Music blared from your parent's old speakers. You felt the beat pound through the walls of your mind, engulfing you in a state of hyperactive numbness. You felt so alive but you felt nothing. You felt the adrenaline shooting through every vein, every capillary as you moved with the crowd of hot, and sweaty people with the pungent odor of alcohol drifting in the air above you. But you don't care.

You feel every movement, every twitch of the bodies clumped around you but you feel nothing. There are no emotions behind the smile plastered across your face; you just feel the superficial so there. You're there, in the moment, just registering the physical aspect of what's happening.

Drugged up screams and shrieks shatter the sound waves from the speakers but no one cares. It's all just fun. Crazed laughter accompanied by empty tinkles and glazed eyes surround you. It's heaven.

But before you blink, it's all gone.

The mass of bodies vanish and the room is deadly silent. You stumble around, blinking at the sudden emptiness of the room. The smile slowly sliding off of your face as the drunken laughter dies in your throat. Cups and streamers lay scattered on the ground, lipstick and clothes thrown half-hazardly lay abandoned on the carpeted floor. You scratch the short mop of brown hair on your hair, there was a party here. Where did it go?

A black blob moves in the corner of your eye. You turn around quickly, tripping over the sudden movement. You look around sluggishly, there's no one there. You stumble around; this must be some trick by your jackass friends.

You call out to them, tell them they got you. Then you see the black blob race across the room. You jump back, crashing into a vase. You shakily call out again, the effects of the drugs making the edges of your mind fuzzy, it's not funny anymore.

'So this is the great hero' a voice echoes in the depths of your mind. You feel a yelp crawl up your throat, begging to get out.

The black bob speeds across your vision again. You clumsily move into the kitchen. Your brain works against the cloudy fog that settles in your mind. The figure is hooded, you can tell, but it moves far too fast to be human. It's gliding.

The hairs on the back of your neck stand up and your back is on fire. A thick, gloppy feeling of dread pours onto your body and your heart begins to race. You stumble into a corner by the fridge, sliding down the counter, grasping the edges as the feeling wraps its sticky, hot tendrils around your mind. The foggy feeling in your mind is replaced by your sense reawakening and everything becoming oh so clearer.

Your breathing is heavy and short. You feel so thick and hot and heavy.

The black blob races by again. You let out a scream.

'Pitiful, the great hero cowering in a corner' the voice says again, touching every corner of your mind. You feel your mind getting darker and darker as the light dims.

You jerk your head as the black blob races by again and again and again. It glides to the edges of the room and then rushes back. You could almost see the fear and dread that it left in its wake. You feel your body shake as the fear pumps through your every cell. You hear dark laughter in your mind. Racing back and forth your vision but when you turn around there's nothing there.

You turn back around to see a mirror placed in front of you.

You look at yourself, shaking in a corner and then your eyes trail up to the counter top above you.

The scream resonated throughout the empty halls of the big house, filled with pure fear.

'The great hero has met his untimely end'