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BTW: I've decided to start each chapter of this with a selected passage from John Milton's Paradise Lost, complete accreditation for this goes to the original authors~ and blah, blah, blah…

"Of Mans First Disobedience, and the Fruit
Of that Forbidden Tree, whose mortal tast
Brought Death into the world; and all our woe,
With loss of Eden, till one greater Man
Restore us, and regain the blissful Seat,"

–John Milton's Paradise Lost (Book One: 1-5).

Purgatory, Tartarus, the Netherworld, the Underworld, Hades, Makai, Sheol, Anaon, Uffern, Peklo, Tuonela, Gimokodan, Kalichi, Naraka, Hetgwauge, Kuzimu, O le nu'u-o-nonoa, Mictlan, Adlivun, Shobari Waka, Xibalbá, Jahannam… Hell.

Regardless of its many names and horrific descriptions, seldom ever is it stated that Hell is a world of hellish beauty. A world, independent of both Earth and Heaven, Hell is a home that welcomes those of the damned.

Vividly, its deep auburn skies burn alight, radiated by the strange purple suns that fill its sky, echoing the mournful cries of Demons and entrapped souls alike. It burns with a heated core, eternally churning the tormented souls that fill its atrocious lakes of fire. Yet, Hell is much more than just hell-fire and brimstone.

Hell is a world of its own… a planet in its own system of stars. Lush with oceans and colorful foliage, where only a small portion of Hell burns with eternal fire.

It is a world filled with many an extreme climate; overgrown with nightmarish jungles, thick with carnivorous plants, scorched desert plains, high volcanic ridges, rolling with endless mountain ranges, lying alongside its many tundras. Hell's vast lands overflow with countless beastly creatures, whose harrowing eyes can shatter lesser souls with only a glimpse into their depths.

Fortunately, for its inhabitants surviving Hell's horrific world is easy –given their immortal nature. Other than the beasts of Hell, the only surviving occupants of Hell's rugged lands are the damned souls of corrupted man and their Demon overseers.

Demons –Immortal Angels cast from Heaven's glory during the time of the Fall. These Fallen Ones were banished and damned following the Great War. Leaving many of the immortals wishing for the reprieve of death, yet even the cycle of rebirth was taken from these treacherous beings.

Disgraced and left barren of all hope, those of the Fallen evolved into Demons. Beings, who gladly fed from the misery and despair of their surroundings. Yet, in a twist of the divine, their great abundance of nourishment came not from the tormented souls of mankind, but from the select members of the Fallen's own.

Worms –members of the Great Fall maddened and overwhelmed with their loss and grief. After losing the War, many of the Fallen had crawled deep into Hell's cavernous pits longing for either death or eternal solitude.

Those who followed this pitiful practice became known as Worms. Though their eternal practice was scorned, the beings themselves became revered by the future generations of their kind. For, from the grief filled struggle of the Fallen's inability to cope with their eternal damnation, there came a new form of Demons: the Children of the Damned, or the Children of the Fallen. All of whom, felt none of their parent's longing remorse for a world they had never known.

These Children were not damned for an eternity, caged within Hell's boundaries, like that of the members of the Fallen. Instead, these Children were bestowed a chance of redemption and given a promise from God himself.

Though, while they were banished from the sanctity of Heaven, these Children were given a special passageway to the World of Man, the Human World, Earth. Where, once there, the Children of the Damned were free to do either good or evil.

Assured at the time of their birth, these Children of the Damned were given a promise, a prophecy from God that ensured that one day they could all be redeemed.

His vow was:

"Should a Child meet an Angel...
With a heart that is heavy...
One-Hundred years be damned.

Should a Child meet an Angel
With a heart that is light...
Damned be the Angel who would smite.
Forgiven be the Child...
With a heart that is light."

Yet, this chance of redemption brought only outrage from the Angels who had fought and suffered throughout the Great War, and, in either spite or ignorance, the Angels of Heaven refused their given task. Ignoring their preordained mission of condemning the Heart's Sin of a Damned Child.

Instead of a chance for absolution, Earth became battlefront for the Children of the Damned. For, once seen on Earth by a Guardian, –an Angel sent to protect the masses of mankind, a Demon will be sealed to Hell for one-hundred years.

Since the prophecy was ordained by God, no Child of the Fallen has yet to be forgiven. For every Angel has refused to acknowledge their task of peering into the heart of a Child of the Damned.

Once marked by the Holy Seal, the Child of the Damned becomes trapped within Hell's boundaries. Encaged for one-hundred years, the sealed Demon is confined to Hell, much like the Fallen themselves. Yet, only for the Children of the Damned will their damnation eventually end.