We were made to live in union with our great creator Lord;

But a fallen angel interfered, once he had grown quite bored

With his role as God's own 2.I.C. Rebellion didn't stop,

When he waged a war in heaven, got thrown out and took the drop.

When he fell to earth, he took an opportunity to play

His deceptive tricks on all of us, in leading us astray.

'Though designed for good relationships with Jesus, each of us

Have been tempted off on Satan's path and missed the Holy bus.

This rejection of our God's commands has got the name of 'sin'.

It's the road to everlasting death. We simply can't begin

Comprehension of the toxic way that evil separates

Us from God, who could have left us all to face our ill-earned fates.

When inflation keeps the prices rising, sin's consuming wage

Is the wrath of God, right off the scale, impossible to guage;

Not because He wants our suff'ring, but because he can't permit

Unforgiven sin in Heaven, where it simply wouldn't fit.

So he found the way we could be purged and washed completely clean

Of our filthy rags and sinful deeds alike, and set the scene

In Gethsemane, the garden where the sins of everyone

(Right through time) were cast without restraint on God's own precious son.

Being placed up on a cross, and having limbs all pierced with nails,

And the separation from the father was what tipped the scales,

As He took what we deserved, and conquered death and moved the stone,

So that we could all escape that holy wrath, to be His own.

So the vital question, once you've learned all this is: What's your choice?

Do you want to stay in sin and death, or hear the Spirit's voice?

It's a simple move on bended knee, to openly accept

His atoning work and trust Him that your soul will be well-kept.