A blood moon hides within the clouds

The fog rolls in

All doors are locked

Windows shut close

Not a soul in sight

For they all hide from Him.

One man stands alone

Chased by a shadow

Looks with eyes full of fear

For shelter is no where to be found

Homes are darker then the pit to Hell.

A shout for help hangs in the air

An echo of footsteps from behind appear

He runs

The sound of steps continue with a steady rhythm

A dead end appears

Now trapped, the footsteps become louder

A dark shadow appears through the fog

A black coat that drags along the earth's surface

A death scythe raised with one hand

Light from the blood moon shines upon the victim

A slice fills the silenced air.

He is Death.

He leaves this world with a single gift

An empty shell

The corpse of the victim to bury.

He says not a word

Or speaks of his coming

Only to come and go without a trace.