Every good story begins with the outburst, the slow build of a few words that leads to the climax then inevitably the falling action. There are always a few questions along the way and even fewer answers. But everywhere there lies information just waiting to be pulled out and into the realms of applicable rounds. Tears will always be your shoulder for comfort. And it will always remain strange to be below the clouds after having had sensed the beauty on the other side. It will always take honest words to heal a wound. Moms will always be the most comforting force in the world. We all can't put on brave faces when we're faced with death and sometimes it's easier to collapse and let the weight of it have a hold on your heart. Floating and breathing will always be the most relaxing things that life has ever had the pleasure with placing in my lap. Love is blind will always remain true as long as there are creatures to be overtaken by it. The best songs will always be the ones that raise hope. The clock still ticks after it's been broken and mirrors tell more when they're shattered. There are choices to be made every day and I made the choice to write this in a paragraph form instead of a list. Sometimes self-control needs to overtake our wants and what we need to hear may not always be what we would like to hear. God is real and He is waiting for you to turn around and open your heart to Him. Life wasn't meant to be easy and even with God it is still a trial. He simply offers hope through it all and a redeeming spirit for when the next trial comes along. Just because you're flawful doesn't make you imperfect. You are beautiful and perfect because there's this simply fact that you are YOU and the way you feel about yourself impacts the way the world sees you. If you can't change who you are, make the choice to like what you see in the mirror. Make the effort to love every corner and space in your personality. Attitude is everything.

Acne is caused by miniature fairies under your skin having fairy dust wars and brusies are the cause of elves poking your skin when you sleep. Imagination is everything! How you live your life can influence the way others around you live theirs. Live outside the box and sometimes outside your comfort zone to encourage the world around you to do the same. I imagine a world that knows itself to be unique and embraces the differences in every color, shape, form and size that they come in. My beliefs may be different than yours, but there's always one thing that we can all agree on: sincerely being called awesome feels pretty damn good.

There's always more than meets the eye and sometimes it's a matter of diving in past the cover to figure what's truly on someone's heart. It may surprise you once you take the time to look. Elderly people are worth taking the time to listen to. Inspiration is everywhere. Just open your mind and look around dork! Never neglect a single person in your life. Even your enemies need a flower or a box of chocolates. A sincere smile really can make someone's day. It's made mine on more than one occasion. Thank you random smiler's! A simple text to someone to remind them that you're thinking about them can be the difference between tears of sorrow and tears of happiness as long as your someone they wouldn't mind hearing from. Being grateful for every single item, person, article of clothing, pet, door… everything you possess is the key to living a truly happy life. Never dwell on the things and people you don't have. Be grateful instead that God took the time to bless you with them and gave you the amount of time He did because it could have been much, much less.

Everything really does happen for a reason. Sometimes it takes time or the absence there of to truly understand. And I know this was terrible but I hope someone somewhere enjoyed it.