"Give it to me!"


The clearing rang with the cries of two arguing people, shouting over the nearby waterfall.

Mironi narrowed her eyes. "Listen to me, Sabine. I will let you go in peace if you give me the flute!"

Sabine just stared at her. "You think I would do such a thing? Let you do destructive, terrible, things? No. I don't care if I die. You won't have the flute!"

Mironi snorted. "Even at fourteen, you're such a pain. Let me show you how I get what I want." She raised her hands.

Sabine stared. The her face hardened. "No. I will never let your kingdom have this flute. She raised the flute in her hands and shouted something over the churning waterfall.

Mironi stared. "What? No!"

"Too late!" Sabine screamed.

A brilliant light shot from the flute and with another flash, it was gone.

Mironi snarled. "Where is it? Tell me!"

Sabine weakly smiled. "Into the hands of a guardian. You'll never get it." She was cut off by Mironi fiercely clutching her.

Grabbing Sabine and holding her by the throat, she snarled silently to herself.

I'll find that flute. Just you wait.