symbols of the unknown language. He held out the cube and opened it like some sort of box and a small cone of light appeared and I assumed it was some sort of hologram. Out came the creatures that I saw in my dream. They looked like lions with white masks at first, but changed shape and took the form of a phoenix.

"Do you remember any of this Nowaki?"

My head began to hurt. My sanity was leaving me as I looked at my hands. I dove my face into them. 'Why did this all seem all so familiar?' Then I let my instinct take over. My right eye that never saw suddenly changed from light green to deep blue and my hair changed from white to a crimson red. Strange makings began from my right eye down my face to my shoulder. I jumped onto one of the phoenix and attacked it. After the first creature was down a large black sword out of nowhere suddenly materialized into my hands. I went for Jacob; I thrashed my sword at him only able to break his glasses. Then I was hit to my neck then fell to my knees.

"You can't possibly think that you can beat me like this do you?"

I was on my knees when he suddenly kicked me and stepped on my back. He was about to stab me with a dagger that formed from the cube.

'Is this the end?' I thought. 'I thought I should live long enough to gain my memories. Oh well, I didn't expect much.' Jacob was slowly lowering his hand aiming towards my chest. I was going to die.


I heard a voice echoing through the collapsed room and saw Aaron with an angered face holding a bow and a glowing arrow. I saw those two begin a fight as I slowly got up trying to escape the view. I walked towards the way Aaron came in. I was too tired, I couldn't walk any more. I slummed onto a wall in the dark caved in room. I heard a yell from the other room and saw Aaron victoriously walking into the room covered in red liquid that I assumed was blood.

"Hey," he said smiling.

"Hey," I replied back.

He helped me up onto his shoulder as we exited the hospital. I saw yellow tape and police cars ambulance and fire trucks all over the place. There was too much noise I needed to rest. I was slowly drifting off into a deep sleep.


~The Chosen Writer~